NC SIS Weekly Email Bulletin - March 26, 2021

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March 26, 2021

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NC SIS Weekly Email Bulletin

Topics in this issue:

1.   Dual Credit Allowances

2.   P-EBT FAQ

3.   2021-2022 Instructional School Start and End Dates

4.   Plan A Attendance Question

5.   Reminder:  FERPA Collection in PowerSchool. 

6,   Reminder:  Submitting Tickets in the PowerSchool Case Portal 

7.   EOY Pre-Validation (EPV) Reports

8.   Home Base Webinars

9.   Follow us on Social Media

10. NCDPI Technology Support Center 


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Updated Dual Credit Allowances Chart

The Dual Credit Allowances Chart has been updated as of March 2021. The updates reflect changes made due to the social studies standards adoption and the policy change of GRAD-004 that resulted. There are updates on both versions of Dual Credit Allowances information.  One chart is from the perspective of the UGETC courses with the new information noted on page 6 and the other chart is from the perspective of high school graduation requirements with the new information noted on page 9. The Dual Credit Allowances Chart specifies community college CCP courses that satisfy high school course requirements. 


The updated Dual Credit Allowances Chart is located on the Career and College Promise webpage under "What courses may be used to fulfill high school graduation requirements?" 



On Friday, March 5th the Home Base team held a P-EBT Information Session via WebEx. This session was held to inform PSU stakeholders and clarify any questions around the ongoing P-EBT data collection. Here is the FAQ that was created based on the questions from that webinar.

Elementary School Lunch

Reporting Deadline

2021-2022 Instructional School Start and End Dates   


G.S. 115C-84.2(a2) specifies that a report on the start and end dates of the instructional calendar for students for the next academic year be provided to the Superintendent of Public Instruction and the State Board of education by April 1 of each year.  To make this deadline, the start and end dates of the instructional calendar for students for each school must be in PowerSchool before April 1. 


School Start and End Dates for 2021-22 will be pulled immediately after April 1, 2021. 


Plan A Attendance Question: 

Please see the question below that we have been asked frequently about students returning for Plan A  and taking attendance.


Question:  If a district moves for Plan A for 4 or 5 days a week must they accept a student as present who has signed up for Plan A but decides to stay home and then joins remotely with no quarantine requirement or verifiable requirement to be home on instructional days?


Response: Local policy will need to address absences and virtual participation for students who are not on an approved virtual plan.  Establish the local policy and procedures and communicate to students/families as soon as it is applicable.



Reminder:  FERPA Collection in PowerSchool

The yearly required collection of the parent’s or eligible student’s response to the use of data for directory purposes is included in PowerSchool.  Please click on the following link to access the full message sent this week with details about this collection process.

FERPA Collection in PowerSchool


Reminder:  Submitting Tickets in the PowerSchool Case Portal

When submitting a ticket in the PowerSchool Case Portal, remember to only enter personal identifiable information (PII) in the “Secure Data for Troubleshooting Only” field located at the bottom of the screen.  This will ensure the data is protected and only viewed by authorized personnel.  Please see the attachment for further guidance.

Tech Support


EOY Pre-Validation (EPV) Reports


During the last maintenance window, a new set of reports were added to the North Carolina state reporting dashboard. These EOY Pre-Validation (EPV) reports are to assist users identify items that need corrected or reviewed prior to running EOY. Schools will have the ability to run these reports through June 28. Districts should continuously run these reports throughout the reporting window to capture any erroneous records that have been created since the last run date. These reports can be unapproved and rerun at any time to ensure the schools are ready for EOY. 


PowerSchool is developing a second series of reports that will be considered as the “Final EPV Report” and will have a submission window of June 28 – June 30. Once that report is moved to production, the existing reports will be renamed to “Preliminary EPV Report”. The Final EPV will be an exact copy of the Preliminary EPV,  but will only be available at the district level, not at the schools. The purpose of the Final EPV is to capture any last minute errors that exist on the day of EOY. More details will be released once the final package is ready for production.



Pre-Recorded Webinars 


Spring 2021 Course Code Webinar Series

Please join the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI) for a Spring 2021 course code webinar series. PowerSchool Data Managers, PowerSchool Coordinators, School Counselors, Career and Technical Education Directors, Career Development Coordinators, CCP Coordinators, and Curriculum and Instruction/Academic Leaders are encouraged to join the conversations. Please see details below and we look forward to seeing you (virtually) soon! 



Time:  2 - 3 pm EST

Platform:  Webex

Dates and Registration Information:

Completed Webinars and Slides can be viewed at SIS Resources

  • Course Codes General Overview - Part A
  • Course Codes General Overview - Part B
  • CAA vs. Non-CAA Courses

Questions? Please enter your questions in the Question Collection Form.


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Canvas PD Mini-Course - Crafting High Quality Feedback in Canvas


Our next Canvas mini-course is now open for self-registration in NCEES. Learn all about the different ways you can give high quality feedback in Canvas.


This course is designed to be completed in one hour, and upon course completion, 0.1 CEU of Digital Learning Competency Credit will be applied to your transcript in NCEES (within 48 hours).


Register here (must login to NCEdCloud):


New Self-Paced Course on Curating Content in #GoOpenNC

We are so excited to try something new with our monthly webinars for #GoOpenNC. The webinar is now available on-demand in a mini Canvas course (you will need to login to NCEES via NCEdCloud to register).


The course is designed to be completed in one hour and NCEES will apply 0.1 CEU of Digital Learning Competency Credit to your transcript within 48 hours of completing the course.  The course is available until May 31, 2021

#GoOpenNC Logo

New Mini-Course: Remix and Add Your Own Content to #GoOpenNC!


Our next #GoOpenNC mini-course is now available for self-registration on NCEES. Learn how to remix and add your own resources to #GoOpenNC.


Each mini-course is designed to take one hour to complete and within 48 hours of course completion, 0.1 CEU of Digital Learning Competency Credit will be applied to your transcript!


Register here (must login to NCEdCloud):

New Collections Available in #GoOpenNC

The #GoOpenNC team is excited to launch a new learning hub on the platform for Advanced Learning. On the hub, you will find over 200 lesson plans for Academically and Intellectually Gifted learners! 



Did You Miss NCEES March Webinars?


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March Recordings and Presentations:


NCWiseOwl EBSCO Webinars 2020-2021 

PSUs, please share this message with your teachers.

Want to love and utilize NCWiseOwl even more?  Attend the upcoming webinars available from our database vendors! 



  • Britannica School for Remote Learning 
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  • Sharing Britannica Content on Google Platforms 
  • Preparing Digital Content Sets for Instruction 
  • Britannica Tools to Support Reluctant Readers 
  • Britannica School - STEAM in Focus 
  • Britannica School - Arts & Humanities in Focus 
  • Britannica Tools to Support English Language Learners 


  • EBSCO Reference Center Exploration 
  • EBSCO Online Classroom Tools and Integration Tips 
  • EBSCO Accessibility and Usability Features within EBSCO Resources
  • EBSCO Working with EBSCO eBooks

Please visit the NCWiseOwl  Toolkit  professional learning section for detailed descriptions and registration links.



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