Design/Construction Newsletter, Spring 2017

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Spring 2017

Roadway Project News:

South Street

Lenoir and South Street Two-way Conversion Project

The contractor, Moffatt Pipe, Inc., anticipates finishing the Lenoir and South Street Two-way Conversion Project this spring. 

A significant portion of this project included replacing the aging sanitary sewer and water mains along the two corridors. With the completion of the underground utility components, citizens started to see the above ground streetscaping take shape in the late fall and winter months. 

This fall, crews planted trees and shrubbery in a new landscaped median on South Street between West Street and Dawson Street. The trees are starting to bud out and make an excellent addition to the streetscape.

In February crews installed the last of the concrete and brick sidewalk ramps along both corridors. Watson Electrical also started to set the foundations for the new traffic signal poles that they are currently installing along the corridor. Next they will install the new two-way signals heads.

Contractors are scheduled to start the milling and paving overlay operations in early March. During the paving process, the contractor will also install a small stretch of multi-use path near the South Sounders and South Street intersection that will provide connectivity to Dix Park. 

While pavement operations are underway the new permanent roadway signage is scheduled to be placed along the two streets. When these tasks are complete contractors can schedule the pavement striping, including new bike lane striping along the streets, and marked crosswalks along the corridor and the two streets will begin the two-way traffic pattern. 

The new traffic pattern, bicycle lanes, sidewalk, and transit enhancements will provide all modes of travel with a safer and more pleasant experience.

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Buck Jones

Buck Jones Road Widening Project

Duke Energy Progress (DEP) is just about complete with their power pole relocation work along the corridor. They have been moving poles along the corridor to make way for the installation of their new underground and overhead facilties as well as other underground utilities.

AT&T is currently relocating their underground cables, Time Warner Cable is scheduled to begin relocation of their overhead lines early this March, and PSNC is scheduled to start relocating underground gas lines.

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Hillsborough Street

Hillsborough Street 

This winter Duke Energy Progress (DEP) undergrounded the majority of overhead power lines along the south side of Hillsborough Street. This new configuration allows Pipeline Utility crews to move towards completion of the remaining street and sidewalk improvements along the south side of the street.

In late spring, the contractors anticipate switching their efforts to the north side of the street. There are a large number of businesses along the north side, and we encourage businesses owners, tenants and residents to attend the upcoming Coffee Talk on March 14, at 10 a.m. at the Stanhope. At the meeting we will have the traffic control plan available for the public, and our Project Manager, Richard Dickie, will talk about the upcoming construction on the north side and what to expect. We will also be available to answer questions and hear your concerns, so please mark this meeting on your calendar. 

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Sandy Forks Road

Sandy Forks Road Widening Project

Contractors continue the installation of storm drains, curb and gutter, asphalt, and sidewalks along the north side of Sandy Forks Road between Suburban Drive and Falls of Neuse Road.

The next step in the project is to complete the last temporary road closure (one short block between Falls Neuse Shopping Center and the Falls of Neuse Road intersection). During the two-week shutdown, the entire block will be removed and replaced (and grade slightly lowered to improve sight distance and safety approaching the intersection), as well as installing a new storm drainage system. The temporary road closure of this block is currently anticipated to begin in mid-March (weather permitting).

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Mitchell Mill Road Widening Project

Currently, private utility companies, such as AT&T, Duke Energy Progress, and Time Warner Cable are working on relocation operations along the corridor. This utility work is scheduled for completion in early April.

Mitchell Mill Project Image
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Sidewalk Project News:

Capital BLVD image

The improvement of the City’s pedestrian connectivity is a key focus for Raleigh. City Initiated Projects are evaluated and ranked on a variety of factors, including street classification, existing demand, special population needs, feasibility, and proximity to schools, parks and shopping centers and other places that generate high pedestrian activity.

The mild winter weather was ideal for sidewalk construction, and this spring, citizens can enjoy improved sidewalk connectivity throughout the City.

