Office of Charter Schools Weekly Newsletter for May 31, 2019

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Office of Charter Schools

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Upcoming Events


June 5- 6, 2019

State Board of Education Meeting


June 10, 2019

Charter School Advisory Board Meeting


June 11 -12, 2019

New Charter School Leaders Institute


Action Items Due


June 30, 2019

Please review your Epicenter Task Queue for any Performance Framework items that have been returned for re-submission. Please be sure to carefully read the feedback given in order to make the necessary changes for compliance. The 2019 Performance Framework submission collection will close on June 30, 2019. At that point, no further submissions will be reviewed and the 2019 Performance Framework Report creation will begin.


Future Action Items 


June 1, 2019

Annual Charter School Health Report Due


June 6, June 26, and July 15, 2019

Charter Applicant Training


June 30, 2019

Resubmission Deadline for Performance Framework


July 16, 2019

OCS Huddle at Gray Stone Day School


NCDPI Office of Charter Schools (OCS) Update

Mark your Calendar

Charter Applicant Training


Training for new applicants will be held on the following dates: Thursday, June 6, 2019 9am – 1pm

Wednesday, June 26, 2019 9am – 1pm

Monday, July 15, 2019 10am – 2pm

Trainings will take place in Room 150 of the NC Department of Public Instruction. 301 N. Wilmington Street, Raleigh, NC 27601

Please email for assistance with any questions or concerns.


2019-20 PRC039 School Safety Grants


The funding available for the School Safety Grants will be determined in the ratified Appropriations Act.  At this time, the Department is unable to provide any additional information other than what is in the proposed House and Senate budgets.  When the General Assembly has acted, we will send out a link and information on the application process.  Please communicate to the appropriate program person in your LEA or charter school, so that they are aware of the status.   



NC Center for Safer Schools

Did You Know??

Charters are required to complete the Charter School Health Annual Report each year.  Responses will be used to inform future training topics and to report on compliance with required legislation and policies such as Care of Students with Diabetes (§ 115C-375.3.), School Supply of Epinephrine Auto-Injectors (§ 115C-375.2A ) and State Board of Education Policy SHLT-001 Return-to-Learn After Concussion. This is where compliance data for the Performance Framework A17 measure originates. Schools self-report this data. Please see the information below from Annette Darden Richardson, Charter School Health Nurse Consultant and contact her if you have questions about charter school health compliance.


Question Marks

Annual Charter School Health Report Open

Annual Charter School Health Report Is Open


The Annual Charter School Health Report link is now open.  Reporting must be completed no later than June 1st, 2019.  The report is designed to assist in identifying resource needs for healthcare of students in charter schools.  Responses will be used to inform future training topics and to report on compliance with required legislation and policies such as Care of Students with Diabetes (§ 115C-375.3.) and School Supply of Epinephrine Auto-Injectors (§ 115C-375.2A ).  You may click here to access the report link or copy and pasted the link below into your browser. 

A preparation worksheet is provided with the report questions.  All schools are encouraged to download the worksheet and mark the appropriate responses before beginning the online report survey. You may click here to access the worksheet or copy and paste the link provided below into your browser.  Once you have prepared your responses, save the document to your local computer. This worksheet cannot be accepted as your report. You will use it as a reference tool to enter your information into the online survey system.     


Annual Charter School Health Services Report –


Report Worksheet –  


Please contact Ms. Annette Richardson at with questions or concerns. 

Annette Darden Richardson, MSN, RN, NCSN

Charter School Health Nurse Consultant

Division of Public Health - Children and Youth Branch

NC Department of Health and Human Services


Office: 252-339-3009 


OCS Summer Huddle



July 16, 2019 | Register Here

Mark your calendars for the OCS Summer Huddle! Please join us at Gray Stone Day School in Misenheimer, NC on July 16th for a full day of development and support. You can register here and stay tuned for more details. We will not host a huddle at this year’s Financial Business Services (FBS) Conference, though there will be some charter-specific programming for those attending.


