P&P Show Me Newsletter-September 2019

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P&P Show Me Newsletter-September 2019

P&P 5K Walk/Run

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The 2nd Annual Probation and Parole 5K Walk/Run was held on June 19, 2019, at Longview Lake in Jackson County. The event was sponsored by the Western Region Health and Wellness Committee in partnership with Second Chance and the Dumas Company. The 1st place winner was Valerie Hughes-District 4C (center), the 2nd place winner was Lorri Wirths-District 4W (right) and the 3rd place winner was Roger Beane--District 4C (left). The top three winners received gift cards. Everyone received a participation medal and some healthy sweat!

Facebook Lunch and Learn


On July 30, 2019, Reentry Coordinator Latrice Tate and Probation and Parole Quality Control Coordinator Shelly Graf conducted a live Facebook presentation of the Ohio Risk Assessment System (ORAS). The ORAS is the new validated tool the Missouri Department of Corrections is using department-wide to assess offenders and target interventions. Latrice and Shelly provided a clear and illuminating explanation of what the ORAS does, why it works, how it's used, and what it means for the job staff do. At the end of the presentation, viewers were able to ask questions.

Great presentation Latrice and Shelly!

client success story

Brandon, a 39 year old male on felony probation for Possession of a Controlled Substance, was accepted into the Poplar Bluff Community Supervision Center on February 7, 2018. He was then referred to the JRITP program and entered that program on July 28, 2018.While in the program, Brandon did exceedingly well. He obtained a job working for an air conditioning company earning nearly $25.00 per hour, obtained his own apartment and spent time with his children because he was staying clean and sober. Brandon completed the District 25 Community Supervision Center on May 10, 2019. He has been sober since. Continual success Brandon! 

The New Role of the IPO


On August 15-16, 2019, the new Role of the Institutional Parole Officer (IPO) Training was held in Jefferson City. All IPO's, PPO III's, Unit Supervisors, District Administrators and Clerical Supervisors attended the training. Training was held on the Assessment/Case Plan Format, Grid Release and Setting of Hearings, Grid Release Process, Hearings, Special/Others, Release Readiness and Re-entry, and Case Planning.

Probation, Parole and Community Supervision Week

The American Probation and Parole Association recognized July 21-27, 2019, as Probation, Parole and Community Supervision Week. The theme this year was "Restoring Trust, Creating Hope".  In honor of this week P&P staff participated in activities to celebrate their contribution to public safety and client success.



P&P Central Office staff enjoyed cake after a staff meeting.

The Clerical Unit at District 10-Springfield treated staff to a spaghetti lunch.





District 19-Liberty celebrated with a cake and the Personnel Club provided a hot dog and hamburger BBQ extravaganza!


District 15-Hillsboro staff celebrated with bagels/cream cheese and fruit from Panera Bread Company and an impromptu potluck lunch with many scrumptious dishes. DA Tracie DeClue commented, "The District 15 staff are a hardworking and dedicated group of people, and the officers are doing a great job in the midst of the all of the recent changes. It is important that they are recognized for their work efforts!"


District 2

District 2-Cameron staff were treated to a cookout following the monthly staff meeting. This was the first recognition event since the merger of District 2 and District 39. Staff relaxed as they were treated to a barbeque. Chef/PPO II Rodney Keller served as the “grill master”, preparing hamburgers and hotdogs for all staff. The food was provided by the Green Hills Citizens Advisory Board. Staff were also joined by Western Zone Deputy Director Jamie Liakos and AOSA Melissa Atteberry. Staff were presented with ID jackets, purchased by the CAB, to be worn while conducting field work.  DA Chad Smith commented, "Great job to all staff and a big thank you to the Green Hills CAB for their continual support!"

On July 24, 2019, the Boonville Correctional Center (BCC) Probation and Parole Office held a reception open to all institutional staff. To kick off the reception, DA David Meyer expressed his appreciation to all staff for their willingness to support each other. He also emphasized that the professional working relationship present at BCC contributes to the excellent working environment at the institution. In recognition of the week, Probation and Parole staff agreed to collect items needed for the newly formed “Empowering Dads” program. CCM Hayley Joyce and IAC Ashley Coffelt along with two clients currently enrolled in the program made a presentation about the program and how their participation had helped build stronger relationships between the clients and their children. Refreshments were served after this presentation. Other activates during the week included PPO III Melissa Boss presenting a package of multi colored pens to all staff and a pizza lunch provided by the supervisors.

empowering dads

"The City You Never See"


The Western Region Supervisor Team, along with several line staff, experienced a bus tour “ The City You Never See” that is sponsored by Operation Breakthrough in the Kansas City area. Operation Breakthrough is one of the largest single-site daycare centers in the State of Missouri, caring for over 600 children each day. Approximately 85% of these children come from families living below the poverty level. Sister Berta Sailer and Sister Corita Bussanmas established this agency in 1971 with a goal to “break through” poverty.

