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Office of Charter Schools

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WEEKLY NEWSLETTER  –  June 23, 2017

Upcoming Events


July 6, 2017

State Board of Education Meeting 

Action Items Due


June 23, 2017

Home Base Opt-In - Now Due - ALL Charters Must Respond Yes or No

Homebound/Modified Day Survey -   Memo-Homebound+Stakeholder-Survey+0617.pdf

Action Items Due Next Week


June 28, 2017

NCSchool Jobs Webinar

June 30, 2017
EC Summer Institute Registration Due 


Home Base EOY Process -  EOY Page

Future Action Items


July 14, 2017

The Office of the State Auditor Data Collection Request - ALL Charters Must Respond

July 15, 2017

Performance Framework Submission


July 18, 2017

OCS Regional Huddle - West


July 27-28, 2017

FBS Summer Conference


July 30 - August 1, 2017

2017 NCAPCS Conference


October 12 - 13, 2017

2017 Charter School Leadership Institute

NCDPI Office of Charter Schools (OCS) Updates

2017 Charter School Performance Framework Submission Updates


OCS collects evidence of operational, financial, and academic compliance through the Charter School Performance Framework (PF). The regular collection process concluded in April. To ensure continuing compliance, the Office of Charter Schools is requesting an update submission into the SharePoint system. Your username and password for this system will be the same as the regular collection period. Please note your school email address is not your username for the system. Your unique username and password are specifically for the SharePoint system. Technical support for username and password information is detailed below.


Deadline- July 15, 2017- Please note this update is not applicable to all schools. Please review each updated measure for details.


A14- Certificate of Occupancy- If your school is relocating, adding new buildings, or upgrading existing buildings, you must submit an updated Certificate of Occupancy. If you have not received the Educational Certificate of Occupancy, you may not use that space for students. Additionally, if this change results in a change of address, you will need to update EDDIE accordingly.


A15- Certificate of Insurance- If the Certificate of Insurance you submitted during the regular collection process has expired, you must submit an updated Certificate of Insurance that demonstrates your insurance is current and meets the current insurance type and coverage amounts.


Performance Framework Upload Center Instructions - How to Submit Performance Framework Documents


  • Step 1 - Review Performance Framework Criteria under the “Criteria” section. Click the small triangle next to each category to read the descriptions.


  • Step 2 - Before uploading any documents ensure all files are prepared in PDF format using the naming convention “SchoolName_MeasureName_YY”.


  • Step 3 - Under “Upload Documents” section, click “Add Document”. Click “Choose File”, navigate to the file’s location, and affirm your selection. Uncheck “Overwrite existing files”.


  • Step 4 - Another dialog box will appear with required fields. Select the “LEA” and “Measure”. Enter  “Contact Name” and “Contact Email”. Click “Check-In” to complete upload process. The uploaded documents will display under the “Upload Documents” section.


  • Step 5 - Repeat Steps 1-5 for all documents. A confirmation email will be sent for each uploaded document. If you do not receive a confirmation email, your upload did not go through correctly.  Please try uploading the document again.


Please refer to the 2017 Charter School Performance Framework Resources for item specifics (included in the document list). To access the system, please go to


For questions regarding the 2017 Charter School Performance Framework please contact Cande Wood at (919) 807-3493 or


All Charter School requests for SharePoint assistance be requested through the Support Center by calling 919-807-4357 to help ensure you are getting the assistance you need as soon as possible. Please do not wait until the date of the deadline to submit as you may need technical assistance. The Service Support Center can take several days to address password resets and other technical support.


Attachment:    PF Resources

NC High School Teacher and Students

2018 Burroughs Wellcome Fund North Carolina Teacher of the Year Program

NCDPI is pleased to coordinate the 2018 Burroughs Wellcome Fund North Carolina Teacher of the Year (TOY) Program. 

The program provides an opportunity to honor and recognize exemplary teachers in North Carolina and to call attention to the importance of the teaching profession. Instructions for school level TOY coordinators can be found here, including a timeline for the selection process.

If you have any questions about this process, please contact

NC School Jobs by PeopleAdmin - Reminder

There are over 70 districts live in the system and a growing number of charter schools are beginning to post positions as well, so we encourage you to take advantage of this resource as soon as you can. We have thousands of applicants in the system which your school will have access to when you go live in the system.