Capital Boulevard sidewalks between Spring Forest Road and Old Wake Forest Road are almost complete. The sidewalks look terrific and now connect pedestrians to a wide variety of businesses along the corridor. The contractors have the entire sidewalk on the west side of Capital Blvd. complete and are now focused on the last sections along the east side of the corridor. Along with the new sidewalks and handicap ramps, the project has installed enhanced transit stop locations, pedestrian refuge areas, and pedestrian crossing signals at all major intersections within the corridor. 

This spring we will start to see several sidewalk projects ramping up throughout the City. Sections of Bloodworth Street, Blount Street, Hoke Street, Person Street, Oakwood Avenue, Raleigh Boulevard, and Millbrook Road are on schedule to start construction early this spring. Many more locations will follow later this year. 

Petition Projects are sidewalk projects on local residential streets that are handled through the Sidewalk Petition Program. The petition program for a new sidewalk requires signatures from a majority of the property owners along the street that make up the majority of the property frontage. In most cases, there are no costs for residential property owners.

Constructions on four sidewalk petition projects (Melbourne Road, Ravenwood Drive, Tyrell Road and Northclift Drive) are scheduled for mid-spring.  

Design News:

Our team is busy working on the design of a large number of roadway and sidewalk improvement projects. The design process can take several months to a few years depending on the scope of work. The process involves public meetings with citizen input, design review by peer departments and divisions within the City, and concludes with the City Council/City Manager’s authorization.

This winter our team held three public meetings, giving the public an opportunity to see and make comments on the preliminary roadway and sidewalk designs. Meetings were held for the upcoming New Hope Church Road Project, The Lorimer Road Improvement Project, and the New Bern Avenue Sidewalk and Transit Improvement Project. Public meetings are an excellent opportunity to view upcoming projects that might affect property you own or your daily commute. We send meeting announcements to area residents and businesses in and around affected corridors and advertise the events on our website and our social media channels before any design meetings. We recommend attending these meetings since it gives you an opportunity to see the preliminary design, meet the design team/staff, and to get answers to any of your questions or concerns.

Our website maintains a listing and up to date information for all our street projects and sidewalk projects

Staff Highlight

The Design/Construction Division consists of 39 employees spread over five programs (Roadway, CADD Services, Survey Services, Contract Inspections, and Assessments/Petitions). With each newsletter, we like to spotlight one or two members of the team.


James Pleschner

James Pleschner 

In January, we welcomed James Pleschner to the Roadway Design and Construction team, as the new Assessment Supervisor. James will help people understand the City assessment policies and also works with the Roadway and Sidewalk Petition Programs.

James moved to Raleigh from Indiana in 2007. He grew up near the Dunes National Lakeshore of Lake Michigan in the small town of Chesterton and graduated from Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana with a BS in Criminal Justice and Criminology. Prior to working for the City James worked as a Probation/Parole Officer for the State of North Carolina. 

In his free time James enjoys spending time with his three children Trey, Ryne, and Kira. He also enjoys running, going to the beach, and watching documentaries. James is an avid Star Wars fan and fan of any sports team from Chicago, especially the 2016 World Series Champions, the Chicago Cubs.


Image of Chuck Baker

Congratulations to Chuck Baker

The Roadway Design & Construction Division began a new annual Division Employee of the Year award to honor our star employees.  The 2017 award winner is Chuck Baker from the Contract Inspections Program.

Congratulations Chuck!


Valerie Jones is Retiring 

Valerie has worked with the City for 18 years, starting in the Finance Department before joining Central Engineering in 2001.  Following reorganization of the Department into Public Works, Valerie began working with the Transportation Operations Division in 2007, before moving over to the Roadway Design/Construction Division in 2014.  Valerie has worked as the sole full time position in support of Roadway Design/Construction and formally joined the Division in 2015. 

Valerie we will miss you!

Have a questions or feedback email us we want to hear from you.

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