K-12 Education Legislative Update - Saturday, April 27, 2019

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K12 Education Legislation Update

Vision: Every public school student will graduate ready for post-secondary education and work, prepared to be a globally engaged and productive citizen through access to needed resources and rigor.
Mission: The State Board of Education will use its constitutional authority to lead and uphold the system of public education in North Carolina that guarantees every student in this state an opportunity to receive a sound basic education.

April 27, 2019

The Week In Review and Looking Forward into Next Week


House Education Budget Unveiled

The House Education Appropriations Committee released and approved their version of the education budget for the 2019-2021 biennium. The budget was unveiled at the Committee meeting on Friday and was passed after a number of amendments were voted on and incorporated into the final Committee version.  The Education budget documents can be found here.  


This week also marked the final date by which bills can be introduced by General Assembly Members this session.  The House introduced an additional twenty four K-12 education bills, bringing the total to 203 this session.  The House and Senate have filed a total of 333 K-12 education bills since the session began in January and now have until May 9th to move them across Chambers. After that date, only those bills can be considered by the other Chamber other than bills with a financial component.


Next week, the State Board is set to have their bi-annual work and planning session along with their monthly May meeting. More information regarding these meetings is provided below. Also next week, the full House Appropriations Committee will meet on May 1 to continue their process towards finalizing the House biennium budget HB 966: 2019 Appropriations Act.


Budget Process: Release of the House Education Budget 

The House Appropriations Education Committee met on Friday, April 26 to review and discuss items directly related to the education budget. The House Education Budget was then released later Friday morning and amendments were taken up until noon on Friday. 


Next week, the full House Appropriations Committee will be taking up the 2019 Appropriations Act.  The final step in the House process will include reporting the budget to the floor for a vote before moving it to the Senate for consideration.



  • Amounts listed below are in addition to the base budget and technical adjustments.
  • Any salary items will be reflected in the final House budget.


House Approps Expansion Itesm 2019


Important Budget Resources:


Here is the link to House education budget documents. 

  • NEW - HB 966: 2019 Appropriations Act here
  • NEW - House Education Budget Bill here.
  • NEW - House Education Special Provisions here.
  • Education Items in the Governor's budget here
  • Highlights of the NC Public School Budget 2019 here.
  • NC State Board of Education Budget Response here.
  • NC Department of Public Instruction #NC2030 vision here.
  • Public School Capital Outlays Chart here.
  • NEW - North Carolina School Finances website here.

NC State Board of Education Seal

SBE Work Session and Planning Meeting


The SBE will hold their Spring work/planning session and their monthly meeting next week on April 30, May 1, and May 2. The work sessions will be held the first two days, April 30 and May 1, and the monthly meeting will be held on the 2nd.


The agendas can be found through the links below:


  • Agenda for April 30 here.
  • Agenda for May 1 located here.
  • Agenda for May 2 located here.

Relevant Bills with Action



K-12 Public Education Bills that have become Session Law

  • No K-12 Public Education Bills became Session Law this week.


LINK to all bills that are now Session Law.


Education Bill Crossover

To date this session, 43 education bills have passed from one chamber to the other, with 1 education bill becoming session law thus far.  Crossover is the long session date by which legislation without a financial component must pass from the originating chamber into the other chamber, in order for that legislation to be considered during the short session. 


The K-12 Public Education bills that made crossover this week are listed below:

  1. HB 105: Red Light Cameras
  2. HB 434: Suicide Risk Ref./Mental Health/Teen Violence
  3. HB 493: Abuse & Neglect Resources
  4. HB 521: Transitional License/Teacher from Other State
  5. HB 563: 30 Min. Duty-Free Lunch for Teachers
  6. HB 653: School Transp. Personnel Salary Changes
  7. HB 664: myFutureNC/Postsecondary Attainment Goal


Link to K-12 Public Education Bills that made Crossover. 


The 2019 Crossover Deadline is Thursday, May 9.

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2019 Long Session link for bills impacting K-12 education.

