OCS Weekly Newsletter for March 20th, 2020

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Weekly Newsletter- March 20th, 2020


Superintendent FAQs COVID-19

NC DPI COVID-19 Responses & Resources

Charter Leaders Standing Thursday @ noon Zoom Meeting with Drs. Stegall & Emory; check you leader emails for the link. This meeting is for charter leaders only; select NCDPI division directors and regional case managers will be invited to join these calls.

K-12 PSUs Questions, Comments & Concerns Google Form

Executive Order 117 Guidance from the State Board of Education

PAVE Charter Exemplifies the Spirit of North Carolina

Alex Quigley - It's Time to Act & Mitigate the Disruption to a Sound, Basic Education

Important Reminders/General Information Concerning COVID-19 March 18, 2020

NCVirtual COVID-19 Response

SAT/ACT/AP Updates from the College Board

Continuity of Learning Resources

Remote Learning Resources from the NC DPI Digital Teaching & Learning Team

Coronavirus Impact Reporting – All public school units

In anticipation of requests from legislators, health organizations and others on the impact of the coronavirus, please collect data on the following:

  • School closures and number of days closed due to coronavirus
  • Lost wages in the event of school closure, by fund, differentiating hourly by salaried
  • Additional costs associated with School Nutrition services during school closure
  • Overtime paid due to coronavirus, if applicable
  • Staff absences due to coronavirus sickness (see next item)
  • Staff absences due to coronavirus exposure/closures.
  • Transportation costs associated with emergency management (recommend using the 4th digit of the purpose code)

Upcoming Events and Reminders!



March 2 - March 31, NC Teacher Working Conditions Survey window


CANCELLED: March 17-For Counselors By Counselors conference, NC DPI


March 17- Deaf-Blind Annual Child Count due, see below


March 20-23rd- PowerSchool UPGRADE weekend


March 20-SECU Foundations Scholarship applications deadline for RECEIPT by OCS


CANCELLED March 26-Leading & Learning Day at The Capitol Encore Academy

Leading & Learning Day agenda


March 31-Performance Framework items A10, A1.1 & A21 due in Epicenter


April 1- School Start & End Dates for 2020-2021 will be pulled April 1


April 3- Computer Science Standards stakeholder feedback survey closes, see link below


CANCELLED April 5-9 Connecting Communities of Education Stakeholders conference


April 27-5:00 p.m., deadline for DLI Implementation Grants in 2020-21 & 21-22 (2 year grant program) 


April 27- OCS CSADM Webinar, CSADM webinar, register here


Save the Date!


OCS Huddle West 

July 28th, 2020

Brevard Academy

1110 Hendersonville Hwy

Pisgah Forest, NC 28768


Charter School Leadership Institute 2020

October 22nd & 23rd

Triangle Math & Science Academy, Cary, NC 27511


Office of Charter Schools (OCS) Updates





Important Reminder Prior to Running Your Enrollment Lottery


Dear school leaders and vendors who assist with PowerSchool or the enrollment lottery, please note you must enter student records individually into PowerSchool. Do not import batch data.


As Charters begin to prepare for the new school year, NCDPI would like to remind PowerSchool admins and third-party management companies that students should not be imported into the system. Importing student records bypasses our UID integration and customization, therefore all students should be entered individually, following the steps providing in this Quick Reference Document. Importing student records bypasses our UID integration and creates duplicate records in PowerSchool if the student has an existing record in the UID system. We currently have an overwhelming amount of duplicate records and clean up of duplicate records could take an extended length of time. 


How to stream your student lottery via You Tube Live!

Annual Health Report Survey Link

Annual Charter School Health Report-Worksheet

The Annual Charter School Health Report will open May 1, 2020 and must be completed no later than June 1, 2020.  A preparation worksheet is provided with the reporting criteria.  All schools are encouraged to download the worksheet and mark the appropriate responses before beginning the online report survey. You may click Here to access the worksheet.  Once you have prepared your responses, save the document to your local computer. This worksheet cannot be accepted as your report requirements. You will use it as a tool to enter your information into the online survey system once the report opens.   


North Carolina’s charter schools are required to comply with the Care of Students with Diabetes and with the School Supply of Epinephrine Auto-Injectors laws. Annually, charter schools report on compliance with each law, providing information that identifies staff educational and support needs related to compliance and student safety. 


