P&P Show Me Newsletter-March 2021

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P&P Show Me Newsletter-March 2021

CSC Referral, Transition and Discharge Process Improvement Initiative


A CSC Transition and Discharge Team was formed to strengthen the referral, transition and discharge process at the CSC's based on recommended timelines, best practices and priorities from the Council of State Government Justice Center. Don Arias, Southeast Regional Administrator, served as the Chair of this team. Other members included: Cora Haynes (DA-District 12), Jon Miller (US-District 12), Larry Terrill (DA-District 23), Dale Good (DA-District 1), Scott Adams (US-District 1), Shannon Kimsey (DA-District 26), Heather Liszewski (PPO District 25), Mallory Fox (IAC-District 12), Chantelle Smith (Quality Control Specialist), Michael Irions (PPO-District 25), Amy Kochner-Talley (US-District 25), Jason Royle (SER Regional Training Coordinator) and Sharon Dunn (Special Projects Coordinator).

The following desired outcomes were achieved: 1) Standardize a referral and discharge process for the CSC's as a Division, 2) Create phase transition forms for residents, 3) Create a Discharge Summary document, 4) Revise the referral, transition and discharge process to ensure the process supports a warm hand off, 5) Create a Quality Control Review Process, 6) Establish a PPA I's discharge follow up process for the 30 days after release, 7) Create a 5th Phase of the CSC program, 8) Improve the CSC MOCIS Tracking process 9) Update all referral and discharge forms and 10) Improve customer service, improve team productivity, and ensure internal and external partners are satisfied.

Policy P4-4.2 Community Supervision Centers and P4 Appendix B-CSC Program Tracking Definitions outlining the new changes went into effect January 29, 20201. During the month of February, Zoom Meetings were held at every CSC site, and with every DA/CAO's, who in turn will educate their staff. In addition, IAC's were educated on CSC MOCIS entries, exits and ARB documentation.


moving up


Essence Webster was promoted to PPA II at District 7C. Congratulations Essence!

Nicole Anthony was promoted to Unit Supervisor at District 20. Congratulations Nicole!



Tonya Fielder was promoted to Unit Supervisor at District 26. Congratulations Tonya!

Heather Liszewski has accepted the position of Quality Control Coordinator at P&P Central Office. Congratulations Heather!



Mechelle Brown was promoted to Unit Supervisor at District 33. Congratulations Mechelle!


P&P Pre-Service Graduates from the Central Region

pre central

                                                                    Congratulations to All!


GEM Awards (Going the Extra Mile)

District 2: PPO Jennifer Dooley

District 4C: OSA Hazel Vroom and OSA Niesha Marchbanks

District 7B: Matthew Eckrich, Elizabeth McKenna, Laura Avila and Virginia Anderson

District 11: OSA Del Tate, OSA Charlene Jones, SOSA Jacquelin Squires, SOSA Taleta Diaz, US Kelsey Ybarra, PPO Melissa Roark and PPO Danielle Hirschy

District 10N: PPO Tracy Brown

District 10R: PPO Paul McIntyre

District 18: PPO Kelly Lewis

District 22: SOSA Karen Martin

District 37: SOSA Paula Klipfel


Congratulations to All!



Graduates of the Missouri Leadership Academy

kim 2

Pictured from Left to Right: JCCC Major Craig Crane, DOC Facilities Director Mike Strong, DOC Director Anne Precythe, P&P Regional Administrator (Western Region), and District Administrator Vince Rost (District 27). Congratulations to All!

P&P Pre-Service Graduates from the Eastern Region


                                                                     Congratulations to All!

P&P Pre-Service Graduates from the Western Region


                                                                    Congratulations to All!

