UDC Talks: 2017 Bold Ideas for Dix Park @Noon and @Night - Starts May 17

Join us for the UDC Talks in Downtown Raleigh @Noon and @Night!
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The City of Raleigh will be hosting a unique lecture series this year to highlight bold ideas, issues, and topics important to the development of the new City of Raleigh Dix Park project. Topics will include inclusivity, ecology, access, arts and culture, history, transportation, economic development, and connectivity, among others. These talks attract design professionals, government officials, and members of the general public to educate them on local design issues. The 2017 Lecture Series titled Bold Ideas for Dix Park and the City of Raleigh, will be jammed pack with lectures @noon and @night.

The Raleigh Urban Design Center (UDC) and the Dix Park Conservancy invites you to join us for the following two events:

Wednesday, May 17 at noon at the COR Museum,


Speaker: Aly Khalifa - Designbox

Aly will discuss his dedication to inventive culture and his lessons in helping to catalyze the resurgence of downtown creative energy. Aly will draw from his experiences in co-founding Designbox, SPARKcon, Gamila, as well as many civic projects including facilitating the design of City Plaza. He hopes to inspire some thoughts about how Dix Park can become the very center of “the creative hub of the south.”


Wednesday, May 17 at 6 p.m. at CAM Raleigh,


Speaker: Ken Greenberg - Principal of Greenberg Consultants and former Director of Urban Design and Architecture for the City of Toronto

We are living through one of the most remarkable transformations in urban history as 21st century cities worldwide are redefining themselves becoming, denser, more compact, sustainable, walkable, and diverse. With this renewed focus on urban life new dynamic models for city building are emerging that stress mix, overlap, shared space and flexibility, and integrating ‘concepts’ at the intersection of economy, community, and environment identified by Jane Jacobs and others. At the core of this transformation is a renewed focus on the concept of place and the quality of the public realm. The creation of new and revived public spaces addresses multiple needs including climate readiness, economic development, social equity, and the greater need by heterogeneous populations for shared common ground.

All events are free and open to the public. Registrations not required and no reservations are needed. Attendees are welcome to bring lunch or dinner to the talks.

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Education Credits:
UDC Talks will qualify for education credits via self submittal for AICP, AIA, and NCBOLA.