Special Session Legislative Update - Friday, July 27, 2018

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K12 Education Legislation Update

Vision Statement:  Every public school student, through access to needed resources and rigor, will graduate ready for post-secondary education and work, prepared to be a globally engaged and productive citizen.

Mission Statement: The State Board of Education will use its constitutional authority to lead and uphold the system of public education in North Carolina that guarantees every student in this state an opportunity to receive a sound basic education.

July 27, 2018       

2018 First Extra Session

NCGA House Short Session May 2018

Constitutional Amendments


The legislature returned on Tuesday, July 24 by Proclamation to consider bills regarding the Constitutional Amendments (HB 3) and Judicial Races (SB 3) on the November ballot. Both bills were ratified and sent to the Governor. The Governor has ten days to sign or veto the legislation.

Bills with Action

HB 3: Ballot Designations/Referenda


HB 3 requires the words "Constitutional Amendment" be placed above each question on the November ballot in lieu of a short caption describing each question. In addition, there will be no numerical order or other order of reference on the ballot for each question. State lawmakers already titled the ballot questions for the six constitutional amendments in the legislation for each item. The Constitutional Amendments Publication Commission, which prepares explanations of amendments, revisions, or new Constitution amendments in simple and commonly used language, is no longer be required to prepare the short captions for use on the ballot. However, they will produce long-form explanations of the proposals for voters upon request.


Constitutional Amendments on the November Ballot:

  • Right to hunt and fish: SB 677 / SL 2018-96 - Establishes hunting and fishing as "a preferred means of managing and controlling wildlife." 
  • Strengthening victims' rights: HB 551 / SL 2018-110 - Adds rights in the legal system for victims of felony crimes.
  • Bipartisan elections board and appointment control: HB 913 / SL 2018-117 - The General Assembly will appoint eight members to make up the Bipartisan State Board of Ethics and Elections Enforcement with no more than four nominees from each party. 
  • Merit system for filling judicial vacancies: SB 814 / SL 2018-118 - Changes the selection rules regarding who fills judicial vacancies between elections. Under this system, the legislature would  pick two names to send to the governor when a vacancy occurs. If the vacancy occurs right before an election, the N.C. Supreme Court chief justice would decide in place of the governor. 
  • Cap Maximum Income Tax Rate at 7.0%: SB 75 / SL 2018-119 - Sets a 7% ceiling on the state income tax, lowering the cap from 10%. The current personal income tax rate is 5.499%.
  • Require Photo ID to Vote: HB 1092 / SL 2018-128 - Requires voters to present a photo ID prior to voting at their election precinct. 

    SB 3:  Party Disclosure/2018 Judicial Races


    This bill stipulates that the party affiliation listed by the judicial candidates' names on the November ballot are shown only if the candidates' party affiliation or unaffiliated status is the same as on their voter registration 90 days prior to filing for election. SB 3 also allows a judicial candidate the right to withdraw his or her name from the ballot prior to the close of business on Aug. 8, 2018. 

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    Monday, July 30, 2018

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