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Superintendents' Weekly Message

March 14, 2016

June Atkinson

We have new information about how North Carolinians are viewing education in our state. A WRAL-TV news poll showed that 66 percent of respondents say that K-12 education receives inadequate funding. This same poll also showed that 51 percent of respondents think North Carolina lawmakers should increase teacher pay by up to 10 percent.


Education emerged as the most important problem facing our state in a recent High Point University Survey Research Center poll released March 2. North Carolinians surveyed by High Point University indicated that although the economy was the most important problem at the national level, education was the most important problem facing the state (35 percent of the respondents). The economy came in second at 13 percent with health care tied for third alongside government ineffectiveness at 10 percent. Other concerns included taxes, the size of the state budget, transportation and infrastructure, policing/law enforcement, and immigration but these other items were in single digits.


This ranking of concerns signals an opportunity for those of us in education. There is support for change and attention to public schools and for better funding to support K-12 education.


Tomorrow is the primary election day, and, as always, I encourage all North Carolina voters and you to cast your votes in the primary and general elections for the candidates of your choice. Freedom doesn’t exist unless we exercise our rights, and it is our right to vote. I heard this quote recently, and felt that it is an important idea to share as we participate in this election cycle.

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Implementation Science

Implementation Science:
MTSS to Present at National Conference


NCDPI’s MTSS team is presenting at the Association for Positive Behavior Support’s 13th Annual Conference in San Francisco, Calif., on March 24. The team’s session, Using Implementation Science to Integrate Academic and Behavior Systems Across North Carolina, aligns with the theme of the conference.


The MTSS team will share the story of how NCDPI used Implementation Science to develop supports for all districts, charter schools and state-operated programs to implement Multi-Tiered Systems of Support.

Participants also will understand how the department utilized research around concepts of readiness, capacity, and sustainability to develop a statewide strategic plan, as well as how the state team calibrated evaluation and implementation tools from exemplar states and agencies to support the work of the state team, districts and charter schools.  

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Virtual Academies


A growing number of districts are creating virtual academies to not only manage their online student populations, but also to bring back students into the system who have dropped out or are home schooling.


NCVPS is excited to be a key part of the virtual academies. Read more about the virtual academies online, and contact staff if you would like help setting up your virtual academy.

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