Eastern Region Employee of the Month-January 2021


District EP is very pleased to announce that PPO Stacy Deaton has been selected as the Eastern Region Employee of the Month for January 2021. Stacy supervises the Criminal Justice Ministries caseload, is the District Veteran’s Liaison, a Decision Points facilitator, and manages the District Responsible Relations class. Additionally, she is a Coach for new staff, volunteers her personal time for Big Brothers/Big Sisters and is a Patriot Guard Rider for veterans. Stacy’s commitment is valued not only by her peers and supervisors, but by her clients as well. She is an asset to this Department and the community she serves. Pictured Left to Right: Regional Administration Donna A King, PPO II Stacy Deaton and DA Shanyon Carter. Congratulations Stacy!

Eastern Region Employee of the Month-February/March 2021

brooke and andre

District ERV Unit Supervisor Brooke Wernsman was chosen as the Eastern Region Employee of the Month for February 2021. Over the past year,  Brooke has demonstrated outstanding leadership in the performance of her duties. With the planning and formation of the ERV District, Brooke has taken on a number of extra duties. These included reviewing the weekly Assault and Homicide report, developing a ERV referral log, revising the assignment log, reviewing monthly EMP billing, updating tracking for the newly formed ERV, assisting with the movement of CPR to 7C, handling supervisory duties (sometimes two or more times per week) most recently training several ERV officers on ICVC group which required two full days and participating in some District Zoom meetings to promote ERV. Brooke also serves on the department Security Threat Group Committee and assisted with the formation of proposed training involving this. Most recently, Brooke had two officers out on maternity leave; to assist with some of the Gang CPR/Police Partnership clients she took supervision of a few of these clients and also conducted home visits at night with the Gang Intervention Detectives on some Police Partnership clients. DA Valorie Sparks commented, "As the ERV DA I feel fortunate to have Brooke's level of dedication and drive as this has proven to be invaluable over the past year and believe she has demonstrated strong Corrections Way values; she goes above and beyond her duties as a Unit Supervisor." 

District ERV Unit Supervisor Andre Pike was chosen as the Eastern Region Employee of the Month for March 2021. Andre joined District ERV in May of 2020 as the supervisor for the Safety Pilot Arrest Team.  Andre had a unit of eight but worked with a total of 10 officers in this pilot. Over the past year, Andre has demonstrated a very high level of professionalism and leadership in the performance of his duties in this new role. Andre took on some additional challenges and was trained to carry a firearm, completed over 60 hours of training through UCM, became Taser certified, and worked with his team frequently to assist them with skill retention related to the Safety Pilot. Andre's calm demeanor and high level of dedication has consistently been demonstrated over the past 8 months. Andre is very involved in all aspects of conducting these arrests from getting the call, screening the client, notifying staff, getting the warrant confirmed with clerical, assisting with the arrest, to reviewing the arrest reports. He has taken tours at all of the respective hospitals that we may need to access due to confinement issues, assisted other districts with scheduling home visits, or transporting clients, worked with local law enforcement in the performance of his duties involving contraband, assisted with the development of SOPS, accounted for  pilot equipment, assisted with the another PET pilot, and always, always demonstrates the highest level of professionalism. DA Valorie Sparks commented,  "Andre has done an outstanding job over the past year developing and supervising this very important pilot. His team has expressed their appreciation as well. At a time, with so much going on and changing at a moment’s notice, Andre is someone that I have learned I can count on."

Congratulations Brooke and Andre!



Teresa Andrus, Southwest Region AOSA, retired on January 29, 2021 after serving 35 years of service. Congratulations Teresa! 



Congratulations Mary!

After serving 29.5 years, Tena Riley, District Administrator at District 20, retired on February 28, 2021. Congratulations Tena!




Offenders are expected to follow the rules, so why should we reward them?   

We want to motivate our offenders to continue to do what’s right, even if it’s what is expected.  Using the Offender Accountability Program in DAI and the MOMM in P&P, determining the offender’s risk level through proper assessment, as well as determining what will motivate your offender will ensure we are appropriately recognizing positive behavior and applying meaningful incentives to sustain positive behavior.  When an offender sustains positive behavior, not only does our workload decrease, but our communities are safer.