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Hunting and Trapping Newsletter

Hunter Education Program Courses Available Before Fall Hunting Seasons

Hunter in RiverAll first-time hunters planning to go afield this fall must first complete a mandatory hunter education course before they can purchase a hunting license. In-person, instructor-led hunter education courses are being offered throughout NYS during August, September, and October.

Bowhunter education and trapper education courses are also available. 

All in-person courses offer hands-on experience and are free of charge. To locate a hunter education, bowhunter education, or trapper education course near you, visit the Hunter Education Program Courses and Certifications webpage.

Certified Hunters and Trappers Can Get Hands-On Experience

If you have a hunter education, bowhunter education, or trapper education certificate and you want hands-on experience with a firearm, bow, or trap, then check out the new Next Step courses. Every 4-hour Next Step course is free, but registration is required. New courses are always being added, so if you don’t see a course near you, check back often.   

Upcoming Events - New York Next Step (

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