Family and Friends Newsletter-August 2019

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Family and Friends Newsletter | August 2019

Weather Warm up


It’s another hot and humid summer in Missouri. It is that time of year when temperatures are highly uncomfortable to those who live and work in areas that are not air conditioned.

Just over half of Missouri’s prisons have air conditioning throughout the institution. In facilities without air conditioning, most have air conditioning in the Transitional Care Unit for the most vulnerable offenders. The institutions that were designed without air conditioners circulate the air with fans.

The Department takes precautions during the hot weather to help offenders, such as an increase in distribution of ice and water. Offenders are encouraged to avoid strenuous physical exertion, drink plenty of fluids, and stay out of the sun. Our medical provider, Corizon, has numerous protocols for our institutions when temperatures rise above 90 degrees. These include additional checks on the elderly and chronically ill and those offenders taking specific medications.

Our institutional staff and our medical provider work together to take appropriate precautions and to monitor the offenders.  If your loved one is having a medical issue, please encourage him/her to alert medical staff.

Restorative Justice Gardens

RJ Produce

The Department of Corrections cultivates Restorative Justice Gardens in institutions throughout the state. Staff members work with offenders to grow produce for low-resource Missourians in need of fresh food. The 2018 growing season yielded more than 87 tons of fresh fruits and vegetables for donation to Missouri food banks, shelters, senior centers, schools and other organizations. The Restorative Justice gardens are off to a great start for 2019.

CRCC Consolidation

CRCC Consolidation

As of July 12, Crossroads Correctional Center has been consolidated.  All offenders have been moved to other facilities. Many were moved to Western Missouri Correctional Center, where the facility, with some modifications, was able to accommodate maximum level offenders. 

Resources for Families of Incarcerated Individuals

Early Head Start at Women's Eastern Reception, Diagnostic and Correctional Center (WERDCC), is a program through the Central Missouri Community Action Agency, in collaboration with Parents as Teachers.  The program provides prenatal parenting education & support for women at WERDCC throughout their pregnancy and up to six weeks after delivery. Once the infant is six weeks old, moms will be referred to the Parents as Teachers program.

Parents as Teachers (PAT) is a parent education and family support program serving families throughout pregnancy until their child enters kindergarten, usually age 5.

Parents are supported by PAT-certified parent educators trained to translate scientific information on early brain development into specific when, what, how and why advice for families. By understanding what to expect during each stage of development, parents can easily capture the teachable moments in everyday life to enhance their child's language development, intellectual growth, social development and motor skills.

Parents in the PAT program at WERDCC receive:

  • Personal visits with the parent educator who shares age-appropriate child development and parenting information, helps the parent learn to observe their child, and addresses parenting concerns.
  • Parent group meetings to share information about parenting issues and child development. Parents learn and support each other, observe their children with other children and practice parenting skills.
  • Screenings to assess the child's overall development as well as health, hearing and vision.
  • Resource network that links the family to other community services.