NEWS RELEASE: Waiver grants full reciprocity for health care professionals during the COVID-19 crisis

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Waiver grants full reciprocity for health care professionals during the COVID-19 crisis


Governor Parson has approved a waiver that grants full reciprocity for physicians and surgeons who wish to assist Missourians during the COVID-19 crisis. During this State of Emergency, physicians and surgeons who are licensed in another state can provide care to our citizens, in person or using telehealth options, as  long as they are actively licensed in another state and their license has not been disciplined.


By having this access granted to additional providers, we increase our ability to meet the needs of Missouri patients who are being tested and treated for COVID-19.


The purpose of this reciprocity waiver is to allow healthcare professionals to provide care in  areas of significant need during this public health crisis without having the barrier of government licensure issues to hamper their ability to practice in Missouri due to current state government regulations.

“We are working swiftly to remove any regulatory barriers that might limit our health care professionals from providing the services our citizens need,” said Governor Parson. “It is imperative to provide a pathway for more mobility and alternative delivery methods for professionals from other states to provide care in Missouri if they wish to help. Our goal is to provide as much access to care as possible for the sake of all Missourians. ”Missouri is a member of the PT Licensure Compact which allows eligible licensed physical therapists and licensed physical therapist assistants to work in a compact member state without going through the usual process for licensure in the remote state. Seventeen (17) currently belong to the compact. More information is available at

Nurses are not included in the reciprocity waiver. Missouri is a member of the Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC). The NLC allows for RNs and LPNs to practice in person or via telehealth, in both their home state and all 32 NLC states with one multistate license. This allows nurses who hold a multistate license to provide care across state lines.

A nursing license can be verified free of charge at

Please refer to this fact sheet,, to determine if a nurse has a multistate license and where that nurse can practice.