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Office of Charter Schools

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WEEKLY NEWSLETTER  –  January 6, 2017

Upcoming Events


January 9 - 11, 2017

Charter Schools Advisory Board Meeting


February 1 - 2, 2017

State Board of Education Meeting

Future Action Items

January 16, 2017

Planning Year #5 Registration


January 25, 2017

Planning Year Session #5

OCS Monthly Webinar Opportunity


January 27, 2017

Community School of Davidson Fresh Take Conference


January 31, 2017

Performance Framework Submission Pt. 1 Due


February 1, 2017

CRDC PowerSchool Submission Due

February 25, 2017

Annual Registration of Legally Blind Students


February 28, 2017

Performance Framework Submission Pt. 2 Due


March 20 - 27, 2017 

CCSA Conference Information and Registration


March 31, 2017

Performance Framework Submission Pt. 3 Due


April 13, 2017

SECU Nominations Due to OCS


April 18, 2017

Burroughs Wellcome Fund Application Due


April 30, 2017

Performance Framework Submission Pt. 4 Due

NCDPI Office of Charter Schools (OCS) Updates


NC Charter Schools Advisory Board to Meet

The North Carolina Charter Schools Advisory Board will meet next Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, Jan. 9 – 11, in the 7th Floor Board Room, Education Building, 301 N. Wilmington Street, Raleigh.
The agendas are available on the State Board of Education’s website under the Meetings tab.
The meeting will be audio streamed for those who cannot attend. Questions regarding this meeting should be directed to NCDPI Communications at 919.807.3450.


2017 Charter School Performance Framework Submission Dates


OCS collects evidence of operational, financial, and academic compliance through the Charter School Performance Framework (PF). January 2017 begins the collection process for the 2017 Charter School Performance Framework . 


Based on feedback, submissions for the 2017 PF are staggered to allow extended periods of collection and review.  The 2017 Charter School Performance Framework document library is now open for submissions. Your school’s username for the 2017 SharePoint system is the same as your 2016 PF.  

Performance Framework Upload Center Instructions - How to Submit Performance Framework Documents

1.     Review Performance Framework Criteria under the “Criteria” section. Click the small triangle next to each category to read the descriptions.

2.     Before uploading any documents ensure all files are prepared in PDF format using the naming convention “SchoolName_MeasureName_YY”.

3.     Under “Upload Documents” section, click “Add Document”. Click “Choose File”, navigate to the file’s location, and affirm your selection. Uncheck “Overwrite existing files”.

4.      Another dialog box will appear with required fields. Select the “LEA” and “Measure”. Enter “Contact Name” and “Contact Email”. Click “Check-In” to complete upload process. The uploaded documents will display under the “Upload Documents” section.

5.     Repeat Steps 1-5 for all documents. A confirmation email will be sent for each uploaded document.


Please refer to the 2017 Charter School Performance Framework Resources for item specifics (included in the document list). To access the system, please go to


If you need your username or password or other technical assistance, please contact Marianne Latham at or (919)807-3256. 


For questions regarding the 2017 Charter School Performance Framework, please contact Cande Honeycutt at (919)807-3493 or



Attachment:    PF Resources

Training Opportunity


Board members from charter schools that are opening in 2017 are required to attend 5 face-to-face planning year sessions from September to January.  The school leader and some of the board members are also required to attend the New Charter School Leaders Institute in June.  

As a customer service, the Office of Charter Schools continues to open up these sessions to all charter schools.  If you have a new school leader and/or a new board member interested in attending any of the sessions, he or she must register to attend.  

The next session is scheduled on Wednesday, January 25th.  Registration is now open for this session, which will focus on planning for day one and beyond.  Agenda topics will include licensure, grants, EDDIE, and other items of importance. Registration ends on Monday, January 16th. 


Please use this Planning Year #5 Registration Link to register.

For questions, please contact Dr.  Kebbler Williams at


State Employees Credit Union Foundation (SECU) High School Scholarship Opportunity


Since the SECU Foundation was established in August 2004, it has awarded annual $10,000 “People Helping People” four-year scholarships – increasing from two to three in 2014 – to graduating seniors attending North Carolina Charter Schools.  These scholarships will be awarded to students attending one of the 17 constituent campuses of the University of North Carolina. These funds are made possible through the contributions to the Foundation by members of State Employees' Credit Union.


In order to ensure that each charter high school’s graduating seniors are able to be considered for this opportunity, each charter school must establish a Scholarship Selection Committee.  The Committee from each charter high school will be responsible for nominating a graduating senior for the scholarship.  Each school must submit its nominees to the NCDPI Office of Charter Schools.  The nominee information for each school will be reviewed/evaluated and the SECU will award scholarships to three candidates statewide.


The attached information will provide each school’s Scholarship Selection Committee with eligibility criteria, procedures, and information. 


Key points in the attached information:


  • Each school has flexibility in establishing its formal application process, but should ensure that every graduating senior with a minimum GPA of 2.5 is considered for the SECU Foundation “People Helping People” Scholarship


  • Scholarship recipient information from each school must be received by 5:00 pm EST on April 13, 2017 to the NCDPI Office of Charter Schools.


