08/13/18 Assessment Community Weekly

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Assessment Community Weekly

We have several updates this week regarding the Enhanced STAR Income Verification Program (IVP), including an RPSV4 update. But first…


Review your sales reports by August 31
It’s crucial that you review your sales reports because we use that data to begin the process of calculating 2018 equalization rates and RARs. The reports are available in the Online Assessment Community.


For more information, see Sales usability criteria.


On the arms-length report, there is a column which indicates whether the sale is COD/RAR usable. If you find a mistake or need to correct a sale, follow these instructions:


  • RPS users: within your RPS file, make the correction and then re-transmit it by going to Standard Reports > Sales > Sales Transmittal Report. Please email the RPS035 to ORPTS.saleint@tax.ny.gov. The ORPTS sales database and online sales reports will be updated with the corrections.
  • If you submit paper reports, use the RP-5217 ACR Correction form to submit corrections to sale information. Please email the completed forms to ORPTS.saleint@tax.ny.gov or mail them to:


NYS Tax Department – ORPTS
Attn: Data Management Unit
W A Harriman Campus – Building 8A
Albany, NY 12227-0801


Hold onto those IVP forms
As you receive Form RP-425-IVP from property owners, rather than entering the data into the online IVP tool, please store them temporarily in a safe and secure location. In the upcoming days, we’ll give you instructions to provide the forms to us so we can enter the data into the system. Stay tuned for details.


New renewal letter templates
To help you spread the word about changes to the Enhanced STAR program, we’ve published three new renewal letter templates for your use. There is a template for each of these renewal scenarios:


  • Enhanced STAR exemption only
  • Senior citizens exemption only (previously registered in the IVP)
  • Enhanced STAR and senior citizens exemptions.

RPSV4 users: Run the latest update (see below) to load the letters.


Users of other software: Visit STAR information for local officials to download the letters as Microsoft Word documents.


Updated forms and renewal letters in RPSV4
A new RPSV4 code update will load the renewal letters described above and the following forms into RPSV4:


  • Form RP-425-E
  • Form RP-425-Rnw
  • Form RP-425-IVP
  • Form RP-467
  • Form RP-467-Rnw
  • Form RP-467-Dnl

RPS2016.3208 is available as a maintenance release. Visit Real Property System to download the file and release notes.


Posters and pamphlets coming your way!
Later this month, watch your mailbox for pamphlets and posters to help your property owners be aware of and understand the Enhanced STAR changes.


Can’t wait for the mail? Preview the new materials:

Need more copies? Print them directly from the links above, or contact your Regional Liaison.


Judicial cases

New on the Judicial cases webpage:


  • Matter of Long Is. Power Auth. v Assessor of the Town of Huntington
  • Brookdale Physicians' Dialysis Assoc., Inc. v Department of Fin. of the City of N.Y


The Assessor/Director Hotline is available at 518-457-9053 weekdays from 8:00 a.m.–4:00 p.m.


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