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February 11, 2022

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NC SIS Weekly Email Bulletin

Topics in this issue:

1.  Thank You for Attending the Feb. 2022 Home Base Meet-Ups!
2.  Home Base Maintenance Calendar for 2022-2023

3.  ECATS Emergency Maintenance
4.  Request for Course/Section Attributes 

5.  Homebound/Hospital Code for 2022-2023

6.  Read-to-Achieve Update - 2/11/2022

7.  OCR/CRDC - A Message from Partner Support

8.  Reminder:  Calendar Changes Due to Inclement Weather

9.  Reminder:  Major Events Status Alerts Subscription

10.  Reminder:  School Start-Time and End-Time Spring Collection

11.  Reminder:  PowerSchool Years and Terms at the LEA Office

12.  Reminder:  Attendance During Exam Week(s)

13.  New Upcoming Webinars and Recordings

       Schoolnet at NCTIES
       Canvas for Elementary at NCTIES
       Canvas Teacher Webinar

       Transcend in Schoolnet

       NCEES Winter/Spring Webinars

       NCEES Premium Library w/EdStar Analytics - Webinar
NC Virtual Free Online Professional Development

14.  Black History Moment 

15.  Follow Us on Social Media

16.  NCDPI Technology Support Center


Home Base Meet Ups

Thank You for Attending the Feb. 2022 Home Base Meet-Ups!

Thank you for attending and participating in this week's Home Base Meet Ups!  Your attendance and participation is what makes these meetings so valuable to us and your peers.  If you were unable to attend a session or would like a refresher, links to the slides and recordings are listed below.


Opening Slides:

NCEES Recording:

NCEES Session Slides:
Schoolnet Slides:
Schoolnet Recording:

PowerSchool Slides:

PowerSchool Recording: Slides: Recording:

Canvas Slides:

Canvas Recording: 

GoOpenNC Slides:

GoOpenNC Recording:


NOTE:  The Home Base Team will be hosting all 2021-2022 Home Base Meet Ups virtually.  This change in format is being made to alleviate safety concerns for those who plan to attend.  The calendar of HBMU events has been provided below.  Please mark your calendars accordingly.


Home Base Calendar 2022-23

Home Base Maintenance Calendar for 2022-2023

The NCDPI Home Base Team has published the Home Base Maintenance Calendar for the 2022-2023 school year. These routine maintenance periods occur to ensure peak performance with the student information system.  Most maintenance windows will begin at 7 p.m. and will last only one night.  Users will be notified when it is anticipated that maintenance windows will be extended.

Please share this calendar with staff throughout your district and school. 

ECATS Emergency Maintenance

The ECATS system will be taken offline briefly on Saturday, February 12 at 8:45 p.m. to install urgent patches to the hosting environment. If you experience any issues with the system following this emergency maintenance, please have your ECATS Designee submit a ZenDesk ticket.



Request for Course/Section Attributes 

While the SAR collection was previously removed from PowerSchool, it is still necessary for PSUs to continue maintaining course and section attributes. For purposes related to funding and state and federal reporting, this data is reviewed by different divisions of NCDPI throughout the year. 


PSUs are asked to review their course and section attributes and make any necessary updates by Friday, February 18. This includes making updates to the Extended Data section.

Required Attributes

The following course and section attributes must be populated:

  1. Institution Code
  2. External Provider
  3. Third Party Provider
  4. Delivery Mode
  5. Course Length
  6. How Taken


All codes listed under "Required Attributes" in the document need to be populated by Friday.


The Home Base team has created a Course and Section Attributes QRD that walks through how to add/update these attributes individually and in mass. Please contact the PowerSchool Support team with any questions or support requests.

Home Base_EC

Homebound/Hospital Code for 2022-2023

The Exceptional Children Division and Home Base team have partnered to create a Homebound/Hospital attendance code (1S) for use in PowerSchool for the 2022-2023 School Year and going forward. This code is to be used for  “Homebound/Hospital” or “Homebound Instruction” which are terms used interchangeably to describe educational services that are provided outside of school. Educational services that are provided outside of school must be documented in a written homebound plan, a Section 504 Plan, or Individualized Education Program (IEP). 

