Family and Friends Newsletter-December 2018

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Family and Friends Newsletter | December 2018

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

We, at the Department of Corrections, hope you have had a wonderful Christmas season and wish you all the best in the New Year. 

May 2019 be your and our best year yet!

2018 Year In Review



To learn more about the accomplishment of the Department of Corrections in 2018, please visit our website at


Stategic Plan-2019 and Beyond

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The Missouri Department of Corrections aims to improve lives for safer communities. By implementing a series of strategic initiatives, the department is fostering safe work environments, improving the workforce and reducing risk and recidivism. Learn more about the Department's strategic plan.


Influenza (Flu) Prevention

The flu is an illness caused by flu viruses. The flu happens every year and is more common in the fall and winter. People who have the flu can spread the virus by coughing or sneezing. Droplets released when a sick person coughs, sneezes or talks can land in the mouths or noses of people who are nearby. People may also catch the flu by touching their mouth or nose after touching something with the virus on it, such as doorknobs, tables or an infected person’s dirty hand.

Not everyone who is sick with flu will have all of the symptoms of the flu. Most people are able to spread the flu from 1 day before showing symptoms to 5 to 7 days after symptoms begin.

Flu symptoms include:

  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Sore throat
  • Runny or stuffy nose
  • Feeling weak or more tired than usual
  • Headache
  • Chills
  • Body Aches

Lesser common symptom include:

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea

The Center for Disease Prevent recommends preventing the flu by vaccination, avoiding people who are sick, washing hands frequently with soap and warm water or using an alcohol-based hand rub.

If you are sick, you are encouraged to stay home until you are feeling well. The flu virus can be spread more easily in a small, crowded environment, like the visiting room at a prison.


Resources for Families of Incarcerated Individuals

4-H Life: In partnership with University of Missouri Extension, the Department of Corrections offers the 4-H Life program that is based on the 4-H youth development club model.  Weekly parenting education and leadership classes equip offenders to be positive leaders during monthly 4-H Family Club meetings.  Parents help design and plan the family activities for the 4-H meetings, which take place monthly during visitation at the correctional center.  This program operates at four state correctional centers.  Jefferson City Correctional Center, Missouri Eastern Correctional Center, Potosi Correctional Center and Women's Eastern Reception, Diagnostic and Correctional Center.