The team boarded a yellow school bus with no idea what to expect from the ride. However, once aboard they were greeted by the sponsors and given an introduction about the experience that was ahead of them. The bus ride took the team on a tour through the neighborhoods where a lot of their families live which is also neighborhoods where a lot of clients reside. The ride and the testimonies from numerous individuals who boarded the bus at various stops reminded many and opened the eyes of others about the hardships faced by clients. There were individuals that boarded the bus to share their courageous and resilient experiences while living in these communities. They touched on topics such as domestic violence, substance use disorders, prostitution, transportation issues, and employment issues. As a team, they exited the bus feeling a sense of urgency to share this experience with staff and to encourage them to dig deep while completing the ORAS assessment to hopefully gather information in these areas to better assist the needs of clients.

Appreciation Luncheon

In May 2019, District 16-Union staff showed their appreciation for the Franklin County Sheriff’s Department by catering them a meal.  


Governor's Leadership Academy


District 1-St. Joseph Unit Supervisor Melinda Adams recently completed the Governor’s Leadership Academy. The Missouri Leadership Academy is an innovative program that brings together emerging leaders from across all 16 Executive Departments to build new skills and become better leaders. This leadership program incorporates approaches that are proven successful in other high performing organizations in both the public and private sectors. In addition to meeting monthly, participants were divided into capstone groups and were given a topic to explore and provide solutions. The final product was presented to the 16 cabinet leaders and the Governor and his executive team. Melinda’s capstone project focused on non-financial rewards and recognition for team member retention. The Academy concluded the six months with a graduation ceremony at the Capitol in the Governor’s office. In the pictures, Melinda is with DOC Director Anne Precythe, Governor Mike Parson and her capstone team from different state departments. Congratulations Melinda!

moving up image use this one

Gloria Shears was promoted to SOSA at District 9-Joplin.

Congratulations Gloria!



David Nieland was promoted to Unit Supervisor at District 26 CSC-Fulton. Congratulations David!

Geneva Heimricks was promoted to PPA II at the Command Center.

Congratulations Geneva!



Anna Denney was promoted to Lead OSA at District 20-Camdenton.

Congratulations Anna!

Jessica Newell was promoted to SOSA at District 4-Kansas City.

Congratulations Jessica!



Linda Johnson was promoted to SOSA at District 24-Independence.

Congratulations Linda!

Chelsea Haney was promoted to SOSA at District 13-West Plains.

Congratulations Chelsea!



Michelle Distler was promoted to Lead OSA at District 27-Jefferson City. Congratulations Michelle!


DOC Employee of the Month-July 2019


Tori Caldwell, PPO II at District 14-A-Charleston, was chosen as DOC Employee of the Month for July 2019. Director Anne Precythe wrote:

"Your contributions to the department have not gone unnoticed. In your position as Probation and Parole Officer II, you have gone above and beyond your normal working duties. When a client was experiencing significant issues, you met with him and took action. Upon learning that he had ingested methamphetamines the night before and was reporting as homeless, you reached out to a treatment center and convinced them to enroll him into their treatment program. You then took the initiative to contact the Municipal judge to recall the warrant so the client would have a chance at participating in the treatment program. During the client’s treatment phase you again reached out to the judge to extend his court date to ensure the client had time to complete the program.

While the client was enrolled and participating in the treatment program, you took time to visit him to ensure he stayed engaged with supervision. Your referral to the Amen Center prevented him from being homeless upon his release from the treatment program. You were able to ensure plans were in place to stabilize the client and hold him accountable for his probation expectations. You went the extra mile to ensure the client had the best chance of success, all while treating him with respect and compassion. You made a tremendous impact on the client and gave him the help and tools that he needed to succeed.

Your high professionalism and ability to accomplish extraordinary achievements demonstrates your assistance in improving lives for safer communities. Your example is an inspiration! You are an excellent role model and an example of professionalism for the Corrections community." Congratulations Tori!