In preparation for the roll-out of this attendance code, the following activities and timelines are proposed:

  • February 2022 - Courtesy Alert to PSUs
  • Spring 2022 - Technical Assistance Webinars/Resources/Implementation Guide 
  • July 2022 - Homebound/Hospital Attendance Code live in PowerSchool
  • Fall 2022 - Update included in Student Attendance and Student Accounting Manual


Technical assistance will include examples of how to appropriately document the specifics of the educational services to be provided based on whether the student is disabled (IEP/504 Plan) or nondisabled. Differences between this code (1S) and existing codes with examples of appropriate use cases will be provided.


Please continue to watch for updates on this topic through your regular communication loops. If there are questions or concerns, please submit them using this link:  Questions and concerns will be accepted through the link provided during the month of February. Staff will then use the submissions to develop the technical assistance materials and FAQs that will be provided later in the Spring of 2022.

NC Elementary Students Reading

Read-to-Achieve Update - 02/11/2022

Please read and share the latest Read-to-Achieve Update dated 02/11/2022.

Read-to-Achieve Update - 02/11/2022 


OCR/CRDC - A Message from Partner Support

Dear Coordinators,


Please share with other staff as appropriate.  Read this message carefully.


Note:  PSUs which were not open in the school year 2020-2021 are not required to participate in this collection.


While I hope the below message from the CRDC Partner Support provides some much needed relief to our PSU’s, I encourage you all to remain vigilant in completing the collection.  Try to make updates in the early morning when possible, before the rest of the nation logs in.


Please make sure to read the CRDC Submission Tool Start Screen Messages each time you log in.


Please forward this email to those in your district who are responsible for submitting data.

The U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights (OCR) is aware of the technical difficulties that local and state educational agencies have been experiencing with the 2020–21 CRDC submission system. OCR and the Partner Support Center are working to resolve these issues. Consequently, OCR is announcing a new deadline of March 11, 2022, for all educational agencies to submit and certify civil rights data for the 2020–21 school year.

OCR appreciates your efforts to submit the data in a timely manner and we look forward to receiving your certified submission by March 11, 2022.  Please note that there is no need to contact the PSC multiple times - additional outreach attempts will result in a delayed response.


CRDC Partner Support Center 

Telephone: 855-255-6901


PSC Contact Form:

CRDC Resource Center:


Reminder:  Calendar Changes Due to Inclement Weather

Many of our NC Public Schools were compelled to close due to recent inclement weather events. As a courtesy reminder to our PSU partners that may need to make up school days, please review and forward to the appropriate staff this PS QRD: School Calendar Change Document. It includes instructions on how to adjust your school calendar during the school year to account for missed school days in the term or to adjust semester start dates and end dates. 


If semester start and end dates must be changed, this process may involve updates made by the PSU and PowerSchool. Therefore, once your updates are complete, you may need to submit a ticket to PowerSchool Support to complete the calendar update process. Please review the steps in the document for details.


When updating your school calendars, make sure that the in-session flags, bell schedules, and calendar day types are reflective of what occurred that day. If an In-Session day was changed to a Remote Instruction Day, make sure that it is listed in your calendar type setup. Make sure the calendar day type is not blank.


Reminder:  Major Events Status Alerts Subscription

If you have not already subscribed to PowerSchool’s Major Events Status Alerts notification system and you would like to receive notifications for major SIS-related events that take place in the state of North Carolina, please complete this subscription form. Notifications will be received for all PSUs in the state and cannot be limited to a single PSU. Notification types will include outages, wide-spread performance issues, downtime for maintenance, and high impact application issues that affect all instances.


Reminder:  School Start-Time and End-Time Spring Collection 

The School Start-Time and End-Time Spring Collection period began on Feb. 1 and is set to end on March 1, 2022.  Please remember to review the school start-times and end-times in PowerSchool and make adjustments, if needed, prior to running the report. 

For assistance with this collection, please link to the quick reference document, School Start-Times and End-Times.

Home Base - SIS

Reminder: PowerSchool Years and Terms at the LEA Office

At the LEA Office level in PowerSchool, the Years and Terms start and end dates MUST encompass the start date of the PSU’s earliest starting school and the end date of the PSU’s latest ending school. This also includes all Program Schools. The start date for Years and Terms at the LEA level should be 7/1 and the end date should be 6/30.

This information has been updated in the PS User Guide: End-of-Year Processing and can be found under Creating Years and Terms in the user guide.


