Forms filing update - additional clarification

Forms filing update - additional clarification

This email serves to notify stakeholders of proper procedures and future changes related to existing Board forms.

The Application for Reopening of a Claim, More than Seven Years after Accident (Form C-25) and Medical Proof of Change in Condition in Support of Application for Reopening (Form C-27) will be discontinued on July 3, 2023, and should no longer be submitted to the Board after this date. Any Form C-25 or form C-27 received by the Board after July 3, 2023, will not be considered and will not be included in the referenced case file(s).

After July 3, 2023:

Insurers seeking to reduce or suspend payment following classification of the injured worker should file Application for Board Review (Form RB-89) requesting a rehearing/reopening if the request is due to a medical change in condition of the injured worker, or a loss of earnings not causally related to disability.

Parties may only file a Request for Further Action by Legal Counsel (Form RFA-1LC)Request for Assistance by Injured Worker (Form RFA-1W) or a Request for Further Action by Insurer/Employer (Form RFA-2) seeking to modify the rate of lost wage awards when a case is closed or marked no further action when:

  • the injured worker requests reclassification following a change in condition - such requests must be accompanied by supporting documentation showing a change in condition on Doctor's Report of MMI/Permanent Impairment (Form C-4.3).
  • the injured worker requests Temporary Total Disability awards (TTD) after surgery.
  • the injured worker was paid reduced earnings and is seeking payment for any difference between actual and expected earnings.
  • any party seeks to change the rate or have it made permanent when a continuation of compensation payments has been directed at a tentative, TTD, or Temporary Partial Disability (TPD) rate.
  • the injured worker requests benefits when no continuation of compensation payments has been directed.

All other reopening requests seeking to modify the rate of lost wage awards outside of these circumstances must be submitted through the Form RB-89

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