The Charter School Health Report is designed to assist schools in addressing the healthcare needs of students.  Responses will be used to inform future training topics and to report on compliance with required legislation and policies such as Care of Students with Diabetes § 115C-375.3. and School Supply of Epinephrine Auto-Injectors § 115C-375.2A. The summary will open May 1, 2020 and be completed no later than June 1, 2020.



Please contact Ms. Annette Richardson at annette.richardson@dhhs.nc.gov with questions or concerns. 


The NC ACCESS Fellowship Program Visits Bradford Preparatory School and the University of North Carolina at Charlotte


UNC Charlotte is one of ten universities throughout the UNC system to house the NC NTSP in the Cato College of Education. In the UNCC region, 410 beginning teachers in 90 schools are being supported by the largest NC NTSP team of 14 instructional support coaches. The schools are located in nine districts which include Anson, Cabarrus, Charlotte-Mecklenburg, Kannapolis City, Montgomery, and Union, as well as in charters Apprentice Academy, Bonnie Cone Classical, Bradford Preparatory, Iredell Charter Academy, Lincoln Charter, Piedmont Community Charter, Pinnacle Classical, Queen City STEM, Unity Classical, Union Day, Union Preparatory, and Veritas.

The UNCC regional team, led by Director Dr. Misty Hathcock whose sole job is to support beginning teachers in the region through the three core services of Institute, professional development, and individualized coaching. The coach/teacher ratio is 1/30 and coaches visit teachers face-to-face a minimum of once per week. The coaching focus at UNC Charlotte is “in-the-moment” coaching in the areas of planning, instruction, and assessment.  

NC ACCESS Fellows visited Bradford Preparatory School to observe teachers and the levels of support. Later, the Fellows engage on campus with the Dean of the College of Education and other professors. The presentation on cultural diversity was very informative.

For more information on how to partner, contact Dr. Misty Hathcock, mchathco@uncc.edu, or 704-694-8532.



Performance Framework Results


The review of the 2018-2019 PF is complete, We had twice as many schools meet all operational and financial measures from the previous year and 97% of our schools met expectations.


Congratulations and a job well done to 35 charter schools who exceeded expectations on the 2019 Performance Framework.


These schools met every single applicable measure(as many as 46), covering Operations, Governance, Finance, and Academics.


The Office of Charter Schools has decided to recognize these schools who exceed expectations with an individualized badge to be posted on their website and used in marketing to demonstrate the value we place on accountability. 


We look forward to sharing many more of these badges in future years!

Professional Learning & Renewals Newsletters


Professional Learning 101

The Scoop With Coop-All Things Renewals 

Charter School News & Opportunities

PAVE Charter Exemplifies the Spirit of North Carolina

It's Time to Act & Mitigate the Disruption to a Sound, Basic Education

Teachers Begin Virtual Learning During Coronavirus

Harris Looks to Lead Carter G. Woodson Into the Future

Sugar Creek Charter: The Importance of High Expectations

Ashley Park/Movement: Collaboration Makes for a Win-Win!


Collaboration & Coffee: Life Skills Learned at Bradford Prep

Bradford 3

Global Connections

NCCAT & OCS Charter School Connections Conference

NCCAT 2020 Charter Schools Collaborative Conference

Did You Know?

Charter Schoolhouse

Charter Amendments for existing public charter schools are found in CHTR-014 of NC SBE policy.

The following proposed amendments to a charter may be approved by Department of Public Instruction staff (OCS staff) 

The school must seek approval prior to implementation of the change. 

  1. Bylaws;
  2. The name of the charter school;
  3. The Articles of Incorporation;
  4. Relocation withing a 5-mile radius of an approved LEA;
  5. Class sizes as stated in the application;
  6. Length of school day and/or academic year;
  7. Curriculum changes;
  8. Change to the charter application with respect to student transportation;
  9. Change to the charter application with respect to changing its food service plan;
  10. One year delay requests and/or using Year 2 enrollment as outlined in the approved charter. 

NCDPI Updates

DPI Logo

NCDPI Remote Learning Resources Website (Free, Free, Free):

NCDPI’s Remote Learning Resources Website is continually updated with free or made-free-for-a-limited-time resources:

The link is https://sites.google.com/dpi.nc.gov/remote-learning-resources/home/instructional-resources?authuser=0


The resources are shared with educators in North Carolina to assist in finding effective instructional material. For delivery of content, explore the page on Learning Management Systems.


Some of these resources are typically a paid subscription but have been opened specifically in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. This is not a comprehensive list - the page will be updated with new resources and monitored for changes as they are necessary.


