P&P Show Me Newsletter-September 2020

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P&P Show Me Newsletter-September 2020

P&P Supervision Week

The Division of Probation and Parole celebrated Probation and Parole Supervision Week July 19-25, 2020, in a variety of ways.



Staff at the District 6-Columbia  were surprised by ice cream treats on a sweltering Tuesday. To further celebrate the hard work of P&P staff, on Wednesday the District 6 Management Team provided a “to go” picnic lunch to all employees by barbequing hamburgers and hotdogs. As numerous officers were in the field, several stopped by for a quick bite and enjoyed some much needed AC. 


On July 23, 2020, District 12-Farmington Personnel Club honored team members with a drive thru lunch. Several staff volunteered to help organize, set up, cook food, ice down drinks, bag items, serve items, and clean up afterwards. Personnel Club President Joshua Lybarger shared with staff:  “Sometimes giving back to your community starts with giving back to YOUR COMMUNITY. I know it may sound cliché but looking out for each other has to come first before we as a team can look out for the others."   


The Eastern Region Administrators Team coordinated a “Grab and Go Brown Bag Lunch” for staff. Regional Administrator Donna King commented, "We recognized that staff are busy and may not always have time to sit down for lunch so in appreciation for their work and commitment they were offered lunch as a token of our appreciation. St. Louis County Districts came to District 8N and the St. Louis City Districts came to the Regional Office. Although it was hot, especially for the DA’s on the grill,(special thanks to the cooks Greg Wilson and DeWayne Roach), we made it through and had a good time with each other and staff!"


District 38-Troy staff attended a socially distanced appreciation event. Supervisory staff served pizza, salad and snacks. Dessert was made by OSA Ambre Worstell. Staff enjoyed lunch and seeing each other in a safe manner.

Rain or Shine!



Regardless of the rainy weather in early August 2020, District 1 PPO's  Rhonda Wiederholt and Katie Buehlman were determined to get their community contacts completed!

Great Job Ladies! 


moving up


Carol Blakely was promoted to Unit Supervisor at District 2 in Cameron. Congratulations Carol!

Katie Bratton was promoted to Unit Supervisor at District 17 in St. Charles. Congratulations Katie!



Emily Harbaugh was promoted to Unit Supervisor at TCSTL in St. Louis. Congratulations Emily!

Kelsey Elsberry was promoted to AOSA at the Interstate Compact Unit in Central Office. Congratulations Kelsey!



Amy Stonfer was promoted to Unit Supervisor at District 19 in Liberty. Congratulations Amy!

Brittany Zegers was promoted to SOSA at District 19 in Liberty. Congratulations Brittany!




September is Probation and Parole Safety Month, which is intended to provide additional focus on this important area.

Staff safety is an ongoing concern of the agency and ensuring a safe work environment is a shared responsibility among all staff. Director Julie Kempker commented, "Our business has many facets but we must always remember the safety of our staff is at the forefront of these responsibilities."

During September 2020, several crucial areas to maintaining a safe working environment will be reviewed with staff:

The Corrections Way (TCW) Wall


In July 2020, District 33-Neosho staff attended The Corrections Way (TCW) Training. Staff came back excited and eager to learn more about Social Styles, Quality Conversations and their Value Premise. DA Tracey Musgrave and SOSA Tracy Spencer constructed a TCW Wall in the main hallway to help identify the social styles of all staff along with helpful tips on flexing to other communication styles and communication style strengths. Staff have enjoyed learning what their co-workers social styles are and have been utilizing the tools they gained at TCW training. Supervisors will be following up with staff using talking points during the Southwest Region TCW Ambassador Zoom meeting.

Client Success Story


J.S. shared the following regarding District 7S PPO Laura Mueller:

"I'd like to take a moment to tell you both how grateful I am for my PPO Ms. Laura Mueller. She was my 3rd PPO in two years, I had seven recent violations when we met and the Judge had given me my last admonishment in court. I was told if I didn't turn my life around I would do my seven year back up. 

What changed? I met Laura. She treated me with dignity and respect. She made me want to try harder and quite frankly to be a better man. We have spent three years together on a journey. In that time, I successfully completed a two year treatment program at Harris House. Laura became very engaged in my recovery and offered me encouragement. She worked closely with the leadership at Harris House and made monthly visits. Not to "check up" on me but to check on me. There is a big difference between the two. My transition to sober living created a lot of anxiety for me. I had failed at this many times before. Laura was with me every step of the way. I have lived  in my current sober living house almost a year now . I was excited recently to show Laura where I live. I invited her to my home. 

Finally, when I picked up my current charge almost five years ago I was a member of the Executive Team at a VA hospital in Columbia. I was arrested in front of my supervisors and employees. It was the most embarrassing day of my life. Today I am no longer stricken by the shame and guilt that got me here. In June 2020, I got a job working with the VA again in St. Louis. I am no longer an Executive but I am grateful for having a job that pays the bills. Equally important I paid off my $20,000 in restitution in two years.