Bills Heard in the Senate/House Chamber or in a Committee This Week: 


House Bills (Excluding School Calendar Flexibility Bills)   

  1. HB 375: Authorize Teacher-Government Employee Housing/Bertie
  2. HB 697: State Surplus Prop. Computers for Nonprofits

New Bills Filed This Week: 


House Bills (Excluding School Calendar Flexibility Bills)    Week of April 22-26

  1. HB 946: Free Lunch for Some Students/Stop Lunch Shame
  2. HB 947: Free Breakfast and Lunch in K-12 Pub. Schools.
  3. HB 948: Funds for Universal NC Pre-K.
  4. HB 950: Funds for Triangle Literacy Council.
  5. HB 953Funding for Students with Disabilities/Method.
  6. HB 955: Sam's Law.
  7. HB 956: Funds/Youth Villages and Other Purposes.
  8. HB 961: Funds for Workforce Development/Hospitality.
  9. HB 965: Restore Single-Stream Funding for LME/MCOs.
  10. HB 966: 2019 Appropriations Act
  11. HB 976: Funds/NC New Teacher Support Program.
  12. HB 977: Develop Homegrown Teachers-Pilot.
  13. HB 978: NC Teaching Fellows Enhancements/Funds.
  14. HB 979: High-Quality Teacher Professional Development.
  15. HB 980: Reward Excellence in Teaching - NBPTS.
  16. HB 981: Grow Your Own/Highly Effective Teachers/Cadet.
  17. HB 982: Expanding Access to AP Courses Pilot Program.
  18. HB 985: Rural Model/Out Teach/Pilot Funds.
  19. HB 986: Restore LEA Sales Tax Benefit.
  20. HB 987: State Employees/Paid Parental Leave.
  21. HB 996: Top-Performing Students/UNC Tuition Scholar.
  22. HB 1000: Competency-Based Math Pilot.
  23. HB 1004: High Point LEAP/Funds for Literacy Programs.
  24. HB 1007: STEM Elective Course Using Ballistics Science.


Senate Bills (Excluding School Calendar Flexibility Bills)

  • The Senate ended their bill filing for the 2019 Long Session on Wednesday, April 3, 2019
  • Total Senate bills filed - 673 
  • Total Senate bills affecting K-12 public education - 129

Next Week's Education-Related Legislative Calendar


 April 29 - May 3 Legislative Meeting Calendar


Monday, April 29, 2019 

    2:00 p.m.: Senate Session Convenes     Skeleton Session                       Senate | Audio

    2:00 p.m.: House Session Convenes      Skeleton Session                        House | Audio

    3:00 p.m.: House: Rules, Calendar, and Operations of the House 1228/1327 LB | Audio

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

   9:00 a.m.: Senate: Rules and Operations of the Senate                 1027/1128 LB | Audio 

   1:00 p.m.: House: Education K-12                                                          643 LOB | Audio


Wednesday, May 1, 2019

   11:00 a.m.: Senate: Education/Higher Education                           1027/1128 LB | Audio

North Carolina General Assembly 


Legislative Info and Acronyms 

This section includes details pertaining to acronyms and bill information referenced throughout the K-12 Education Legislative Update newsletters.


Biennium- A two-year term of legislative activity

Public Bill- Legislation enacted into law that applies to the public at large

Local Bill- Legislation put into law that has limited application (How many counties)- Local bills do not have to be signed by the governor

Sponsor- The legislator who presents a bill or resolution for consideration

Resolution- A document that expresses the sentiment or intent of the legislature or a chamber. Resolutions, when finalized, go to the Secretary of State


Glossary of Legislative Terms- LINK


DPI = NC Department of Public Instruction

LEA = Local Education Agency

NCGA North Carolina General Assembly

LB/LOB = Legislative Building/Legislative Office Building 

SBE = North Carolina State Board of Education


AB = Agency Bill

HB/SB = House Bill/Senate Bill

JR = Joint Resolution

SL = Session Law

GS = General Statute 

PCS = Proposed Committee Substitute 

FY = Fiscal Year


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