Department reorganizes Hazardous Waste and Solid Waste Management programs

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In an effort to create efficiencies and better utilize staff to accomplish departmental goals and concentrate on core functions, the department’s Division of Environmental Quality made adjustments within its Hazardous Waste and Solid Waste Management programs. We merged both programs’ permitting and compliance/enforcement efforts under the current Solid Waste Management Program. This adjustment, effective March 1, consolidates work units and supervisory functions, increases efficiency, eliminates duplication, and maximizes communication, and reporting functions. 

While this change resulted in supervisory changes at the section and program level, individual staff members’ main duties and functions have not changed. It did require some physical moves of offices within the 1730 E. Elm building in Jefferson City. However, existing staff contacts for coordination of projects and issues remain the same.

This realignment of duties did necessitate name changes for the existing programs:

The Solid Waste Management Program has been renamed the Waste Management Program to reflect incorporation of the RCRA C hazardous waste permitting and enforcement functions with existing RCRA D solid waste permitting and enforcement functions.

The Hazardous Waste Program has been renamed the Environmental Remediation Program and consists of the remaining sections: Brownfields/Voluntary Cleanup, Federal Facilities, Superfund, Tanks and Budget and Planning sections. 

This realignment is anticipated to improve permit timelines and reduce permitting backlog. We also expect it to improve fund solvency, allow for cross-training of staff, and allow for more effective supervision and management.





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