State Law Requires Public Utilities Handbook Change

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Development Services News Update

In accordance with General Statute 87-121(g), all underground utilities installed after October 1, 2014 shall be electronically locatable.  The City is meeting this requirement by requiring #12 solid bare copper wire to be installed with all new gravity sewer mains and services, reuse mains and services, force mains, and any nonmetallic water service tubing (HDPE, Pex) where allowed. It is not required for DIP water mains or copper water services.

Changes to the Public Utilities Handbook to include the new state mandated requirements are on the City Council agenda for approval at the October 7, 2014.  Once approved, the updated PU Handbook will be posted on the City web site.  In the meantime, the City’s development project inspectors have been made aware of the new requirements and can assist the developers’ contractors in determining how to meet the new State requirement.  The new requirement must be met regardless of the development plan approval date.