Don't Miss This

2019 Performance Framework Resubmissions


OCS collects evidence of operational, financial, and academic compliance through the Charter School Performance Framework (PF). Charter schools were required to submitted evidence documents using the web-based tool Epicenter from January through April. OCS consultants are finalizing the initial review process of the submitted materials. As a reminder, if a task has been deemed non-compliant it will be returned to the submitter.

All schools have until June 30, 2019, to correct any returned submission tasks and to satisfy the reopened task in Epicenter. If you have a question about the “Returned” submission task, contact the OCS consultant who provided the feedback using the contact information listed in the email notification for that particular task.


Please note that all correspondence should happen through the Epicenter system. If a task is returned by an OCS staff member, the submitter will receive an email correspondence from the Epicenter system notifying them that the submission document has been returned and that the task has been reopened in the system.


Please check the tasks queue using the web-based tool Epicenter for any outstanding submission tasks that need to be completed. To view the webinar training recording click here.


Web-based Resources:

2019 Performance Framework Resources

Frequently Asked Questions


For questions regarding the 2019 Charter School Performance Framework, please send an email to


For technical support, please contact the Epicenter Support Center at (855) 899-1624 or


Charter School check mark

Web Links: – Ann Walters


May 2019 From the Board Room



NC Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI) Update

Web Link: 

Superintendents' Weekly Message: May 28



Greetings HR Directors (**New Instructions**) Human Capital/Licensure Webinars


In an effort to keep you all better informed about changes to state policy, NCDPI will begin offering monthly webinars closely following State Board of Education meetings.  The purpose of the webinars is to provide you with the opportunity to hear about proposed and approved changes to state policy that have an impact on Human Resources departments.  


Because we anticipate many participants, the webinar will not offer a "Q & A" session.  We will, however, have a chat feature enabled and will try to answer the most common questions raised from the field.  Additionally, we will record these webinars and place those recordings online so you will be able to hear the information even if you are unable to attend.  Attendance is, of course, optional, but we hope you all will join us for the webinars.


Charter School directors can designate a staff member to attend these webinars. To do so, the Charter School director/head of school should email Kimberly Evans <> and request access to the webinar. Please include the designee’s name, position, and email address.


Here is a list of the dates we are planning to schedule the webinars:  

June 7

July 15

August 12

September 6

October 4

November 8

December 6


Specific times and the login for the webinar will be provided in the invitation.  Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.


Thomas Tomberlin

Director, Educator Recruitment and Support

Office of the Deputy State Superintendent of District Support

North Carolina Department of Public Instruction


(O) 919-807-3440



Phase II Final Verification - Initial ADM for SY 2019-20 Due Between June 3 – 14, 2019

from Charter, Regional and UNC Laboratory Schools


Phase II: Average Daily Membership (ADM) Projection - Final Verification - Initial ADM for School Year 2019 – 2020


EVERY charter, regional and UNC Laboratory School Executive Director (Head of School, Board Chair, etc)

is required to submit the Charter School ADM Projection System (CSADM), Phase II - Final Verification Initial ADM for School Year 2019-20.

Phase II Final Verification - Initial ADM submissions are required from:

  • current charter, regional and UNC laboratory schools with 2018-19 school attendance
  • new charter schools approved by the State Board of Education to open July 1, 2019 and
  • new University of North Carolina (UNC) laboratory schools scheduled to open July 1, 2019.

Phase II requires the following field to be completed: Enter the Initial ADM.

This represents the 2019-20 ADM that is used for the first installment of the annual allotment.

The school may also need to submit a breakdown of where the students are coming from.

Please review the attached CSADM Preliminary Phase II Review - Preparation document for assistance.


The CSADM Projection System is accessible at the following links:

As this impacts your school’s funding, we will only accept information submitted by the Executive Director.


The CSADM is an online system designed to assist each charter, regional and UNC laboratory schools with improving the accuracy of key components in the budgeting process.

This information is critical to the budget process and ensures adequate funding and minimal disruption to charter schools and LEA funding.


To access the system, the Executive Director will need a North Carolina Identity Management identification (NCID) login. 