DOC Employee of the Month-August 2019


Dana Peters, P&P Fiscal and Administrative Manager, was selected as the DOC Employee of the Month for August 2019. Director Anne Precythe wrote:

"In your position as Fiscal and Administrative Manager, you have gone above and beyond your normal working duties. In addition to your many responsibilities, you continue to provide support in every aspect the office may require. After an arson attack on the District 27-Jefferson City Probation and Parole Office,  you were instrumental in assisting with the coordination efforts to restore a district office to operational status. You worked with the landlord to coordinate immediate response planning and worked with your team to have boxes delivered for cleanup. You also went above and beyond by contacting the installer of the closed circuit camera system to be able to get JCPD a thumb drive of the video and get the password changed due to a change in command at the location. Additionally, you contacted the security company to report the damage to the security pad to the door and had them scheduled to be there that afternoon; which, led to the building being secured that evening should the attacker return.

Your experience and critical thinking skills allowed employees to get laptops to work off-site during the clean up or be able to use a multi switch computer for use at home. You also realized that employees would have additional needs and necessitates of which you inquired about with each and every person you came into contact with.

Your high professionalism and ability to accomplish extraordinary achievements demonstrates your assistance in improving lives for safer communities. Your example is an inspiration! You are an excellent role model and an example of professionalism for the Corrections community."

Congratulations Dana!

P&P Central Office Employee of the 2nd Quarter-2019

patty two

Patty McCrady, Account Clerk, was selected as P&P Central Office Employee of the 2nd Quarter-2019. Patty was nominated by Director Julie Kempker. She wrote, "I want to take this opportunity to express our sincere appreciation for the excellent work you have done in the Accounting Unit. You are always willing to help with extra work. Most recently, with the new case management supervision plans, we had to count and distribute guides to all the district offices in a short period of time. This occurred during one of our busiest times as it was the end of the fiscal year. You put your work aside, stepped up and assisted immediately. With your assistance, we were able to get the information to the districts in time.

You consistently assist your fellow co-workers, supervisors, and your constituents. You exhibit great customer service and routinely helps others when they need assistance. You are very dedicated and take pride in your work and position within the department.

Please accept our appreciation for the contributions you have made to this organization. We are proud to have you as a member of the Central Office team and wish you much continued success." Patty is pictured with Deputy Division Director of Administration John Mosley.

Congratulations Patty!


Lifesaver Award


On August 23, 2019, North Central Regional Administrator Ed Bestgen presented District 2-Brookfield Satellite Office Lead Unit Supervisor Ashley Thieme with the Departmental Life Savor Award. The nomination was sent in by District 2 Probation and Parole Officer Carol Blakely and included the following:  

"On May 23, 2018, Ashley accompanied one of her PPO's on a home visit to a client’s home who had missed her treatment and reporting dates. Upon arrival at the residence, they noticed the home in disarray and there was a cinder block propped against the door from the outside, giving the appearance that no one was at the residence. Ashley knocked on the door several times and eventually the client answered the door. After talking with the client, it was discovered, the client had taken several “handfuls” of her prescribed medication, in an attempt to take her own life. The client did not have any family or friends in the area. Ashley continued to talk with the client who eventually agreed to a voluntary confinement and was transported to the local hospital for treatment by law enforcement. The client received medical treatment for dehydration, infection from pressure sores and overdose of her medication. Following her hospital stay, the client participated in the CODS program and has since been released back on supervision within the community. Since her release, the client has expressed numerous times that Ashley saved her life and is truly grateful for her conducting the home visit when she did and getting her the help she needed."

Congratulations Ashley!




GEM Awards (Going the Extra Mile)

Diane Bonds, PPO-District 8C

Beth Gross, PPO-District 29

Pattie Snapp, PPO-District 29

Margie Bontz, CAO-NECC Parole Office

Tina Cobb, IPO-NECC Parole Office

Michelle Daniels, IPO-NECC Parole Office

Roxane Gaston, IPO-NECC Parole Office

Katy Merz, IPO-NECC Parole Office

Kim Weatherford-Wiliams, IPO-NECC Parole Office

Jon Whelchel, IPO-NECC Parole Office

Stacy Kleier, US/CAO-OCC Parole Office

Sarah Boatright, PPO-OCC Parole Office

Tina Nichols, PPO-OCC Parole Office


North Central Employee of the Month-July 2019


Brandon Sapp, PPO at District 5-Warrensburg, was selected as the  North Central Region Employee of the Month for July 2019. Brandon was nominated for the award by Unit Supervisor Kim Mills and the following is a summary of the nomination: 