  • Each school should submit an alternate or first runner up student in the event the first nominee is unable to accept the scholarship (if selected).


  • Each school must submit  copies of nominations and any accompanying information to Dr. Deanna Townsend-Smith via email at


The Office of Charter Schools appreciates the dedication and hard work by the members of each school’s Scholarship Selection Committee.  Your diligence and integrity enable the “People Helping People” scholarship program to continue providing important support to our college-going students. Please contact Dr. Deanna Townsend-Smith @ if you have any questions or concerns about the program.




The SECU Foundation also provides each North Carolina Community College two (2) $5,000 scholarships.  Recipients are selected by the Scholarship Selection Committee at the community college.  If you have a student who will be attending a community college and exemplifies the membership philosophy of credit unions, “People Helping People”, please direct them to the Financial Aid office at the community college.  



Attachment:    SECU Documents 

Community Charter School Request for Proposals (RFP) Notice


On November 16, 2016, the Charter Schools Advisory Board (CSAB) interviewed Community Charter School to determine its renewal status.  The interview, board discussion, and data review of enrollment, finances, and academic performance, resulted in an “Assumption” recommendation to the State Board of Education from the CSAB for Community Charter School. 


At its December 1, 2016 meeting, the State Board of Education (SBE) accepted the recommendation of the CSAB to allow another entity to assume Community Charter School. The school's board of directors officially notified the Office of Charter Schools (OCS) on December 22, 2016, that it agreed to allow the assumption of the charter. OCS will accept proposals for any group wishing to propose assumption until February 24, 2017 by 5:00 pm EST.  Interested groups should submit their proposed assumption RFP to Dr. Deanna Townsend-Smith via email. Please see the attached document detailing the assumption process. 


Please contact the Office of Charter Schools with questions or concerns at 919-807-3491.


Attachment:    Community Charter School RFP Notice


Office of Charter Schools (OCS) to Offer  Monthly Webinars


Beginning January 25, 2017 at 10:00 am, OCS will offer its first monthly webinar as a service to our charter schools. During the webinars we will provide updates specific to OCS and other divisions within NCDPI. 


Please watch the newsletter for the webinar specifics. We look forward to you joining the webinar. 

Multi-Tiered System of Support

NC Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI) Updates


Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) Updates


The Integrated Academic and Behavior System (IABS) Division collaborates across NCDPI to provide supports so that every district and charter school can establish a Multi-Tiered System of Support that is responsive to the needs of the students and staff in each unique setting. The primary source of support is thru the MTSS Cohort professional development. However, in addition to the strategic professional development and technical assistance offered through these cohorts, IABS Division also has available the following foundational resources:


  • Strategic statewide communication such as these messages and the MTSS Listserv


  • The MTSS LiveBinder which provides comprehensive information and resources addressing: “what”, “why”, “how”  and “when” to establish a MTSS in your school


  • Professional Development Workshops and Resources around the Six Critical Components of MTSS




To review all MTSS messages provided to Charter School Directors, please visit our wiki, or click here.

If you have any questions, please contact Amy Jablonski at


2017 Annual Registration of Legally Blind Students for Federal Quota Funds

Please see the attached regarding the annual registration of legally blind students.  The deadline for registration is February 15, 2017.

If you have any questions, please contact Amy Campbell at 919 807-3988 or


Attachment:      Memo-Legally+Blind+Registration+2017.pdf

US Department of Education

U.S. Department of Education Releases Guidance on Civil Rights of Students with Disabilities



Please see the attached link which includes information relative to Section 504, the IDEA in Charter Schools, and restraint/seclusion. 

Attachment:     U.S. Department of Education Releases Guidance on Civil Rights of Students with Disabilities

NC Student Perception Survey Administration

Please see the attached document regarding the 2017 Spring Administration of the NC Student Perception Surveys.  If you have any questions, please contact or Jennifer DeNeal (
Attachment:     Student Survey Administration - Save the Date

CTE Learning that works for North Carolina

High Quality Career and Technical Education (CTE) in Charter Schools

Credentials? Career Clusters? Endorsements? State Assessments? Course numbers? Pathways? The Career and Technical Education division of DPI supports all LEAs and charter schools with innovative state curriculum aligned to pathways in the 16 national Career Clusters®. 
The CTE mission is to empower all students to be successful citizens, workers and leaders in a global economy. In upcoming webinars facilitated by the Office of Charter Schools, we will share information about our programs and the support we offer at the regional (see attached) and state level. Tune in to find out how to access materials, services and support groups to build and sustain a high quality CTE program in your school! 
Attachment:     CTE Documentation

New Significant Disproportionality Federal Regulations Posted 

Please see the attached providing information on the final significant disproportionality regulations in the Federal Register posted December 19, 2016.

If you have any questions, please contact Tracy Riddle ( / 919 807-3948) or Nancy Johnson ( / 704 576-2760).
Attachment:     Memo-Significant+Disproportionality+Federal+Regulations.pdf

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