Explore new heights at Mercer County Park's Ropes and Zip Line

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Up for it? Try Mercer's new Ropes Course

Aaron T. Watson zip line

Opening Sept. 10 | See registration

The highly anticipated Ropes Course at Mercer County Park is set to open Sept. 10 to limited patrons, and brave members of the Mercer County Park Commission recently volunteered themselves for a trial run of the course. 

“I love a good challenge,” said Park Commission Executive Director Aaron T. Watson, who admitted to being on the “and above” side of the age requirement. “I felt like I was amongst the trees and got a fantastic bird’s eye view of Mercer Lake. Along with our campgrounds and our outdoor exercise equipment, I’m proud to add this additional feature to Mercer County Park.”

The Park Commission has contracted with the Philadelphia Outward Bound School to oversee programming for the inaugural fall season of the ropes course operations. After years of planning, strategizing, and finally building, the ropes challenge course is scheduled to open Sunday, Sept. 10 for patrons 12 and older.

"This active recreation structure is a fun way to bring people together and to challenge themselves," said County Executive Brian M. Hughes. "I applaud the Park Commission for its forward-thinking leadership and I thank them for taking the test runs on my behalf!"

It was a long way down, but with his helmet on and harness securely attached, project manager Jeremy McDermott said he felt safe and confident.

“The ropes course was really amazing,” McDermott said, on his trial run. “The challenge and height give you an adrenaline rush that makes it exciting, but with the top-notch safety gear and the Outward Bound facilitators, you know you’re in good hands.”

The ropes course contains 12 “challenges” or elements, including the Zigzag, Swinging Logs, and the Postman’s Walk. Each challenge gives the participant the opportunity to use their balance, focus, and teamwork skills.

Outward Bound’s facilitators are there to encourage, inspire, and even hold a hand if needed.

Ropes Course Programing will be offered on a limited number of specific dates beginning Sept.10 and running through mid-November. Please visit www.mercercounty.org/parks for dates of operation.

  • “Adventure 1” includes Cargo Net Climb, Full Adventure Course & Leap of Faith Descent. Approximately two hours in duration. $25 for juniors 12 to 17 and $30 for adults 18 and older. Pre-registration is required. Log onto Community Pass to register for Adventure 1.
  • “Adventure 2” Cargo Net Climb & Zip line Only.
  • $15 Adults and Juniors ages 12 and up. Approximately 45 minutes in duration.
  • $5 if you are adding the zip line to previously purchased Adventure 1.

*Please note for zip line “Adventure 2” there will not be pre-registration for this adventure

If you are interested in zip lining at the Mercer County Ropes Course, you will register on site at the course the day of course operation. Zip lining is first-come, first-served.

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