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Montana’s Self-Response Rate Reaches 60 Percent

The 2020 Census self-response rate in Montana today reached 60 percent.

With all the goal-post-moving throughout the U.S. Census Bureau’s counting operations, partners across the state are continuing their unwavering work to share the message that every Montanan needs to be counted.

From Census Be Counted Drive-thru events to multiple, targeted and statewide marketing campaigns, including the ongoing 2020 Census State Championship, and from direct outreach to low-response communities to small community Be Counted gatherings, Montanans are seeing and hearing about the importance of an accurate count for our state’s next 10 years.  

REMINDER: Court Extends Census Count to October 31

A U.S. District Court Judge has ordered that the U.S. Census Bureau continue its 2020 operations through October 31. As of today, that order stands despite attempts to appeal the ruling. On Monday, the U.S. Census Bureau put out a press release saying it intends to defy that court order and wind down operations by October 5.

The state of Montana will continue to support outreach and promotional efforts to make sure Montanans know why it’s so important to respond to the Census. Today, the deadline is Oct. 31 – but Montanans should not wait to respond, do it right now! As the goal posts have continued to move throughout this process, it’s critical to stay focused on what’s truly important: ensuring Montanans are represented at every level of government, and making sure Montana gets its fair share of federal funding. Make sure your friends, family and neighbors respond today at MY2020CENSUS.GOV  or by calling 1.844.330.2020.

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2020 Census State Championship

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Earlier this month, the Montana Department of Commerce launched the 2020 Census State Championship to encourage counties and tribes in Montana to compete for the highest increase in self-response rates to the 2020 Census. For the past week, Roosevelt and Blaine counties have been in the county competition lead. Fort Peck and Northern Cheyenne are leading the competition for tribes with the two highest increases in self-response rates over the past week. Yellowstone County has the highest overall self-response with 73.6%.

You can track your community’s progress in the 2020 Census State Championship here.


An accurate and complete count of all Montanans is critical for determining the federal funding distributed to the state – overall, more than $2 billion from 300 federal programs is allocated back to Montana based on Census information. The Census count also shapes local voting and school districts, and it determines whether Montana will receive a second seat in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Montanans who have not yet responded to the 2020 Census can do so by going to MY2020CENSUS.GOV, by calling 1-844-330-2020, or by mailing in their Census form if they received one in the mail.


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These events are current as of the publication of this newsletter, but are subject to change as the U.S. Census Bureau revises its operations.

March 12 – October 31Self Response Phase

July 31 – September 30: The U.S. Census Bureau has said it will provide Mobile Questionnaire Assistance to locations allowing residents to complete the Census on site

August 11 – October 31: Non-response follow-up (door-to-door Census counting operations)

December 31, 2020: Deliver Census Count to the President


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To be routed to your local U.S. Census Bureau office, call                       
855-562-2020, select option 3, and enter your zip code.