MakingWaves Special Edition - WQIP Awards Announced

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MakingWaves - News From the Division of Water

Special Edition

MakingWaves comes to you early this week to announce the 2021 Water Quality Improvement Project Awards. 

$272 Million for Water Quality Improvement Projects Across the State

Governor Kathy Hochul has announced that more than $272 million is being awarded to 179 projects to protect and improve water quality across New York State. These awards are in addition to the $196 million awarded through Round XI of the Governor’s Regional Economic Development Council Initiative announced last week. The $272 million awarded through the State’s Water Quality Improvement Project (WQIP) program will help significantly improve water quality, combat contributors to harmful algal blooms, and update aging water infrastructure in communities across the State. The announcement is the largest-ever awarded through the Water Quality Improvement Project program.

WQIP grants fund projects including municipal wastewater treatment, non-agricultural nonpoint source abatement, land acquisition for source water protection, salt storage construction, aquatic habitat restoration, and marine habitat restoration. A full list of awarded WQIP projects is available on DEC's WQIP webpage.

DEC's Nonpoint Source Planning and MS4 Mapping Grant

As we announced on December 17 in MakingWaves, over $1 million has been also awarded for 28 Non-Agricultural Nonpoint Source Planning and MS4 Mapping Grant (NPG) projects to produce planning reports and Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) mapping. The program aims to get nonpoint source projects ready for construction and to apply for implementation funding; and encourages and supports cooperation among regulated MS4s to complete mapping of their stormwater systems.

Planning projects funded through NPG include in-waterbody controls for nutrients, green infrastructure, culvert repair and replacement, decentralized wastewater treatment facilities, nature-based shoreline projects, and streambank stabilization.

A full list of awarded NPG projects is available on DEC's NPG webpage.