OnBoard Notice for Payers

OnBoard Notice for Payers

OnBoard: Limited Release (OBLR), the first phase of the Board’s new and improved business information system, is now live and in action! All three Limited Release phases are now implemented, with Medication, Durable Medical Equipment, and Treatment/Testing prior authorization requests (PARs) successfully flowing through the system each day.

Frequency/Duration in PAR Submissions

The Board has received inquiries regarding where health care providers should be entering frequency and duration on prior authorization requests for applicable treatment. As part of every submission within OnBoard, the health care provider is required to enter or upload a statement of medical necessity and/or medical supporting documentation. If their request includes therapeutic modalities, including physical therapy, occupational therapy, chiropractic and/or acupuncture services, they will include the specific frequency and duration of the requested treatment within the Medical Necessity field. If the request includes spinal levels, the specific spinal levels applicable to the request will be added to the Medical Necessity field.

To locate this information, select the PAR ID link in your OnBoard dashboard. Select the Medical Necessity section or scroll down until you reach that section of the webpage. The frequency and/or duration information will be available here. Remember, if you need more information from the health care provider, you can use the Request for Further Information (RFI) function. 

Statement of Medical Necessity in PAR Details


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