OnBoard Updates for Providers Now Available!

OnBoard updates now available!

A series of updates are now available in OnBoard! These updates may result in providers seeing new information as part of prior authorization request (PAR) responses, and this email serves to provide a heads up as these changes are made. 

Frequency and duration fields added

PARs for treatment and testing now include fields for providers to enter the frequency and duration of the request. This information is available within the Request Details section of a submitted PAR and is also included in any system-generated documents.  

frequency duration fields

Grant without prejudice at Level 1 review

Based on stakeholder feedback, the Board has implemented an enhancement to the system that allows a payer's Level 1 reviewer to grant without prejudice when a body part/condition has not been accepted or established. This prevents the need for payers to escalate a PAR to a Level 2 review when the PAR can be granted without prejudice at the Level 1 review. This will result in faster payer responses and eliminate unnecessary escalation to Level 2 reviewers. 

Weeks added to duration fields

Where duration is entered for a Durable Medical Equipment (DME) PAR, the term "weeks" has been added to the DME Duration (Weeks) field labels to make sure the information entered is accurate and clear. This field label update is seen during the creation of a DME PAR where applicable and is also included in the system-generated document.  

DME weeks field

Unsupported browser alert

When an OnBoard user attempts to access OnBoard with an unsupported browser, as defined in the system requirements, an updated display message appears for users. This message provides the list of supported browsers and directs users to the system requirements page. This update will help ensure new users do not experience issues if they don’t meet the OnBoard system requirements.  

Training & resources

Additionally, updates to the training webpages have been launched along with these OnBoard enhancements. These resources are highly beneficial, providing you with further information on the changes and a walkthrough of the new functionalities. Please review these updates to ensure a smooth and easy adoption of the new features. 

More information

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