ARPA Water and Sewer Grants

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Based on public comment feedback, DNRC has finalized the ranking for the competitive grants. The final ranking criteria for match will be as follows: 

Points will be awarded for match based on the greater of the two: 

  1. Points will be equal to the ARPA Match Rate or amount of total project match as compared to the total local ARPA dollars available to the local government up to 50% or 50 points.
  2. Points will be equal to the Project Match Rate or the total project match as compared to the total project cost up to 50% or 50 points.   

 Further details can be found at ARPA Grant Application Guidance.

ARPA Water and Sewer Grants Website

Click for grant FAQ or call 1.844.406.2772 with your application questions.

Application deadline for Competitive Grants is July 15, 2021.

Application window for Minimum Allocation Grants is July 15, 2021 –

January 1, 2023.