K-3 Lits & Bits Newsletter and ResourcesK-3 Lit & Bits and Remote Learning Resources

IABS Message

Digital Learning Initiative Grants RFPs information



School Business Newsletter

Governor's NCWorks Awards of Distinction Nomination Forms Now Available

Read to Achieve Guidance March 2020

Read to Achieve Reading Camp Memo

State Board Policy GRAD-004

NC DPI PowerSchool Upgrade


PowerSchool Upgrade

2020-2021 School Start & End Dates

School Start and End Dates for 2020-21 will be pulled on April 1, 2020.

G.S. 115C-84.2(a2) specifies that a report on the start and end dates of the instructional calendar for students for the next academic year be provided to the Superintendent of Public Instruction and the State Board of Education by April 1 of each year.  To make this deadline, the start and end dates of the instructional calendar for students for each school must be in PowerSchool before April 1. For questions, contact LaShon Creech at studentaccounting@dpi.nc.gov

Computer Science Standards Revision Survey

NC DPI Webinars, Conferences, Institutes & Professional Learning Opportunitites

NCVPS Webinars FRIDAY 3/20: From F2F to Virtual Instruction Tips and Tricks

NC Virtual is hosting a series of webinars focused on sharing best practices for digitizing your content and supporting students online.

From Face-to-Face to Virtual – Tips and Tricks for Successful Transitioning

March 20 @ 11am or 2pm.

FAQs will be made available after the sessions


Join us for this interactive conversation focused on sharing best practices for digitizing your content and supporting students in learning online. Leave with a toolkit of resources to bring your face-to-face classroom into the virtual world!

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NCWiseOwl Webinars

Four NCWiseOwl Gale Webinars are available.


All webinars offer CEUs from GALE including full viewing of recorded webinars and alignment to the NC Digital Learning Competencies.


Detailed descriptions for each webinar are located in the NCWO Toolkit on the Professional Learning Page. Gale also houses recorded webinars and registration as a service for NC.

Audience:  Teachers, Instructional Coaches, School Library Media, Instructional Technology, Other Certified Support Staff


14-Apr-2020 3:30-4:15 PM - REGISTER for CTE and your Gale Resources from NCWiseOwl



The North Carolina Virtual Public School invites you to attend NCVPS-U, "Digital Accessibility Everywhere!".  NCVPS-U is NCVirtual’s free professional development series for K-12 educators and administrators focused on digital learning. Emphasis will be placed on improving capacities for fostering student success. 

Click here to learn all about it!


NCEES  Webinars 

All webinars will be recorded and posted to the Webinar Series document located on http://bit.ly/ncees-support.


Click here to see & register for webinars

Exceptional Children Division

Sorry there was a broken link in the previous memo. It has been fixed inside the document and also included here: https://www.yourlifeyourvoice.org/pages/tip-99-coping-skills.aspx 

Please see the attached information regarding important reminders.  



Job Opportunities


The Institute for the Development of Young Leaders School Principal Job Opening 


Lake Lure Executive Director Job Posting


Thomas Jefferson Classical Academy Leadership Opportunity

Whom Should I Contact at the Office of Charter Schools?

We want to congratulate Patricia Nnadi-Purvis on her new opportunity in the finance department at NC DPI. We will miss her greatly. We also wish to welcome Georgia Maimone, who is helping temporarily, in communications and general office administrative support. Please reach out to Georgia at georgia.maimone@dpi.nc.gov  at 919-807-3981.

OCS Main number: 919.807.3981 ocs@dpi.nc.gov

Dave Machado         919.807.3992

Director of the Office of Charter Schools


Georgia Maimone       919.807.3981

 Program Administrative Assistance


Shaunda Cooper      919.807.3299

Consultant, Renewals & Performance Framework


Claire Porter              919.807.3980

Consultant, Professional Learning & Performance Framework


Ashley Baquero         919.807.3979

Consultant, Amendments & Compliance


Kebbler Williams      919.807.3920

Consultant, Ready to Open Process & Planning Year


Joseph Letterio       919.807.3870

Consultant, Epicenter Tech Support & Performance Framework


Darian Jones           919.807.3227

Consultant, Applications & Renewals


Jay Whalen              919.807.3925

Program Administrator, NC ACCESS Program


Barbara O'Neal        919.807.3307

Program Coordinator, NC ACCESS Program


Mariama Janneh     919.807.4024

Finance Administrator, NC ACCESS Program