If you do not have an NCID, you must contact the Charter Schools' NCID administrator to set up an account for you. 

A directory of charter school NCID administrators is available at


DPI cannot assign an NCID or reset NCID passwords. 

NCID questions should be directed to the North Carolina Department of Information Technology (NC DIT) at .


If you have questions concerning CSADM, please contact Angela Harrison in the Division of School Business at 919-807-3734 or .


Charter School ADM Projection System – CSADM

Preliminary Phase II Review / Preparations

The CSADM Phase II Final Verification-Initial ADM submissions are required of all:

  • current charter schools with 2018-19 school attendance
  • new charter schools approved by the State Board of Education to open in 2019-2020
  • The University of North Carolina (UNC) laboratory schools approved by the NC General Assembly

scheduled to open July 1, 2019

  • The University of North Carolina (UNC) laboratory schools with 2018-19 school attendance
  • Regional School(s) with 2018-19 school attendance

CSADM Phase II Final Verification-Initial ADM will determine if the school is required to provide a breakdown of where their students are coming from.

Questions should be addressed  to .


Refund State or Federal Program Report Code (PRC) overages


Review your monthly financial reports, Budget Balance Reconciliation Report (JHA705EG) and Cash Balance Report (JHA714EG) for overages.  Refund any state and federal overages.  If you are expecting additional allotments, please contact the program administer and the Allotment section before fiscal year 18-19 ends.  You should not be recording expenses if you do not have an allotment for those expenses.


If you have questions, please contact Roxane Bernard at


New NCEES Salary Codes & Roles now in production 

NCDPI  has verified that four new budget (salary) codes and roles have provisioned additional staff into NCEES through the TNL Person Import file processing 5/24/2019.

 District Admin should verify staff with the new codes listed below are correct in NCEES. Some staff may already have an account while others are new accounts.


The new budget codes (from Finance Chart of Accounts), NCEES roles and corresponding evaluation rubric (if needed) are:

  • 131/5110 Teacher Leader - Instructional Coordinator
    • Teacher Leadership Specialist rubric
  • 131/5210 Teacher Leader- Special Pops-not CTE-
    • Teacher Leadership Specialist Rubric
  • 131/6300 District Social Worker
    • To evaluate school based Social Workers
  • 135/6860 Instructional Tech Facilitator District
    • Teacher Leadership Specialist rubric or to evaluate school based ITFs

It is the district's decision on setting My Staff > Teacher Plan Type fields for 2018-2019. There is a selection in the Teacher Plan Type drop down for "No Evaluation" which works better for reporting than leaving the setting at "Not Selected".


To verify staff, navigate to System Administration > Staff Dashboards. Select "Search Staff by Demographics" (see above screenshot). Click the plus sign beside "Instructional", and repeat for the next "Instructional". Click the plus sign beside one of the new roles. Names will populate in the next column of any staff with that role.


In the far right column click the tab for "Individual Information". Click any of the below tabs to view information.


Click here for update version of "NCEES Data v6".

NCDPI thanks everyone for their patience in the update process. To report any issues please open a ServiceNow Support ticket.



Prepare for NCEES EOY is June 28, 2019

The Evaluation and Professional Development Plans for the 2018-2019 school year will close on Friday, June 28 at 5 PM. At that time the vendor will archive complete and non-completed plans.


Please have all necessary evaluations and PDPs completed and locked.  Once the plans and the data within are archived no further updates can be made. 


The system will remain open for Professional Development courses.  

✅ Confirm Staff Lists are accurate


✅ Delete/archive unnecessary evaluation plans 


✅ Confirm Evaluation & PDP Plans are complete


✅ System will close out Friday, June 28, 2019 at 5PM


The Evaluation/PDP Plans for the 2019-2020 School year are scheduled to be ready for Monday, July 8th.  Please await for another communication before assigning plans and advising educators to begin plans.



NCDPI advises printing any and all reports needed for End of Year and for review during 19-20SY. Print or save a digital copy of staff reports. 


Click here: 

List of DPI published 2018-2019 Ad-Hoc Reports

for a list of DPI published reports for District Administrators and/or Principals.


