Arts In Our Schools Month - Special Message from Superintendent Truitt

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March 1, 2023

NC Arts Education



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In This Edition:

  • Special Message from Superintendent Truitt
  • Featured Resource: Art WORKS videos
  • AISOM/MIOSM Proclamations
  • Poetry Out Loud Winners Announced
  • Utilizing the LIS in Arts Education Webinar

Happy Arts In Our Schools Month banner

Happy Arts In Our Schools Month from Superintendent Truitt!

Superintendent Truitt Smiling


Superintendent Truitt shares a deeply felt message to all arts education teachers and students, sharing her robust background in the arts and how important they were to her personally in the development of life skills necessary to succeed in life and the workplace.


Please feel free to share this message from the Superintendent with your students, parents, community members, colleagues, and administrators. For more information about the Portrait of a Graduate durable skills, visit THIS webpage. 

Featured Resource:

Art WORKS stylized words over semi-transparent image of NC and five artist images


To celebrate Arts In Our Schools Month in 2022, the NCDPI Arts Ed Team released video interviews with artists who make Art and who Work in NC. The Arts Education Standard Course of Study directs students to learn about NC Art and Artists in grades 4 and 8, as well as to learn about careers in the arts in the high school BIPA standards. Feel free to share these standards-aligned videos found on our YouTube Playlist with your students!


The workforce is rapidly evolving. More jobs than ever before require post-secondary education and durable skills like strong communication and leadership. Our students are our greatest hope for building strong communities and a talent pipeline for a vibrant North Carolina, but they need to be well-prepared to compete for high-wage, high-demand careers.  


That’s why we are reframing what a K-12 education is all about. It is not enough to simply cross the graduation stage; students need to be prepared to pursue the post-secondary plans of their choice


Banner saying, Developing a talent pipeline for a stronger North Carolina

Arts In Our Schools Month ProclamationMusic in our schools month proclamation from the office of the governor

Poetry Out Loud Winners

Photo by VanderVeen Photographers


This year’s state Poetry Out Loud winner was Abby Sullivan from Weaver Academy for the Performing & Visual Arts and Advanced Technology in Guildford County. The runner up was fellow classmate, Meredith Alt. Both students are seniors. Their POL Coach and Theatre Teacher, Mr. Keith Taylor was very happy and proud of his students!

Below is more information about the poems performed by Abby and Meredith:

Abby Sullivan (state winner)“Beautiful Wreckage” by W.D. Ehrhart

“I Heard a Fly Buzz When I Died” by Emily Dickenson

“A Blessing” by James Wright

Meredith Alt (runner-up)

“American Smooth” by Rita Dove

“Eating Poetry” by Mark Strand

“Where Did the Handsome Beloved Go?” by Jalal Al-Din

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like any additional information/photos about this year’s state POL finals. Abby will go on and participate at the National Poetry Out Loud Competition this May in Washington, D.C.

For more information about POL, I am including a link to the POL website here:

Utilizing the LIS in Arts Education Webinar

First we heard about LETRS


Then we were given the Literacy Instructional Standards (LIS)




Looking for Literacy CEUs that actually relate to Arts Education?


Utilizing Literacy Instructional Standards in Arts Education Banner. March 16 3:45-5pm. Receive Literacy CEUs

Need Literacy CEUs?

On October 7, 2021, the North Carolina State Board of Education approved the Literacy Instruction Standards (LIS) as outlined in Section V of SB 387: Excellent Public Schools Act of 2021. The LIS serve as a framework for the development and alignment of curriculum and instruction for all public schools. These standards are defined as a level of quality and equity to be used consistently within core literacy instruction statewide. While the NC Standard Course of Study (NCSCOS) sets student expectations, the LIS and their associated instructional practices set expectations for teaching literacy.  The LIS are organized by grade-band and can be used to ensure that all teachers across North Carolina have a common understanding and delivery of literacy instruction.

While the LIS have been developed by grade bands, they should be used in tandem with appropriate grade-level texts of increasing complexity in order for students to fully meet the demands of the NCSCOS. This session will specifically address Literacy within both the elementary and secondary classrooms in Dance, Music, Theatre, and Visual Arts. 


This webinar will be the beginning of a PD series specifically designed to address Literacy Processes Inherent to Arts Education - All for Literacy Credit!


Register HERE

Did you Hear - Arts Ed Standards are under review. Watch out for the emails with the blue banner!

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North Carolina's Vision for Comprehensive Arts Education

In today's globally competitive world, innovative thinking and creativity are essential for all school children. High quality, standards-based instruction in the arts develops these skills and effectively engages, retains, and prepares future-ready students for graduation and success in an entrepreneurial economy. Dance, music, theatre arts, and visual arts, taught by licensed arts educators and integrated throughout the curriculum, are critical to North Carolina's 21st century education. (Senate Bill 66: Comprehensive Arts Education Task Force, 2010)

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