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Western Aerospace Scholars

Montana Learning Center Starts their Western Aerospace Scholars Program for High School Juniors!

Attention High School Juniors in Montana! Registration for the Western Aerospace Scholars program is now open.

Montana Learning Center & Museum of Flight STEM companies want you! Earn college credit! Western Aerospace Scholars (WAS) is an online distance learning course and summer experience specifically designed for high school juniors interested in pursuing science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) pathways through the exploration of space and space travel. The online curriculum is a University of Washington college course focused on NASA’s space exploration program, as well as, topics in Earth and Space Science. If scholars successfully complete the online curriculum, they are invited to participate in multi-day summer experiences that provide them the opportunity to work with STEM professionals, NASA scientists, university students, and STEM educators. Registration is open now.

Montana Aerospace Scholars Open to Montana residents only.

Teachers, Students, and Parents can contact Ryan Hannahoe  if they have questions.

Smithsonian Free Curicuculum on COVID-19

Grades 3-8, The Smithsonian, Science for Global Goals,

"The foundation of this material is in science. One of the best ways to become comfortable with the changing
state of the world is by arming yourself with knowledge and then using that knowledge to make a difference in
the world. This is true for young people as well. As youth around the globe engage with the activities in this
guide, they will gain an understanding of the science that underlies COVID-19. They will be able to share their
knowledge with their community, create tangible ways to take action in this challenging time, and understand
the best places to find additional information on the topic."

Smithsonian Science for COVID-19

Help increase Scientific Literacy by getting the facts, communicating, and dealing with the emotions. The Smithsonian, Science for Global Goals offers this free curriculum for all educators of grades 3-8.  

ROADS on Asteroids!

NESSP ROADS on Asteroids

The Northwest Earth and Space Sciences Pipeline (NESSP) is a 3–12 education collaborative that brings NASA science to the northwest.  The ROADS program (Rover Observation And Drone Survey) is a framework that lets students explore STEM concepts through hands-on activities. ROADS takes inspiration from real NASA projects and guides students on a space-related mission.  Years 2020–2021 rocket to asteroids and comets!

NESSP offers free competitions for students that are modified for grade level and for COVID situations. Check it out

Learn Where You Live Scientist Series: From Field to Classroom renewal unit options extended. 

Learn Where You Live Scientist Series, renewal unit options have been extended.  If you were unable to attend the actual Zoom meetings, the recordings have been uploaded for you to view, as well as,  scientist videos in the field, research, and other resources.  If you would be interested in experiencing this wonderful opportunity, and would like to implement it into your classroom, please contact Michelle McCarthy and register to receive renewal units.  The extension of time is:

  1. Complete the registration
  2. Watch the video
  3. Complete slide deck (first two slides on first reactions), prior to the end of November. 

If you are able to complete the first two pages of the slide deck by the end of November, 2020, and you'd like to implement this into your classroom, you will have until the end of February 2021 to complete the slide deck with that work.

Gallatin River in Montana

Interested in getting your students involved in Engineering?

Engineering Blue prints

Creative Commons

Check out the Pre-College Engineering Education (PCEE), a division of the American Society for Engineering Education's (ASEE)'s free workshops for teachers.  They support engineering instruction for pre-college students and their teachers!  

Building Your Indian Education for All (IEFA) Mindset through the Teacher Learning Hub

Two new ways to deepen your IEFA understandings:

Self-Paced Course

Upcoming Facilitated Course running from January - March of 2021

This OPI Learning Hub facilitated course is designed to help you understand and plan ways to integrate the Essential Understandings Regarding Montana Indians into your curriculum.  While most of the course is asynchronous, there are opportunities to join live discussions to connect and reflect with course facilitators, participants, and special guests to enrich your experience and gain support in your planning for IEFA integration!

This course is open for pre-registration

National Energy Education Development (NEED) Education Workshop

November 7, 2020 [] – Registration closes 10/28/20

What’s Providied

  • $100 stipend
  • NEED Science of Energy kit
  • Class set of NEED Energy Infobooks

Now Available for Montana Science - Interim Assessments! 

Now Available for Montana Science - Interim Assessments!  We can now check where our students are in meeting the 3D Science Standards well before the summative assessment arrives!  To learn more about the balanced assessment system for all disciplines, register to attend the October Webinar on October 14th from 3:30-4:30pm!

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Calendar of Events & Opportunities

Keep updated with new opportunities, professional development, and science resources at the Montana OPI's Science Page.  


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