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Office of Charter Schools

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WEEKLY NEWSLETTER  –  July 14, 2017

Upcoming Events


August 1, 2017 

Charter Schools Advisory Board Meeting

August 2 - 3, 2017

State Board of Education Meeting 

Action Items Due 


July 14, 2017

The Office of the State Auditor Data Collection Request - ALL Charters Must Respond


July 15, 2017

Performance Framework Submission


Charter School Innovation Survey


Charter School Transportation Survey

Action Items Due Next Week


July 18, 2017
OCS Regional Huddle - West

Future Action Items


July 27-28, 2017

FBS Summer Conference


July 30 - August 1, 2017

2017 NCAPCS Conference


August 3, 2017

NCVPS  - Virtual Open House - Follow this link to register today! 


August 18, 2017

Consolidated Federal Grant Application


September 15, 2017

Nominations Due -  Educator of Excellence Recognition


October 12 - 13, 2017

2017 Charter School Leadership Institute

NCDPI Office of Charter Schools (OCS) Updates 


2017 Charter School Performance Framework Submission Updates - Final Reminder


OCS collects evidence of operational, financial, and academic compliance through the Charter School Performance Framework (PF). The regular collection process concluded in April. To ensure continuing compliance, the Office of Charter Schools is requesting an update submission into the SharePoint system. Your username and password for this system will be the same as the regular collection period. Please note your school email address is not your username for the system. Your unique username and password are specifically for the SharePoint system. Technical support for username and password information is detailed below.


Deadline- July 15, 2017- Please note this update is not applicable to all schools. Please review each updated measure for details.


A14- Certificate of Occupancy- If your school is relocating, adding new buildings, or upgrading existing buildings, you must submit an updated Certificate of Occupancy. If you have not received the Educational Certificate of Occupancy, you may not use that space for students. Additionally, if this change results in a change of address, you will need to update EDDIE accordingly.


A15- Certificate of Insurance- If the Certificate of Insurance you submitted during the regular collection process has expired, you must submit an updated Certificate of Insurance that demonstrates your insurance is current and meets the current insurance type and coverage amounts.


Performance Framework Upload Center Instructions - How to Submit Performance Framework Documents


  • Step 1 - Review Performance Framework Criteria under the “Criteria” section. Click the small triangle next to each category to read the descriptions.


  • Step 2 - Before uploading any documents ensure all files are prepared in PDF format using the naming convention “SchoolName_MeasureName_YY”.


  • Step 3 - Under “Upload Documents” section, click “Add Document”. Click “Choose File”, navigate to the file’s location, and affirm your selection. Uncheck “Overwrite existing files”.


  • Step 4 - Another dialog box will appear with required fields. Select the “LEA” and “Measure”. Enter  “Contact Name” and “Contact Email”. Click “Check-In” to complete upload process. The uploaded documents will display under the “Upload Documents” section.


  • Step 5 - Repeat Steps 1-5 for all documents. A confirmation email will be sent for each uploaded document. If you do not receive a confirmation email, your upload did not go through correctly.  Please try uploading the document again.


Please refer to the 2017 Charter School Performance Framework Resources for item specifics (included in the document list). To access the system, please go to


For questions regarding the 2017 Charter School Performance Framework please contact Cande Wood at (919) 807-3493 or


All Charter School requests for SharePoint assistance be requested through the Support Center by calling 919-807-4357 to help ensure you are getting the assistance you need as soon as possible. Please do not wait until the date of the deadline to submit as you may need technical assistance. The Service Support Center can take several days to address password resets and other technical support.


Attachment:    PF Resources


math teachers

Upcoming OCS Professional Development Opportunities

OCS Huddle @ the FBS Conference

Location: Sheraton Imperial Hotel and Conference Center, Durham, NC

Date: Friday, July 28



Registration Information: This event is the second day of the FBS Conference. Those wishing to attend this event must register to attend the FBS Conference including paying the registration fee. Session information will be released soon. 


*Save the Date*: 2017 Charter School Leadership Institute

Location: Voyager Academy, Durham, NC

Date: October 12-13


Registration Information: Registration information will be released Friday, July 21.


If you have any questions about these opportunities, please contact

NC Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI) Updates


The NC Virtual Public School (NCVPS) 2017 Virtual Open House


The North Carolina Virtual Public School invites you to its 2017 Virtual Open House.