Reminder:  Attendance During Exam Week(s)

To be considered in attendance, a student (except for hospital/homebound or staggered kindergarten) must be present in the school for the school day or at a place other than the school with the approval of the appropriate school official for the purpose of attending an authorized school activity. Such activities may include field trips, athletic contests, student conventions, musical festivals, or any similar approved activity.


Except as noted above, a student must be present at least one-half of the school's instructional day in order to be recorded present for that day.


NC General Statute 115C-378 states in part that no person shall encourage, entice, or counsel any child of compulsory school age to be unlawfully absent from school.


If a student is exempted from an exam and is not present in the school for the school day or not at a place other than the school with the approval of the appropriate school official for the purpose of attending an authorized school activity, the student is absent.


For questions or concerns, contact Student Accounting at


Collaboration in Schoolnet

Schoolnet at NCTIES

Join us for Collaboration in Schoolnet at NCTIES on March 4, 2022, at 10:30 AM!
Attendees will gain an understanding of the collaborative features available in Schoolnet and have an opportunity to share how they might use these features in their schools or PSUs.


Register today!


Canvas for Elementary

Canvas for Elementary at NCTIES

Join us at NCTIES as we explore Canvas for Elementary! Thursday March 3, 2022, from 1:15 - 2:45 p.m. The Canvas for Elementary feature creates a digital classroom that reflects the physical classroom experience for elementary students. This change allows teachers to set up a homeroom course and a course for each subject to organize and focus student course participation. In this session, teachers will have the opportunity to explore the new Canvas for Elementary dashboard and learn about settings and resources to make their courses more K-5 friendly.


Register today!


Canvas Teacher Webinar

Our next Canvas Teacher Webinar will be held on Thursday, March 10, 2022 from 7-8 p.m. The topic of discussion will be about ways to assess within Canvas. Those who attend will receive 0.1 DLC CEU.


Please use this link to register for the webinar. If you have any questions, contact Corey McNeill


Transcend Webinar Recording

In case you missed the informational webinars for Transcend, the recording is now available on the NCDPI YouTube Channel.

Transcend is a computer-adaptive interim assessment add-on for Schoolnet that will be available as part of the Home Base opt-in process for the 2022-2023 school year. Transcend provides tests for grades 3-8 ELA and Math and will be priced at $4 per 3rd-8th grade ADM. 

If you have any questions about Transcend or would like to learn more prior to the Home Base opt-in period, please contact or


NCEES Winter/Spring Webinars

Please click on the titles below to register for the upcoming NCEES Webinars which are held most Tuesdays from 4-5 p.m.  A certificate to turn into your PSU for approval of .1 -.15 CEUs will be provided to participants that complete the feedback survey at the end of each live session.

Premium Library Edstar Webinar

NCEES Premium Library w/EdStar Analytics - Webinar

    • Join Zoom Meeting
    • Presented by PowerSchool’s Sean Vair and EdStar Analytics team 
      • Joined by Cami Narron, NCEES Product Manager, and Dr. Robert Sox, NCEES Business Owner 
    • Refresher on accessing Premium Library and focus on courses from EdStar Analytics 
    • NCEES Premium Library 2022 1-Pager

NC Virtual PD

Did you know you have access to FREE professional development courses through IAM/NCEdCloud? (Available to all NC Public and Charter School Teachers/Admins)


Follow these simple steps to access our course directory: 

  • Log in to your IAM/NCEdCloud account
  • Click on the "blue P" to access NCEES
  • Click the Professional Development link on the top menu

This path will take you to a wide variety of FREE courses available to you. Check them out today! All courses are self-enrolled and self-paced.


You may also visit NC Virtual's Professional Learning page for additional information on accessing our FREE professional development.

NCVirtual PD Email

Black History Moment

In honor of Black History month, NCDPI will share facts about North Carolina's African American history.

From 1896 to 1961 the grounds of St. Augustine's University in Raleigh housed St. Agnes Hospital, the first nursing school in the state for African Americans. For many years St. Agnes was considered the best hospital for Black people between Washington, D.C. and New Orleans, regularly serving not only Black North Carolinians, but those from Virginia and South Carolina as well.


Since receiving Historic Landmark status in 1979, the hospital has remained relatively untouched, serving as a monument to Raleigh’s Black history. Learn more about St. Agnes here.


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