There is  known issue in the system when running a previous year Ad-Hoc Report such as Summary Evaluation Ratings that the report will pull (for example) the correct 17-18 ratings form while printing current year name, location and teacher plan type. 


Due to over the summer name changes, employment changes across schools in district or out of district and staff that may have a different plan type/title in 19-20 affect past year reports you run in the fall. NCDPI strongly advises LEAs and Charters run all needed reports by the end of the current year. 


NCDPI is working with the vendor, and Powerschool, on investigating a fix for putting the correct location and teacher plan type that matches the year of the ratings form requested. 


NOTE to NCEES District Admins:  if using System Administration > Export a Plan to PDF to run Summary Ratings individual reports - please start those early. Those reports are queued statewide and may have to wait until the initial reports in the queue fully complete. Please try to break down the size of the report you are running.



NCEES Unified Talent

Occupational Course of Study - Guidance Document Overview Webinar


The Exceptional Children Division is pleased to offer an overview webinar on the use of the Occupational Course of Study (OCS) Guidance Document. This webinar will provide information for school staff on the characteristics of the learner and the data necessary to support the determination of the appropriateness of the OCS.

When: Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Please see attachment for the registration links.


Correction: PRC 029 Request for Funding FY 2019-2020


Use the below link to access the application for requesting the traditional 29 grant and/or those interested in being considered for Cohort II of the Comprehensive Needs Grant: Qualtrics Link for request for funds here  

Please see the attached information regarding PRC 029 Request for Funding for Fiscal Year 2019-2020.

If you have any questions regarding the grant process, please contact:

Regions 1-4:  Lisa Taylor,

Regions 5-8 Felicia Goodgion,



Memo-PRC 29 Grant 2019-2020.pdf


Memo-PRC 29 Grant 2019-2020 EETool.pdf


EC Directors' / Coordinators' Webinar - June 4

Please see the attached information to register for the June EC Directors' / Coordinators' webinar.

Questions to be addressed during the Q&A session should be submitted to Kelly Breest ( by May 30.

If you have any questions, please contact Sherry Thomas ( / 919 807-3976).


Memo-EC Directors Webinar 0619.pdf



EC Division Header

Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA)


Friends and colleagues:

   It is that time of year, again. 

NCDPI files the application for your Internet Access each year, and you, as a member of the consortium, must certify your Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA) compliance by completing, signing and dating Form 479. Here is the link to the blank, fillable, pdf  Form 479 form.


CIPA Requirements


Instructions: Please fill out and scan as ONE document, not three.   Also, the form MUST be signed and dated by an employee of the school or school district.  Thank you. 

  • Administrative Authority's Form Identifier:  This is something you make up - yes, you make it up.  We have some suggestions:      
    • LEA #, XX County/City Schools or
    • Charter #, XX Charter School/Academy
  • Block 1:  Name of Administrative Authority: 
    • this is the name of your school or school district - this is not your personal first and last name
    • Funding year is 2019
    • Address and contact at the LEA or charter - self explanatory  
    • If you are an LEA you are already CIPA compliant - choose Box 6a
    • If you are a charter who has been on NCREN, you are also (most likely) CIPA compliant and you also choose Box 6a
    • If you are a NEW CHARTER, and are still BECOMING CIPA compliant, choose box 6b.
    • NOTE:  Charter Schools, if you chose Item 6b last year, you MUST now choose Item 6a - you should have now completed the three steps to become CIPA compliant.
  • Under NO circumstances should you choose multiple boxes - either 6a or 6b.  Please do not check multiple boxes, and NEVER check Box 6c or 6d    
    • remember, either 6a (you are compliant) or 6b (you are working toward compliance).
  • Block 2, Item 7 and 8:  Please SIGN and DATE  
  • Print your name in item 9 
  • Print your title in item 10 
  • Print your phone number in item 11 

SCAN AS ONE DOCUMENT and attach as a reply to this message.


