Charter Schools Advisory Board Meeting Newsletter for July 2019

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Charter Schools Board

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Charter Schools Advisory Board Highlights

JULY  2019

Charter Schools Advisory Board (CSAB) July Meeting


The North Carolina Charter Schools Advisory Board met July 22nd at the annual North Carolina Association for Public Charter Schools Conference in Cherokee, North Carolina.


Meeting agendas are available on the State Board of Education’s website under the Meetings tab. There you can also find presentation materials for each agenda item, where applicable.


The NC Charter Schools Advisory Board meetings are live-streamed and available on the NCDPI YouTube Channel.


Questions regarding this meeting should be directed to NCDPI Communications at 919-807-3450.




The Charter Schools Advisory Board sends wishes for a successful start to the new school year to all NC charter schools. As staff members come together to prepare for the year ahead, take time to recognize the importance and impact of your work. The Charter Schools Advisory Board appreciates your dedication and looks forward to serving the charter school community for another meaningful school year.


New Members


The Charter Schools Advisory Board is excited to announce two new members: Jeannette Butterworth of Henderson County and Joel Ford of Mecklenburg County.




2019-2020 CSAB Calendar and Strategic Plan


At the July meeting, the CSAB reviewed and approved the 2019-2020 meeting calendar and strategic plan. In addition, the CSAB elected Alex Quigley and Steven Walker to continue as Chair and Vice Chair of the board.


Charter School check mark

Office of Charter Schools Updates



The Office of Charter Schools provided updates to the CSAB regarding the 2019 application season, the new school counselor cohort, the NC ACCESS grant, and Ready to Open status of new charter schools.




Any material revision to an original charter application requires a charter amendment. Some amendments can be processed “in-house” through the Office of Charter Schools and others require State Board of Education (SBE) approval. Prior to SBE approval, the CSAB will hear requests and make a recommendation to the SBE.


At the July meeting, the CSAB heard several amendment requests including a relinquishment, EMO separation, and mission statement revisions.  


Please contact Ashley Baquero at with any questions about these amendments or the amendment process in general.





The Office of Charter Schools announced its official Twitter account to the CSAB. OCS hopes to raise awareness and promote positive news about our charter schools through this social media initiative. In addition, this will serve as another communication tool for the office. Find us at @NCCharterOffice.