January 2024 CSRB Highlights

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Charter Schools Board

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Charter Schools Review Board Highlights


January 8, 2024

CSRB Basics

  • CSRB meetings are streamed live every month on the DPI Youtube page
  • Meeting agendas are posted to Eboard approximately a week prior to each meeting. 
  • The next regularly-scheduled CSRB meeting is February 5-6 at the DPI Building in Raleigh. 
  • CSRB member lists, previous minutes, and other information is housed on the OCS web page

January Applicant Interviews

Standard Applicants

Ms. Melanie Rackley, OCS Consultant, presented the final round of second interviews for charter school applicants. 


The Charter Schools Review Board heard from two (2) standard timeline applicants. These applicants were seeking approval to open in Fall 2025. The CSRB approved Sledge Institute, and HYPE Leadership Academy.


All submitted 2023 charter applications are available in the Office of Charter Schools section of the NC DPI web site.

Charter School Amendments: 

Ms. Nicky Niewinski introduced three (3) charter school application amendments as required by G.S. 115C-218.7 and an update to a December amendment request. 


G.O.B.I.G. provided an update to their proposed amendment presented at the December CSRB meeting. Although the requested amendment is no longer needed, G.O.B.I.G. shared updates related to the opening of their school scheduled for Fall 2024. No vote was necessary. 


West Triangle High School requested a 2nd opening delay requiring approval by CSRB. A 65,000 square foot facility has been identified. The landlord needs time to prepare the space, thus the request to delay opening until Fall 2025. A motion was made to approve the amendment request and approved unanimously. 


Achievement Charter Academy requested an amendment for grade-level expansion. Currently, they serve grades K-6 and would like to add grade 7 for the 24-25 SY, grade 8 for the 25-26 SY. Due to their status as a CLP school, this expansion must receive CSRB approval. A motion was made to approve the grade level expansion as presented and approved unanimously. 


Quality Education Academy requested an amendment to implement a weighted lottery. QEA believes a weighted lottery will help them attract and provide marginalized students and communities access to quality academic services. A motion was made to approve the implementation of a weighted lottery and approved unanimously. 


Other Business:

  • Ms. Shirley McFadden, NCDPI Monitoring and Compliance Manager, shared an update regarding the 2024 charter renewals cohort audit review. 
  • Ms. Jenna Cook, OCS Consultant, provided an update to the 2024 charter school renewal cohort. Charter renewal voting will occur in March 2024. 
  • Ms. Ashley Baquero, OCS Director, presented information related to new remote academy legislation and how it may impact the charter application and amendment processes. She also discussed OCS updates including introduction of a new consultant, Julie Whetzel. 

For questions regarding meeting logistics and agenda, please contact nicole.niewinski@dpi.nc.gov. If your board/school has an innovative or exciting program you'd like to showcase, let us know! We are always happy to have schools present to the board.