Jeannene Hurley State Coordinator and 

E-rate Specialist Northeast/North Central

NC Department of Public Instruction




May 2019 AP/IB/CIE Update

Congratulations to AP, IB, and CIE Coordinators on the end of the Testing Season!

We understand all that goes on behind the scenes to ensure ordering is accurate, rosters are correct, students attend on time, and all materials are organized and returned by the deadline. It takes focus, dedication of time, and your communication to get everything to run smoothly. We appreciate your efforts to ensure every student benefits from an optimal testing environment for every single assessment. Thank you!


General Information

State Board of Education (SBE) Student Advisor Application now available

Deadline June 30

One rising junior and one rising senior will be selected to represent North Carolina's public school students as a nonvoting advisor to the State Board of Education. The rising senior selected will serve a one-year term, while the rising junior will serve a two-year term, each beginning with the August 2019 SBE meeting. Meetings are typically the first Wednesday and Thursday of each month on the 7th floor of the Education Building at 301 N. Wilmington Street in Raleigh. The application is now live at Deadline for applications is June 30, and the two advisors selected will be notified by July 15


Advanced Placement

For AP exams, there is one more step: invoicing! Kathleen Koch sent this information to district contacts earlier this month. As a reminder, the AP Exam invoicing due date is this Friday, May 31 for NC public schools.

All Testing/AP Coordinators should watch a short instructional presentation found here:, which explains the invoicing process for NC public schools this year. Note that there is a voiceover with details on the presentation, so turn up/unmute the volume on your computer before watching. District Coordinators- you may want to collect schools' invoices to ensure the process has been followed accurately.

As you know, the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI) will pay for AP Exams for two categories of public school students enrolled in an AP course who then take the respective AP Exam (both low-income and non low-income students). Please note that NCDPI will not pay for AP Exams taken by private school students, home-schooled students, or students who were not enrolled in the AP course. If these students tested at your schools, you have probably already collected the exam fee for them and your school will pay AP directly as explained on the webinar.

This is an Important deadline:  Districts who do not submit their AP Exam invoices by May 31 will be responsible for AP exam costs in their district.

If you have any questions, please contact College Board customer service at 877-274-6474 for assistance.  

Note: IB and CIE Coordinators, your exams have been paid for by NCDPI. At this point, you only need to pay the fees for which you are responsible. 


International Baccalaureate

The International Baccalaureate (IB) presents a community discussion of

The Fourth Industrial Revolution: Who’s driving? Empowering students to navigate an evolving economy

As job-market forecasts indicate strong future demand for skill-sets that will involve greater student agency and an ability to quickly acclimate to very dynamic work environments, students must prepare. Are current education systems ready to flex and change? Who must drive needed change?

Tuesday, June 4, 2019 10:30 am – 11:45 am, ET

Use this link to attend virtually on June 4: Join URL:

Our panel

  • Phillip Evans, Development Specialist, International Baccalaureate
  • Kevin Hudson, Assistant Director for College Opportunity, Princeton University
  • Shannon Jeffries, College Counselor, DC International School
  • Marie Vivas, Senior Development Manager, International Baccalaureate

Be sure to read the latest Coordinators' notes, attached below.



Here's to a wonderful end of the school year!


Beth Cross

State Consultant, Advanced Learning and Gifted Programs

North Carolina Department of Public Instruction

Phone: 919-807-3705




Free Bus Inspections


DPI Transportation Services offers charter schools courtesy inspections of their school buses, just like they do at the county school bus garages.  Please send an email to in Transportation Services to request a courtesy inspection. Please include your location and how many school buses are in operation. Requests should be made by June 14th 2019 so that inspections can be scheduled over the summer.

Questions can be directed to transportation section chief Kevin Harrison  (919) 807-3579 or





School Bus

Other News


June 15, 2019

McKinney-Vento Data Collection Submission Due

Do not submit data until after the last school day in this academic year.


Questions on data collection should be directed to your Program Specialist.


Program Specialist




Paullett Wall –



Patricia Lentz –




Northeast, Southeast, North Central, Sandhills


Piedmont-Triad, Southwest, Northwest, Western