Minneapolis Police Department





This is a citywide alert.  Stay aware of your surroundings!

About the Crime:

A pattern has been identified - ride-share operators with Uber and Lyft operating within the City of Minneapolis are being primarily targeted.  Multiple incidents include some or all the following actions:

  • A request for service is made from a stolen phone.
  • An individual meets the ride-share driver and asks them to wait a few minutes.
  • A group of armed individuals may arrive in one or more stolen vehicles and block the exit of the ride-share driver.
  • The group of armed individuals surround the ride-share vehicle, demand the driver to exit the vehicle, and take the driver’s wallet, phone, and phone security code.
  • Some drivers have been assaulted, including being pistol whipped.
  • The group of armed individuals leaves in the vehicles they arrived in and take the ride-share vehicle, as well.
  • Vehicles used by the suspects are typically listed as stolen and/or have stolen plates or no plates.

Who should be most concerned:

  • EVERYONE! To date, residents have rarely been the target of these car jackings, but everyone needs to take precautions.    
  • Ride-Share operators need to take extra precautions to stay safe.

What you can do:

For Ride-Share Operators:

  • Stay aware of your surroundings, even when in a locked vehicle.
  • Avoid using your phone for more than a couple of seconds.
  • Be extra cautious if asked to wait for the customer(s).
  • If you are not in a populated area with visible pedestrian and vehicle traffic, leave immediately if you see one or more vehicles or individuals approaching nearby.

If you become the victim of this type of crime:

  • Give up the vehicle - do not fight to keep the car.
  • If you are confronted by an assailant(s), remain calm, do not argue.
  • Along with a description of the suspect(s), try to remember any unique physical characteristics (scars, limp, acne, teeth, manner of speech, etc...).
  • Never pursue fleeing assailants - provide information and suspect(s) descriptions to responding officers.
  • If video surveillance equipment is available, please save a copy of the incident for investigating detectives.
  • If approached by a witness to the incident, request contact information.
  • Contact 911 immediately and remain on scene, if possible.

For residents:

Printable Flyer Attached Below - Please Share