Brandon exemplifies the definition of a true team player. He is always willing to take the extra steps around the office when the need arises whether it be hauling in soda and water, to moving system furniture to hanging bulletin boards; he is always the first to jump up and lend a hand. I constantly hear staff go to Brandon for policy and procedure questions as well as to staff a case with him. Brandon was one of five on the team from District 5 who submitted a pitch to the first ever Governor's Shark Tank Challenge and the team made the top 11. The team's original idea was born from an idea that Brandon shared in an ENGAGE meeting. With all of the changes in the violation process, Brandon created a jail packet along with a checklist to help officers navigate the new way of business and to ensure they had all the proper forms with them. Brandon also helped to create a new system/procedure and helped implement an Officer of the Jail Rotation List to ensure the office stays in compliance with the time lines. 

Brandon also wanted to recognize a community partner at the Prosecuting Attorney's Office for her quick responses and how quick she is to help us out. Brandon organized this endeavor by getting his fellow coworkers to pitch in to purchase her a gift certificate as well as a framed certificate showing her our appreciation for her hard work and teamwork which she consistently demonstrates in her day to day business with P & P. The Prosecuting Attorney and the recipient were very thankful for the thoughtful gesture.

Brandon then suggested we do something on a regular basis to recognize different community entities and partnerships in at least one of the counties in our district once a quarter and that is the present plan.  Brandon is always thinking outside the box and looking for ways to help the office run smoother, to help make his fellow officers' jobs a little easier, and he always has smile on his face and is an asset for office morale and is very deserving of Employee of the Month. 

Congratulations Brandon!


recycle too

Central Office P&P had a recycling contest between the 3400 Office and the 3411 Office. From July 22, 2019, through August 2, 2019, each office collected plastics and aluminum. The collection was then taken to New World Recycling in Jefferson City. Combined, the offices collected 36.5 pounds of recyclables but 3400 was the big winner with a weight of 24.5 pounds. The winner received bragging rights and a travelling trophy that is made out of trash, using aluminum and plastic.

Staff Suicide Prevention Training


As part of the Strategic Plan, all DOC staff are mandated to attend the Staff Suicide Prevention Training. Forest Kemp, IPO at Boonville Correctional Center, conducted this training for P&P Central Office staff on July 24, 2019.

Community Involvement Sponsorship

wr 2

During the month of July, the Western Region came together and sponsored Raynalso Jean-Pierre a member of Youth R.I.S.E, to empower a young man’s life by sponsoring him as he pursues his education at Graceland University. Ray is originally from Haiti and has been a member of Youth RISE for 5 years. Ray is the first in his family to attend college and was able to receive an athletic soccer scholarship to Graceland University. Due to his family’s financial situation, they were unable to financially support any of his dormitory needs. Youth RISE reached out to Probation and Parole for assistance and the Western Region came together and sponsored Ray with all of this dormitory needs.  Great Job Western Region!

National Night Out - Grain Valley 2019


On August 5, 2019, District 24 Probation and Parole Officers Brenda Burger, Bailey Ghan, and Julie Kohnz participated in the annual National Night Out event in Grain Valley with several law enforcement agencies. National Night Out is designed to raise community awareness and inform the community on ways we can all work together to fight crime. The event is free to the public and allowed the staff to educate others on our role within the community, while creating lasting partnerships with the law enforcement our agency works with on a daily basis.

Great Job District 24!

Meet the Western Zone Executive Team


Front Row-Left to Right: Melissa Atteberry-Western Zone AOSA, Teresa Andrus- Southwest Region AOSA, Deena Marcum- North Central Region AOSA, and Kimberly Hubbard-Stewart-Western Regional Administrator.

Back Row-Left to Right: Lori Keehler- Western Region AOSA, Tiffany Lomosi-Southwest Regional Administrator, Jamie Liakos- Deputy  Director, Ed Bestgen- North Central Regional Administrator.

Back to School Supply Drive


August 1-16, 2019, the DOC Central Office, MVE and P&P Central Office Personnel Club collected donations of school supplies and donated the supplies to a local grade school that was affected by the tornado.



P&P Pre-Service Graduates -August 29, 2019. Congratulations to All!