The Fishing Line - July 21st Issue

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The Fishing Line - July 21st Issue

Freshwater Fishing, Fisheries Management, and Fishing Access News

In This Issue:

  • Pet Fish Belong in Tanks, Not Our Waters
  • Caledonia Trout Festival
  • Fisheries Survey Profile: Great Chazy River
  • Highlight Hatchery - Rome Fish Hatchery

Pet Fish Belong in Tanks, Not Our Waters

Two South American Catfish

Every so often, DEC receives reports from anglers that catch or observe out-of-the-ordinary fish while out on the water. Case in point, last week when we were notified of two South American catfish species that were found floating near a DEC boat launch. It's likely these fish were dumped from a person's aquarium because they outgrew their tank. Non-native fish can disrupt the balance of our aquatic ecosystems. Not to mention, releasing any fish in New York waters without a permit is strictly prohibited.

If you catch an exotic species, please contact your local DEC law enforcement officer. Never release it back in the water.



Caledonia Trout Festival

Caledonia Fish Hatchery staff at the 1st Annual Trout Festival

This past June, the Village of Caledonia held its 1st Annual Trout Festival to highlight its rich history of fishing. The event featured a flea market with fishing supply vendors, presentations on Seth Green (The Father of Fish Culture), and a catch and release trout pond, operated by DEC's Caledonia Fish Hatchery staff. The pond was a fan favorite with a steady stream (pun intended) of kids eager to catch a fish. As it turned out, all 130 of them were successful! Everyone walked away with prizes…and a smile.


DEC Fish Hatcheries



Fisheries Survey Profile: Great Chazy River

Region 5 Fisheries staff holding a muskellunge

The Great Chazy River (Clinton County) is one of Lake Champlain’s major tributaries and has historically supported a population of muskellunge. It’s also the only “trib” on the New York side of the lake where muskellunge (raised at our Chautauqua Fish Hatchery) are stocked.

In 1994, 40 muskies were captured during a boat electrofishing survey, but only 2 muskies have been captured during limited surveys since. To collect recent baseline data on the adult muskie population and assess the contribution of stocked fish, DEC Region 5 Fisheries crew set out on their electrofishing boat at the end of June to conduct a survey.

Although only 5 muskies were captured, none had fin clips (stocked muskie are fin clipped), suggesting natural reproduction is occurring in the river. Alternative sampling methods will be considered for future sampling to determine the contribution that stocked muskies have on the current population as a whole.

Highlight Hatchery - Rome Fish Hatchery

Rome Fish Hatchery

Location: 8306 Fish Hatchery Rd., Rome, NY 13440, two miles north of Rome.

Visitor Hours: 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., Daily. Includes a Visitor Center and self-guided tour.

Species Raised: Brook Trout, Brown Trout

Overview: Responsible for stocking portions of DEC Regions 4-9, but mostly Region 5 and Region 6 (Adirondacks). All air (helicopter & fixed wing) stocking is conducted through the Rome Hatchery.

Fun Fact: Before it was a fish hatchery it was the site of the first U.S. cheese factory, set up in 1851.

DEC Air Stocking Video.
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