The steps associated with implementation are: 

  • Contact Craig Tucker at to request an NC School Jobs workbook
  • Complete the workbook and submit your school’s logo
  • Participate in training
  • Familiarize yourself with the system
  • Execute a few cutover steps and go-live in the system


If you have been trained and are not currently scheduled for next steps, please contact Craig Tucker via the email address above.

Webinar training classes are scheduled on a weekly basis with the next one scheduled for Wednesday, June 28. Please visit this website to learn more about and register for the training opportunities. Webinars last 1.5 hours with the ability to continue an additional 30 minutes if requested. Team members from the service provider, Jeff Davenport and Bill Barry, will lead the trainings and assist you with the implementation process.  


Office of Charter Schools (OCS) Monthly Audible (Webinar)

This month’s OCS Audible (webinar) will be held Friday, June 30 at 9:30 am. This month’s webinar will feature a short presentation on upcoming Office of Charter School professional development opportunities.


Register for the webinar here

Use the following number if calling in: +1 (415) 930-5321 (Access Code: 777-885-538)

Upcoming OCS Professional Development Opportunities

OCS Regional Huddle - West

Location: Lincoln Charter School, Denver, NC

Date: Tuesday, July 18

Registration Information: Registration for the OCS Regional Huddle – West is open through Thursday, July 13. This is a free event. The final agenda will be shared June 30. A variety of topics will be covered, including sessions related to governance, exceptional children, Canvas, renewal process, applications, MTSS, NC School Jobs, and many more. Given the breadth of session topics, the event is open to all charter school staff and board members. Those who cannot attend the full event are welcome to only attend those sessions that are relevant to their position and/or professional interests. Please submit your registration here.


OCS Huddle @ the FBS Conference

Location: Sheraton Imperial Hotel and Conference Center, Durham, NC

Date: Friday, July 28

Registration Information: This event is the second day of the FBS Conference. Those wishing to attend this event must register to attend the FBS Conference. Session information will be released soon.   


*Save the Date*: 2017 Charter School Leadership Institute

Location: Voyager Academy, Durham, NC

Date: October 12-13

Registration Information: Registration information will be released Friday, July 21.


If you have any questions about these opportunities, please contact


NC Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI) Updates

2017-18 Charter School Budget Update 


The Conference budget was published on Tuesday and the Division of School Business has done a preliminary analysis on the impact on LEAs and charter schools. 


The full budget includes all items related to NC public schools, including DPI, budget adjustments, restricted grants and pass through grants.  Two budget documents have been prepared to pull out the items that relate specifically to charter schools. 


1.        FY 2017-18 Budget Impact on Charter Schools (Budget Comparison)




This document pulls out the money items that will increase or decrease funding to charter schools.  It is not a budget, but shows the changes made.


2.       Impact of Conference Budget on Charter Schools (PDF)




This document includes financial items in the Appropriations Bill that affect charter schools.  The document does not include special provisions that are programmatic in nature.


For a full summary, including teacher and principal salary schedules and all special provisions, please refer to the summaries on the FBS website under “What’s New-  FY2017-18 Budget Information” at


This budget does not become law until ratified.

Multi-Tiered System of Support

Multi-Tiered System of Support - Thank You to Project Participants 


The Charter Collaborative Workgroup extends sincere appreciation to the following schools who are not only involved in the intense work of installation, but have shared their implementation stories for the benefit of others. 

These schools participated in a “Voices in the Field” project where various team members including Principals, Social Workers and teachers were video recorded while reflecting on MTSS Cohort involvement.  

The intent of the project is to provide actual examples of the critical components of an MTSS.  The video footage will  be used in upcoming MTSS communication and professional development with a primary focus on supporting those teams not currently involved in an MTSS Cohort. Thank you to these schools  for their valued contributions:


  • East Wake Academy
  • Forsyth Academy
  • Francine Delany New School for Children
  • Lincoln Charter
  • Sugar Creek Charter


The first video, focused on development of a “compelling why” will be included in next week's listserv message. For additional information on MTSS, please access the archived listserv messages on the MTSS wiki or contact Amy Jablonski, Director, Integrated Academic and Behavior Systems(IABS).

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