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Office of Charter Schools

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WEEKLY NEWSLETTER  –  April 6, 2018

Upcoming Events


April 4 - 5, 2018

State Board of Education Meeting 


April 9, 2018

Charter Schools Advisory Board Meeting

Future Action Items  


April 17 - May 10, 2018

PowerTeacher Pro Training Opportunities


April 19, 2018

Preparing to Lead with Character Registration Due - Register Here


April 23, 2018

DLI Grant Due


April 25, 2018

Preparing to Lead with Character Workshop


April 30, 2018

PF Submission #2


May 1 - June 1, 2018

Charter School Health Report


May 11, 2018

Dyslexia Capacity Building Application Due


May 15, 2018

Coding and Mobile Application Grants Due


June 5, 2018

EC Directors' Webinar - 10:00 - 11:00 am


June 15, 2018

McKinney-Vento Data Submission

June 22, 2018

Middle School Summit


June 26, 2018

Final Opportunity - WS-FTP Historical Download


July 15-17

NC  Association for Public Charter Schools Conference

August 7, 2018

EC Directors' Webinar - 10:00 - 11:00 am


August 7 - 9, 2018

Growing Success for ELs Conference


October 2, 2018

EC Directors' Webinar - 10:00 - 11:00 am

November 14-16, 2018

EC Conference


December 4, 2018

EC Directors' Webinar - 10:00 - 11:00 am

NCDPI Office of Charter Schools (OCS) Updates


From the Desk of Mr. Dave Machado, Director, Office of Charter Schools

At yesterday’s meeting, the State Board of Education made one of their wisest decisions to date, they named Dr. Deanna Townsend-Smith the new State Board of Education Director of Operations and Policy.

Deanna has been in the Office of Charter Schools for five years, serving as a Consultant, Lead Consultant, and Assistant Director. Her knowledge of all things charter is matched only by her commitment to our core values of Service, Teamwork, Accuracy, Reliability, and Accountability. 

While Deanna will be missed greatly by our charter school community, I am thrilled for her and this great opportunity. She has been a great teammate for me and I am so appreciative for the support and guidance she gave me over the past twenty-two months. Deanna will officially assume her new role May 1st with the May 7th Charter School Advisory Board meeting being her last in her current role. I know I speak for many of you when I say, “congratulations Deanna on a well deserved promotion!” 

Reporting Deadlines

2018 Performance Framework – April Submissions 


OCS collects evidence of operational, financial, and academic compliance through the Charter School Performance Framework (PF). 


Please find the submission criteria due on April 30, 2018.


Deadline- April 30, 2018- All Schools


                A1- School Report Card and Letter Grade

                A1- Parent Letter (only for schools receiving D/F in 2017)

                A8- Grievance Policy

                A9- Conflict of Interest Policy

                A10- Nepotism Policy

                A13- Evidence of Fire Inspection

                A14- Certificate of Occupancy

                A15- Civil and Liability Insurance Certificate for 2017-18

                A16- Criminal History Policy

                A20- Evidence of Dissolution Funds (only for schools who participate in the NC Retirement System)

                A21- School Improvement Plan (only for schools identified as Low-Performing and Continually



All schools must submit the required documents per the established reporting timelines. Please submit information into the SharePoint system in pdf format only using previously established credentials.


For questions regarding the 2018 Charter School Performance Framework, please contact Ms. Stephenie Clark at (919) 807-3492 or


For technical support, please contact the Help Desk at (919) 807-4357.


A20- Evidence of Dissolution Funds

This section outlines the qualifications for schools to maintain the funds reserved for closure proceedings as described in G.S. 115C-218.100(a).


Applies only to charters that are members of the North Carolina Retirement System (TSERS) as specified below:


(1) New Charter Schools:

 - Received approval for the initial charter application on or after August 2014.

 - Must have the $50,000 dissolution funds if there was a request to participate in TSERS at the initial application or within the first year.

 - Schools that apply to TSERS after the initial year of operation are waived from the closure funds requirement.


Applicable to schools that opened in 2015-16, 2016-17, 2017-18 and elected to participate in the TSERS during the initial application or within the first year of operation.


Q.        How long must we have the dissolution funds?


A.        Each year until the school receives a 10-year renewal.


(2)  Renewal Schools:


 - Received a renewal of the charter on or after August 2014.

 - Must have $50,000 dissolution funds if the school did not receive a 10-year renewal.

 - Schools that received a 10-year renewal on or after August 2014 are waived from the closure funds requirement.


Applicable to schools that received a renewal in 2016 and 2017 that was less than 10-years.


Q. How long must we have the dissolution funds?


A. Each year until the school receives a 10-year renewal.


Q. What if my school received a renewal in 2018 and it was less than 10-years?


A. Schools receiving a renewal of less than 10-years in 2018 will have until the 2019 Performance Framework submissions to secure the $50,000 dissolution funds required.


