RFA Form Change & Efficiency Reminders

RFA Form Change & Efficiency Reminders

The Workers’ Compensation Board (Board) seeks to process all Request for Action (RFA) forms as efficiently as possible. To meet this goal, the Board is providing two important efficiency tips that will help us significantly expedite the processing of these forms and avoid unnecessary delays. Additionally, the Request for Further Action by Legal Counsel (Form RFA-1LC) was modified to promote the use of requests for an expedited 45-day hearing, where applicable.

Avoid use of “Other” check box when an available check box denotes the proper issue

The RFA-1LC and the Request for Further Action by Insurer/Employer (Form RFA-2) forms include check boxes for many of the common issues where Board action can be requested. The appropriate check box for an issue should always be used if available. Use of the “Other” check box should be reserved for requests where there is no applicable check box, but the issue still requires Board action to resolve. The use of the “Other” check box requires additional processing time by our examiners and should always be avoided when there is an available check box that denotes the proper issue.

Attach or identify required document reference information

Required documentation is identified after each topic on the RFA forms. If required documentation that supports the selected issue is already in the Board's file, the document reference information (date, name/title, form ID) must be provided on the RFA form. Failure to include or reference supporting documentation requires additional processing time by our examiners and may result in incorrect action being taken on the request.

RFA-1LC form change

The language for check box A on Form RFA-1LC is used to request an expedited (45-day) hearing under WCL 25(2)(a) when a claim has been filed for a work-related injury and the claimant is not receiving benefit payments. The language for this check box was recently revised to remove the statement, “I understand that I may be liable for a penalty if I check this box and any of the above conditions do not apply.” 

The form version date, 5/22, did not change and versions of the form submitted with this language will still be processed by the Board.


If you have any questions about the RFA forms, please call Customer Service at (877) 632-4996.