Family and Friends Newsletter-January 2022

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missouri department of corrections

Family and Friends Newsletter | January 2022

Jpay Tablet Update

Jpay 6S tablet

We are very excited to announce that the Missouri Department of Corrections is transitioning from the current Securus JPay platform to the Securus Unity platform in 2022.

Unity is Securus' latest e-messaging, education and entertainment platform for tablets that combines elements of the current Jpay platform with new products and services.  It utilizes the new enhanced JP6S tablet and eliminates the need to sync the tablet at the kiosk.

The JP6S tablet provides faster download times, more storage and longer battery life.  It has 140 hours of MP3 music play time, 3 times the battery life, 14 hours of video play time and 32 GB of internal storage.

The move to Unity will take place between mid-January and April 1st. With the transition to Unity, the JP5 tablet will be retired and all offenders will be provided a new JP6S loaner tablet.  Currently, the JP5 tablet becomes a part of an offender's personal property and the offender is allowed to take the JP5 tablet home upon their release.  With the transition to Unity and the JP6S tablet, offenders will be provided a JP6S tablet as a loaner and will only be allowed to take their purchased content home upon release on a flash drive.  The JP6S tablet hardware will be returned to JPay upon the offender's release.

Beginning January 3rd, JP6 loaner tablet ordering will be turned on at the kiosk.  If an offender does not have a tablet or a working tablet, they are encouraged to place an order for the JP6S loaner tablet. If an offender has a JP5 tablet that works, they are encouraged to wait until the Unity transition is complete to receive a JP6S tablet as there will be technicians on hand during the transition to assist with transferring content from the JP5 to the JP6S tablet.

Algoa Culinary Arts Program Contructs Gingerbread Capitol


When gingerbread season rolled around in the Algoa Correctional Center Culinary Arts program, vocational teacher Mary Connell encouraged her students to challenge themselves. In addition to building traditional A-frame houses topped with cereal-tile roofs and inhabited by gummy bear families, the students took on the task of constructing a massive gingerbread replica of the Missouri State Capitol, in honor of the state's bicentennial.

Under Connnell's guidance, the team drew out their plans to scale and got to work on construction, along the way conquering obstacles such as the creation of curved gingerbread components for the Capitol dome. The resulting massive edible structure — 50 inches long, 25 inches wide and 36 inches tall — had to be moved in sections and re-assembled in its home on display in ACC's administrative building.

The builders paid careful attention to detail; the gingerbread Capitol is even topped with a tiny replica of the real Capitol's statue of Ceres, goddess of agriculture, made with a 3D printer with help from automotive vocational teacher Kenneth Connell.



Success Story

Success Story-Trey Dawson

Trey Dawson struggled with substance use and spent much of his early adulthood in and out of dozens of county jails and state prisons in multiple states. It was at Algoa Correctional Center, where he had the chance to participate in Puppies for Parole, that he discovered his passion for training rescue dogs.

After release from prison on Christmas 2019, he found a home with In2Action, the Columbia reentry program run by former offender Dan Hanneken. There, he connected with the house dog, Jobe, and was inspired to pursue dog training as a career.

Now Dawson owns Backyard K9, a business offering one-on-one and small-group training services for dogs and their owners. He also serves as the In2Action activities coordinator, acting as a role model for other men involved in the criminal justice system.

Resources for Families of Incarcerated Individuals

The Department of Corrections does not provide transportation for the loved ones of incarcerated individuals and does not endorse any particular visitor transportation service. The flyer is being shared at the request of Community Response STL.