Weekly Legislative Update - Friday, February 17, 2017

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Legislative Update

February 17, 2017     

Bill filing continued this week as legislators worked to submit their proposals for debate in the General Assembly.  In education, the class-size bill (HB 13) saw significant movement this week, achieving passage on the House floor.  Furthermore, a bill to set up a task force to study school finance reform has been gaining steam.  Legislators have also been filing school calendar flexibility bills applicable to their local LEAs, so expect those to be a hot topic this year. 


As session continues to build momentum, these issues and others will be on the minds of those interested in education policy in North Carolina.


For more information on the bills that have been filed this session, please click this link.


Bills with Action this Week:


HB 13:  Class Size Requirement Changes

HB 13 would allow LEAs to have classes with an average size of up to three students above the funded student-teacher ratio.  Additionally, individual classes would be permitted to exceed the aforementioned ratio by six (up from three, previously).  This is intended to grant more flexibility to the LEAs.  Having passed the House this week, the measure now heads to the Senate.


HB 39:  Amend Appointments/UNC Bd. Of Governors

This bill seeks to reduce the size of the UNC Board of Governors from 32 members to 24.  Bill sponsors have indicated that they believe this plan will make the Board more efficient and effective.  No current members would lose their seats or have their terms shortened.  HB 39 has moved quickly through the legislative process, clearing the House and receiving initial approval in the Senate within two weeks of its initial filing.  Once the measure achieves final passage in the Senate, as it is expected to, it will head to the Governor’s desk for his approval or veto.


HB 6:  Ed. Finance Reform Task Force/PED Report

Last year, the Program Evaluation Division, a nonpartisan General Assembly division, issued a report detailing its concerns with the current allotment system, concluding that it is too complex and creates unnecessary headaches for LEAs.  Legislators have responded to these concerns by creating a bill to form a task force that would examine these issues.  The bill was heard by the House Education – K-12 Committee this week, but did not receive a vote as the bill sponsors decided another meeting would be beneficial to the debate.  The bill is anticipated to be heard again next week.


Committee Meetings/Session: February 20-23

Mon, February 20, 2017

4:00 PM Session Convenes House

7:00 PM Session Convenes Senate


Tue, February 21, 2017

8:30 AM | 423 LOB Appropriations, Education (Joint) (Senate/House)  

               Presentation:  Chairman Cobey and Superintendent Johnson

8:30 AM | 425 LOB Joint Appropriations on General Government and IT (House/Senate)

8:30 AM | 643 LOB Appropriations, Health and Human Services (Joint) (House/Senate)

10:00 AM | 643 LOB Education - K-12 (House)

                Ed. Finance Reform Task Force/PED Report. (H6)

2:00 PM | 423 LOB State and Local Government (Senate)

               Local Gov't Comm/Finance Officer Training. (S69)


Wed, February 22, 2017

8:30 AM | 423 LOB Appropriations, Education (Joint) (House/Senate)

8:30 AM | 425 LOB Joint Appropriations on General Government and IT (House/Senate)

8:30 AM | 643 LOB Appropriations, Health and Human Services (Joint) (House/Senate)


Thu, February 23, 2017

8:30 AM | 643 LOB Appropriations, Health and Human Services (House)