Getting your COVID-19 vaccine is easier than ever

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State of New Jersey

Get Your COVID-19 Vaccination Today

Everyone 12 or older who lives, works, or studies in New Jersey can now get their COVID-19 vaccine. Getting the vaccine is how you can protect yourself and the people you love.

Hear What People Are Saying

In the words of Robbin, a mother who contracted COVID-19:

“Worst three weeks of my life…I’m just grateful to be alive today...Please get vaccinated."

And Sam who got the Johnson & Johnson vaccine at the end of March:

"Now that I’ve had the vaccine, I sense that I did the right thing for myself, my family, and everyone else that I come in contact with.”

Make Your Vaccination Plan

You can choose what is most convenient for you:

Every vaccine is a step closer to getting back to what you love – but it starts with you. Make your plan to get vaccinated today.

Help is Available

Know someone who needs to get vaccinated? Share this message with your friends or family members.

For the next eight weeks, we’ll be sharing one email each week with information about how and why New Jerseyans should get vaccinated. You were signed up for these emails because you previously conducted business with the State or opted in to receive communications from the State.

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