When: Thursday, August 3, 6 p.m. to 7 p.m.


Where: The event will be hosted in an NCVPS online classroom. Details will be sent following registration.


Presenters: NCVPS staff and teachers.


Topics: The presentation will include Who is NCVPS?, Teaching and Learning with NCVPS, Meet the Teacher, See the Classroom, Support All Around, and Q & As.


Audience: The NCVPS Open House is open to the public. While our presentations are geared toward parents and students in public schools, private schools, and home-schools, we have something for everyone. Educators will learn about the NCVPS teaching and learning process.  The general public will discover what online learning is. 


RegistrationFollow this link to register today! 

Exceptional Children

2017-2018 Special Project Grant Applications


Applications for the 2017-2018 school year are now available on the Exceptional Children Division website under the Finance & Grants tab.

  • Community Residential Center Funds (PRC 063)
  • Developmental Day Center Funds (PRC 063)
  • Group/Foster Home Funds (PRC 032 and PRC 060)
  • Out-of-District Reimbursement Funds
  • Risk Pool Program Funds (PRC 114)
  • Special State Reserve Funds (PRC 063)

Below is a link to the applications and other pertinent documents.


Applications must be sent via postal mail and are to be submitted after the child has attended the first day of school in the 2017-2018 year.


If you have any questions, please contact Lori Peterson at or (919) 807-3932.

Summer 2017 Digital Teaching & Learning Professional Learning



Are you looking for free professional learning in your backyard?  Do you need to know more about Digital Learning Competencies and required CEUs to renew your license?  Wish you could have attended NCTIES?


This summer, the Digital Teaching & Learning Division at the NCDPI is hosting regionally-based professional learning to support the implementation of the Digital Learning Competencies for teachers. These sessions are for educators, by educators!


The Home Base Tools for Teachers sessions in July will feature more efficient ways to utilize Home Base applications like Schoolnet and Canvas and introduce the NEW! PowerTeacher Pro Gradebook.


The Exploring the NC Digital Learning Competencies for Teachers will be one-day mini conferences like NCTIES.


Click here for session information and links to registration. 


Exceptional Children

7th Conference on Exceptional Children - Educator of Excellence Recognition


Please see the attached request for nominations to pay special tribute to Educators of Excellence at the 67th Conference on Exceptional Children.  The nomination deadline is September 15, 2017.


If you have any questions, please contact Julie Whetzel at

Attachment:     Memo - Educator of Excellence Recognition

Consolidated Federal Grant Application -  Due Date Changed

Federal Program Monitor and Support has extended the consolidated application due date to August 18th. We were delayed getting Comprehensive Continuous Improvement Plan (CCIP) open due to all of the new requirements for the funding application under Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).


Should you have questions regarding your application, please contact Elaine Ellington at or (919) 807-3894.


Charter Schools - Chart of Accounts Changes Effective July 1, 2017


Recent legislative changes required revisions to the chart of accounts.  The following list does not include all changes and additional updates will be made as needed.


A.           New State Program Report Codes (PRCs)


PRC 048 – Test Results Bonus (Allotted)

Use:     To code bonuses based on achievement.


Codes         Bonus             Soc.Sec.

AP/IB          5260-180         5260-211

CTE            5120-180         5120-211


B.     New Purpose Codes for Principals and Assistant Principals:


Purpose 5410 – Principal

Costs of activities performed by the principal in directing and managing the school. (Replaces 5401)


Purpose 5420 –Assistant Principal

Costs of activities performed by the assistant principals to assist in directing and managing the school.  (Replaces 5402)

Should you have questions, please contact Roxane Bernard at

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Other News

NC Innovative School District Updates


This week, the newly established North Carolina Innovative School District (NCISD) released its request for qualified Charter/Educational Management Organizations (CMO/EMO) interested in operating a state-approved low-performing school in the 2018/2019 school year.  CMO/EMO’s interested in partnering with the NCISD and our local communities in the operation of approved low-performing elementary schools should submit their Notice of Intent to Apply  by 5:00 PM EST on August 11, 2017. 


To learn more about this exciting new partnership strategy, focused on improving student outcomes, visit the NCISD webpage at