Q. What if my school is up for renewal in 2019?


A. If the school is applicable to having the dissolution funds through the New Charter School section, then the funds are required. When schools receive renewal recommendation and State Board approval for 2019, that may determine whether the school will need to secure the $50,000 dissolution funds required by the 2020 Performance Framework.  

NC Charter Schools Advisory Board Meets April 9

The North Carolina Charter Schools Advisory Board will meet via teleconference April 9 at 9 a.m. in the 7th Floor Board Room, Education Building, 301 N. Wilmington Street, Raleigh. 

The agendas are available on the State Board of Education’s website under the Meetings tab. The meeting will be audio streamed for those who cannot attend.

Questions regarding this meeting should be directed to NCDPI Communications at 919-807-3450.

Multi-Tiered System of Support

NC Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI) Updates

Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) Updates - Self Paced Modules for School Improvement


NCDPI Integrated Academic and Behavior Systems has built supports for school improvement. Charter schools have access to self paced modules to support implementation of an MTSS. To access these modules listen to this video: How to Access PD through NCEES.


We suggest that you encourage each team member to complete the Module 1 series of courses in the order listed below.  The easiest and most direct method of finding the course through the search feature is to search by course number.  They are as follows:

  • #8164 (MTSS Module 1.1 Establish Readiness)

  • #8234 (MTSS Module 1.2 Essential Elements of Core Support)

  • #8169 (MTSS Module 1.3 Analyze Core Support)


Modules 1 and 2 were released January 5th. Module 3 will be released in September. 

Questions? Please contact us at

NCDPI Dual Language/Immersion Update Webinar


Tuesday, April 10, 2018

10:00-11:00 a.m. via GoToWebinar


The focus for this webinar will be on DL/I Evaluation and Support Highlights to Inform Next Steps. Special guests are from Frank Porter Graham Elementary in Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools. Other news, information and resources will be shared.


Registration link for April 10 webinar:


NCDPI Global Education Quarterly Webinar

Thursday, April 12, 2018

1:00 p.m.-2:00 p.m. via GoToWebinar


Meet some of North Carolina’s Global Educator Digital Badge Completers with a focus on the Experience and the Capstone Projects. Resources and Updates will be shared.

Registration URL:

Middle School Summit - Call for Proposals and Registration 



Educator Support Services is pleased to be able to offer a Middle School Summit! The free summit will be held at Appalachian State University’s College of Education on June 22, 2018 from 8:30 am-3:00 pm


Last year, over 200 individuals attended  and we are expecting a big crowd this year.  Lunch will be on your own. The theme for the event is “Celebrating Successful Schools for Young Adolescents.” The audience will be teachers, administrators, and support staff.


We invite proposals that address the following areas:

  • Middle Grades Organizational Structures - (e.g., teaming, advisory, common planning time, intramurals)
  • Developmentally Responsive Practices - activities that address the social, emotional and academic needs of students;
  • Instructional Practices and Effective Teaching Strategies -  develop a deeper understanding of pedagogy to offer a rigorous and differentiated curriculum.
  • Leadership and Management Skills - supporting the leadership of teachers and administrators
  • Content Area Understanding - activities and strategies to enhance content understanding through rigor.
  • Digital Teaching and Learning - activities and strategies that support digital teaching and learning as well as technology integration.

The registration link is



Proposal Submission Form:



We look forward to an exciting day with middle grades educators. Mark your calendar and plan to participate.


NC Professional Development

Call for Proposals and Poster Displays for the 68th Conference for Exceptional Children

The Exceptional Children Division is pleased to announce that the Call for Proposals for general conference instructional sessions and poster displays for the 68th Conference on Exceptional Children is now open through May 4, 2018. The Conference will be held November 14-16, 2018, at the Koury Convention Center in Greensboro.

Please see the attached memo regarding the Call for Proposals for this year's Conference on Exceptional Children. Proposals can be submitted between now and May 4, 2018.


Questions related to the instructional session proposals may be directed to related to the poster displays may be directed to

Attachment:     EC_CallforProposals_2018

NC Deaf-Blind Summer Learning Conference 2018


Please see the attached flyer for the upcoming 2018 NC Deaf-Blind Summer Learning Conference sponsored by the NC Dept. of Public Instruction, Exceptional Children's Assistance Center and East Carolina University.


Registration information is forthcoming.


If you have any questions, please contact Dottie Snyder at or (919) 807-3987.



Attachment:     Save+the+Date+-+NCDB+Summer+Learning+Conference+2018.pdf

library books

School Library Month


School Library Month has been celebrated nationally since 1985.  Recently, Governor Roy Cooper declared April as Library Appreciation Month. In addition, today our State Board of Education and Superintendent Mark Johnson recognized April as School Library Month (see proclamation attached). How are you celebrating school libraries' contributions to student achievement and teacher effectiveness this month? Consider sharing your celebrations via your communication channels and social media throughout the month (#AASLslm; #SLM18). For ideas and materials to promote School Library Month, visit AASL's website

Attachment:     School Library Month

Charter EC Leadership Institute (CECLI) 2018-19 Cohort

The Charter EC Leadership Institute (CECLI) provides opportunities for Charter EC coordinators/directors to develop knowledge and skills in each of six areas of competencies over a one-year training cycle. The training cycle includes a hybrid of face-to-face and webinar sessions totaling 70 hours. Also, the training consists of research-based competencies which were developed by directors and grouped into training modules. Upon completion of all sessions and program requirements, CEUs will be issued. Please see the attached for detailed information about CECLI.

