Drinking Water Source Protection Program (DWSP2) - June 2022 Newsletter

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Drinking Water Source Protection Program - June Newsletter

This issue's topics:

  • In case you missed it: Grant Opportunities Now Available!
    • Consolidated Funding Application Grants
  • Other Grant Programs

Reminder: Grant Opportunities Now Available!

When it comes to protecting source water and water protection projects in general, one of the most common things we hear is ‘That’s a great idea, or we’d love to do that, but we need funding to make it happen’. In our May newsletter, we highlighted the numerous grants available to protect your community’s drinking water source. Funding is so important to source water protection efforts, we decided to recap these funding opportunities, so dust off those source water protection efforts you have and apply now before the application period closes!

Consolidated Funding Application Grants

The Consolidated Funding Application (CFA) is now accepting grant applications until 4:00 PM on July 29, 2022, for many funding programsThe State’s largest funding opportunity collects multiple grant programs under the umbrella of a single application. 

The following grant programs, available through the CFA, offer funding that may provide just what you need to protect your source of drinking water. The grants are available for municipalities, not-for-profits, or other qualified groups to improve water quality and the environment. Click on the program below to learn more.
Certain programs (e.g. WQIP Land Acquisition, Non-Agricultural Non-point Source Planning and MS4 Mapping Grant) are now offering higher points for communities who are working within the critical and/or source water area of their accepted DWSP2 Plan. Take a look at the project type scoring rubric to see if an accepted DWSP2 plan could get your community more points!

Be sure to review the grant announcement and all associated materials thoroughly before submitting an application.

Other Grant Programs 

The DWSP2 Framework includes several funding sources to aid with source water protection efforts. Below is a list of the funding sources included in the Framework that are currently accepting applications:
Another great way to stay up to date is to sign up for newsletters that often include these grant announcements such as MakingWaves and the DWSP2 Newsletter 

Share Your Thoughts

Have you begun this process? Or, do you have a program or are aware of a program relevant to source water? Send in any helpful hints or information at source.water@dec.ny.gov and we may highlight them!

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