Payer Reminder Regarding Objections to Medical Bills

Payer Reminder Regarding Objections to Medical Bills

As you know, mandatory use of the CMS-1500 form went into effect on July 1, 2022. In a GovDelivery dated June 27, 2022, the Workers’ Compensation Board (Board) shared several reminders for payers, including requirements for objections to medical bills.

Per Subject Number 046-1362R3, starting September 19, 2022, payers must do the following:

As a reminder, payers must remit payment or object to payment of a medical bill within 45 calendar days from when the bill is received. The acknowledgement date transmitted by the payer to the XML submission partner and displayed on the CMS-1500 form (Field 19) is the start date for the 45-day period. If the bill is not submitted electronically, the 45-day period will start on the date the bill was received by the Board.

Additional Resources

Visit the Board’s website for a CMS-1500 overview, news, FAQs, and more. The Board has also created a special webpage dedicated to sharing timely updates on various Board initiatives with a payer focus. Visit What Payers Need to Know to view the latest! 

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