Board Updates Forms to be More Inclusive

Board Updates Forms to be More Inclusive

As June Pride Month winds down, the Workers’ Compensation Board is pleased to announce that we have made some changes to a number of our forms to be more inclusive of the diverse public we serve. On 11 forms that ask for gender identification, the Board has added an “X” designation for people who do not wish to identify as male or female. Gendered pronouns on these forms have also been replaced with gender-neutral pronouns.

The following forms have been amended:

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution Program Report of Injury (Form ADR-1)
  • Employee Claim (Form C-3)
  • Employer's Report of Injured Employee's Change in Status or Return to Work (Form C-11)
  • Application for Reopening of Claim, More Than Seven Years After Accident (Form C-25)
  • Notice and Proof of Claim for Disability Benefits (Form DB-450)
  • Preliminary/Final Claim for Reimbursement of Benefits Paid Under DBL (Form DB-470)
  • Request for Assistance by Injured Worker (Form RFA-1W)
  • Volunteer Ambulance Worker's Claim for Benefits (Form VAW-3)
  • Volunteer Firefighter's Claim for Benefits (Form VF-3)
  • Volunteer's Notification of Executive Officer of Fire/Ambulance Company of Significant Risk of Transmission of HIV Per VFBL/VAWBL Section 11-c(1) (Form VF-VAW-11C)
  • World Trade Center Volunteer's Claim for Compensation (Form WTCVol-3)

The updated versions of these forms are available as of today, June 30, 2022. The older versions of these forms will continue to be accepted for 45 calendar days after June 30, until August 14, 2022.

In making these changes, the Board’s goal is to treat all injured workers with equal respect and dignity. An important way to do this is to ensure that our forms are accessible and applicable to all injured workers and stakeholders, regardless of gender. This will also help the Board use preferred gender pronouns when interacting with stakeholders. The Board is making the same changes to the online versions of these forms, and will issue another communication once those forms are completed; please watch for updates.