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STEM News Splash

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Astrophotography and Robotic Telescopes

Bring space photography into your classroom with help from MSU Bozeman, Christian Perez, and the Montana Learning Center.  Enroll in Classroom Observatory, the MSU Course running January 27 through March 13, 2020, that focuses on how to use the robotic telescope and astrophotography, and emphasizes converting those images for use in student projects.  The course offers 30 OPI renewal units and is free. 

National STEM Scholar Program 

The National STEM Scholar Program works to inspire the creativity and passion of middle school science teachers. Ten Scholars will be selected and hosted from May 31 - June 6, 2020 at Western Kentucky University. Scholars will engage in hands-on, minds-on science activities; connect with speakers and thought leaders in STEM education; learn with skilled science educators; develop a creative Challenge Project and share midpoint progress at the NSTA annual meeting in April 2021. Mentoring will be provided throughout the year by WKU faculty. All expenses, including travel costs, materials, mentoring and Challenge Project supplies will be covered by a grant from the National Stem Cell Foundation. Application Deadline: February 1, 2020

Amazon Rainforest PD Workshop

The Educator Academy in the Amazon Rainforest professional development is immersed in the Peruvian Amazon July 1 through July 11, 2020. K-12 educators learn about this global ecosystem while building their ability to engage students in scientific research, engineering design, cross-cultural connections, and stewardship projects, and some scholarships are available.

NASA WEAR Challenge, grades 6 - 12

NASA’s Wearable Equipment for Averting Radiation (WEAR) Challenge gives middle and high school students an opportunity to design wearable radiation countermeasures with multipurpose use for deep space exploration. Team submissions will be considered for an expense-paid trip to a NASA center, and must register by Jan. 24, 2020.

2019-2020 Scientist for a Day Essay Contest

This contest challenges students in grades 5 - 12 to become NASA scientists studying the moons of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Participants examine three moons and choose the one they think NASA should return to that would yield the best scientific results. This year's topics are Uranus' moon, Mimas, Neptune's moon, Triton, and Pluto’s moon, Charon. After researching the three options, students write an essay under 500 words explaining their choice. The entry deadline is February 20, 2020.

Montana Science Fairs 2020

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Keep updated with new opportunities, professional development, and science resources at the Montana OPI's Science Page.  

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