My good time has been reinstated and I am being discharged from supervision effective 10/09/2020, four months early. Had it not been for Laura I promise you I would be behind bars. In my opinion you should use her example of work ethic to set the bar high for others to follow. I thank you both for listening to my story and allowing me this opportunity to say thank you to Laura. I hope you value her as much as I do because today I celebrate 38 months sober."

We are very proud of you Laura!


North Central and Western Region Employee of the Month-October 2019

western and north central

Elizabeth (Liz) Koenig, PPO at District 2 (pictured above with RA Ed Bestgen and DA John Nickell) and Rhonda Wiederholt, PPO at District 1 (pictured with DA Dale Good), were chosen as the North Central and Western Region Employees of the Month for October 2019. Both were nominated by District 2 District Administrator John Nickell.

John wrote, "On August 1, 2019, Liz became aware that one of her clients was in a different town and had missed his report day with her. The client admitted to using drugs and alcohol and was having suicidal thoughts. This client was clearly in crisis and he admitted he was in Maryville. He would not say his location in Maryville but Liz was able to get him to agree to report to the Maryville P&P office and she would try to get him help. He was worried about being arrested but through their client/officer relationship, he agreed to report. Liz called and arranged for Rhonda to expect the client and advised her of the situation. This incident began at 4:00 pm and Liz remained in contact with the client, the client’s family, his mental health caseworker at North Central Missouri Mental Health, and Rhonda trying to assure him, he would be seen and was okay. The client reported to Rhonda who then took charge and worked with the client dealing with his issues and arranging transportation to Truman Medical Center, as that is where the client was requesting to go. Rhonda took care of interviewing the client for his violations, got his statement and came up with a plan for him to get into treatment. She also worked with the Nodaway County Sheriff's Department and arranged for the client to go talk to a deputy he trusted. She stayed late working with the client and others to assure he was safe and getting the help he needed. The client was eventually transported to the medical center and is safe and grateful for the work of LIz and Rhonda. The way these two worked together from different districts for the client's best interest is a shining example of what we can do as a team. They worked with the family and multiple agencies and rose above and beyond to ensure the client was safe and his needs were being met, assuring public safety."                                       

North Central Region RA Ed Bestgen stated, "On behalf of the P&P North Central and Western Regions, I want to thank you for your commitment to Probation and Parole. You are both well deserving of this recognition and your extra efforts and teamwork are truly appreciated. Great job!"

Congratulations Liz and Rhonda!


GEM Awards (Going the Extra Mile)

District EP: DA Shanyon Carter

District 8E: DA Cynthia Collier

District 12: PPA Cody Badeaux and PPA David Miller

District 15: US Kris Davis

District 18: OSA Brenda Treece

District 19: OSA Connie Morgan and PPO Robyn Plickebaum 

ACC IPO Office: IPO Rhonda Muenks

OCC Parole Office: IPO Sarah Boatright, IPO Tina Nichols and IPO Norma Taliaferro


Congratulations to All!




off the clock


Lori Burk began her career with the Division of Probation and Parole on 7-01-1991, at District 29 in Sedalia. On 7-01-1992, she transferred to District 5 in Warrensburg. During this time period, she covered a multitude of caseload assignments, but eventually settled on a Sex Offender caseload. For the rest of her career she would be considered a SME for sex offender supervision.

In July of 1998, she was promoted to Unit Supervisor at District 5. In September of 2000, she was promoted to her current position of District Administrator of District 5. Lori was a key factor in many changes during her tenure as DA, including overseeing the departures of Lafayette, Bates and St. Clair Counties in 2006 and the merger of District 5 and 28 in 2018. She volunteered to serve on many committees during her time with P&P, including but not limited to the Statewide Sex Offender Committee, the E-Driven committee, Quality Assurance Task Force, the local CAB and MRP groups. She was a key factor in the development of the Drug Court Programs in both Henry and Johnson Counties. Lori was also a coach and mentor to her staff and in this role she excelled at preparing her staff for the next level of management. Lori takes great pride in her long tenure at District 5 (just under 30 years) and the staff who she has had the pleasure of working with during her career.

On July 31, 2020,a retirement reception was held in Warrensburg. It was well attended by both staff and community partners who stopped by to wish her well. After nearly 30 years of dedicated service, we would also like to wish her well as she transitions into the next chapter of her life.

Congratulations Lori!



How do I find a Pot of Gold?  

Open the CASE MANAGEMENT folder located on the K-Drive. This folder includes information relative to all things Case Management.  Need assistance with Carey Guides and BITs? It’s in there. Need more info on how to complete the Driver Worksheets with an offender? It’s in there. Want to better understand case planning as a whole? The Quality Case Planning Manual is in there.   

This folder also includes FAQs on IPO specific information, ORAS and Case Planning information, as well as various cheat sheets to assist staff and supervisors. If you have not spent time in this folder- DO IT NOW!!! You will gain valuable information that can assist with good, quality assessment and case planning.   

Remember- also included in this folder is a list of Trainers and SMEs that can assist you with questions.