If you have any questions about the application process, please contact the Regional Consultant for your area, Mr. Kevin Allen (919) 807-3995 or Mr. Rob McOuat (336) 416-1695.

Attachment:     Charter EC Leadership Institute (CECLI)


Every Child Accountability Tracking System

What you need to know about the April pilot and the July rollout of the new ECATS system


The changeover of the statewide tracking system for Exceptional Children is under way. The new system – which will satisfy federal requirements under the Every Student Succeeds Act – will encompass special education case management, services documentation, Multi-Tiered System of Support for student support and planning, and data analysis and reporting.


In preparation for the July 2018 statewide rollout of the new system, called the Every Child Accountability Tracking System (ECATS), as well as the contemporaneous sunsetting of CECAS, DPI is initiating a pilot involving 16 LEAs in the coming weeks.


We will continue to keep superintendents informed about the pilot and the overall transition. The ECATS delivery team has established a resources page on DPI’s website that includes a continually updated FAQ document that can answer many questions about the transition, the new system, and the sunsetting of CECAS. 

Student Perception Surveys


The student survey window will soon close.  Many districts/charters have opted in, but for those who have not, there is still the opportunity for individual teachers in your LEA or charter to survey their students and gain valuable feedback on their instructional practices.  Please share the attached document with your teachers.


Attachment:     Teacher+Requesting+Feedback.docx

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Other News


NC Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Updates


The Annual Charter School Health Report will open May 1st and must be completed no later than June 1st, 2018.  A preparation worksheet is provided with the reporting criteria.  All schools are encouraged to download the worksheet and mark the appropriate responses before beginning the online report survey. You may click here to access the worksheet.  Once you have prepared your responses, save the document to your local computer. This worksheet cannot be accepted as your report requirements. You will use it as a tool to enter your information into the online survey system once the report opens.   


North Carolina’s charter schools are required to comply with the Care of Students with Diabetes and with the School Supply of Epinephrine Auto-Injectors laws. Annually, charter schools report on compliance with each law, providing information that identifies staff educational and support needs related to compliance and student safety. 


The Charter School Health Report is designed to assist schools in addressing the healthcare needs of students.  Responses will be used to inform future training topics and to report on compliance with required legislation and policies such as Care of Students with Diabetes (§ 115C-375.3.) and School Supply of Epinephrine Auto-Injectors (§ 115C-375.2A ).  The summary will open May 1, 2018 and be completed no later than June 1, 2018.


Please contact Ms. Kristin Wike at with questions or concerns. 

NC Homeless Education Program (NCHEP) Updates


McKinney-Vento data submission is due June 15, 2018. 

Data collection training materials have been updated and are now posted on the NCHEP data collection web page.





  • Review “Requested LEA Actions” found on data collection page.
  • Preschool and out-of-school siblings of identified students should be captured in your data collection as soon as possible to avoid conflict with any pre-enrollments for the coming school year.
  • Siblings with multiple program school identifications (McKinney-Vento, CECAS, migrant) can be captured in all relevant programs. Consult data collection FAQs (Multiple Program Identification (CECAS or Migrant) or contact your program specialist with questions.
  • If your LEA’s last school day occurs after June 15th, and you have not already notified your program specialist, please provide written notification as soon as possible. Please include:
  • Name of Homeless Liaison with phone number and email address
  • LEA, charter school or lab school name with LEA code
  • Date of your last school day within the current academic school year
  • Data submissions are currently blocked until May 1, 2018.


Program specialist contact information: 

Email Paullett Wall or phone (336) 315-7407  (Regions 1, 2, 3, 4) 
Email Patricia Lentz or phone (336) 315-7402 (Regions 5, 6, 7, 8)



LEA Website Posting – Updated Information



As mentioned in the Fall Regional Compliance Forums, all LEAs are required under ESSA to have McKinney-Vento information posted to your website.  

Regular LEAs can visit the NCHEP website to find the McKinney-Vento website information details

Charter schools should note that due to smaller student populations, there is no requirement to post specific data counts to your website.  

Instead, charter schools should post a link to the NCHEP Profile web page ( 

In addition to this link, please provide the following:



  • Homeless liaison name (first & last)
  • Homeless liaison contact information (phone and email)
  • State Coordinator’s name and phone number:  Lisa Phillips – 337-315-7491
  • NCHEP website  (
  • Definition of “homeless” from McKinney-Vento Act