New Year's Message from Supervisor Albra and the Town Board

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Town of Fishkill

DECEMBER 31, 2020

A New Year's Message From Supervisor Albra and the Town Board

Happy New Year
Fellow citizens, as this year comes to a close, we look to 2021 with hope. We hope the new year brings an end to the many struggles and challenges of 2020. We hope the new year brings health and healing to our community and our world. We hope the new year brings us closer to our friends and families, and closer to our goals.
New Year is a time for optimism, and for resolutions. A time to stride boldly into the future and meet the challenges in the next chapter of our lives with determination and poise. As we await the hour of midnight under circumstances a far cry from our traditional New Year's observance, we reminded of the words of Helen Keller: "Resolve to keep happy, and your joy and you shall form an invincible host against difficulties."
Let us resolve to keep happy, keep strong, and keep together in the New Year, and in all years to come. May you all have a safe, healthy and happy New Year.
Supervisor Azem “Ozzy” Albra
Councilwoman Jacqueline Bardini
Councilman Ori Brachfeld
Councilwoman Louise Daniele
Councilwoman Kenya Gadsden