Ask a Planner - October 2 Evening Session

Ask A Planner

Want to become better informed about zoning cases, text changes, or comprehensive plan amendments?

Ask a Planner.

On Tuesday, October 2 before the public hearing, city planners will be available to provide information about public hearing items. The case planners will be in room 237 of the Raleigh Municipal Building from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. with detailed information about the evening’s cases.

The cases being heard at the October 2 evening session are:

  • Petition Annexations:
    6700 Rock Quarry Road, Phillips Ventures LLC, 89.53 Acres, Residential R-4 and Wake Co. R-30 (R-6-CU Proposed), Contiguous

  • Rezonings:
    Z-2-18 Rock Quarry Road, on the south side of Rock Quarry Road, located at 6700 Rock Quarry Road, being Wake County PIN 1731540137. Approx. 90 acres are requested by Phillips Ventures LLC to be rezoned from Residential-4 (R-4) and Wake County Residential-30 (R-30) to Residential-6-Conditional Use (R-6-CU).
  • Z-10-18 Brier Creek Parkway, on its east side, south of T. W. Alexander Drive, being Wake County PIN 0768693503. Approx. 3.11 acres are requested by 7751 Brier Creek HPI, LLC to be rezoned from Office Mixed Use-5 stories-Conditional Use (OX-5-CU) to Office Mixed Use-5 stories-Conditional Use (OX-5-CU) for the purpose of modifying conditions.
  • Z-15-18: 511 Carolina Pines Avenue & 2640 Cherry Circle, south of the I-40 interchange at South Saunders St, west of South Saunders St, being Wake County PINs 1702373009 and 1702268517. Approximately 15.61 acres are requested by Daniel J. McGlamery, PE to be rezoned from Residential-6 (R-6), Residential-10 (R-10), and Conservation Management (CM) to Residential-10-Conditional Use (R-10-CU).
  • Z-17-18 Pearl Road, three parcels located west of Pearl Road (State Road 2550), east of Auburn Church road, north of Princess Anna Marie Lane and south of Landreaux Drive. Consisting of Wake County PINs; 1721989838, 1721987943, 1721992011. Approximately 8.30 acres are requested by Longleaf Law Partners to amend the Future Land Use Map from a Residential-4 (R-4) zoning designation to a Residential-10 conditional use (R-10-CU) zoning designation.
  • Z-28-17 Vardaman Road, on its west side, south of Rock Quarry Rd, being Wake County PINS 1713256367, 1713256461, and 1713256465. Approximately 0.36 acres are requested by 630 Rock Quarry LLC to be rezoned from Residential-10 (R-10) to Commercial Mixed Use-Three Stories (CX-3).

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