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Tips to Jump Start Your Job Search in 2017

Looking for a new job can be an intense process that can mess with your head and your mood.  Stay focused; take steps to reignite a stalled search. Evaluate what worked and what needs to be re-tooled to make 2017 a successful job search year for you.

Here are five things you can do to jump-start your search for the new year.

1.  Reassess your values and priorities. You know what’s most important to you.  Write it down, and get specific. What are your goals? Each goal, no matter how random, can shed light on a new opportunity. Plus, putting them on paper will actually make you want to achieve them—there’s nothing more satisfying than checking something off your to-do list. Use the O*Net My Next Move site to match keywordseven your likes and dislikesto target your career search. 

2.  Check your job tool kit.  Do you have the skills needed to be successful in your chosen career area? Getting certifications or learning new skills can widen your employment prospects. Does your resume need a face lift? Could your cover letter use a bit more punch? Jobs.mo.gov is a great place to find all that, and more! No cost workshops, online training and assessments can prepare you for the job you want.

3.  Re-evaluate your tactics.  Be honestwhat hasn’t been paying off for you? Try a new method of networking. A lead on a job can often come from the most unexpected of places. Are you using social media and online resources to your advantage? Include positive, professional information on your social media accounts and begin networking with groups in your field of interest. Many companies want to start the new year with the right talent on board, so now can be a great time to network. Set a goal of meeting three to five new people at an event and make sure to follow up with them after. 

4.  Search Outside the box. Consider taking a temporary job—you never know if it could become permanent once they see your dedication and skill set. Volunteering is also a great way to meet potential employers. It looks great on a resume and can help raise your self-esteem, too. 

5.  Seek Out Help.  The search for a new job can stir up a lot of stress, and can stall at any point in time. This is where you call in the professionals at your local Job Center. They can provide one-on-one career counseling to pin point the changes you need to kick your search into high gear. 

Check out Jobs.mo.gov for the Job Center closest to you and make 2017 your new career year.


Ask for Feedback on Your Resume

Asking for feedback on a resume or cover letter can be helpful and provide suggestions for improvement you didn’t know you needed. Choose your reviewer carefully and be specific in what you are asking them to critique. 

Keep your requests specific and focused. Friends and family might be more useful in providing insight on whether the information is clear and concise, but not the best choice to address your skills, work strengths and work accomplishments. That information can best come from people who have worked closely with you.

You can also ask for feedback following a rejection letter or call. Asking for feedback from someone who didn’t hire you can give you great insight about the things you can improve and polish before your next interview.

By asking for feedback following a rejection you could be opening the door to a future opportunity with that company.  Reaching out with a “thank you” and “what can I do better next time” will make you stand out. Just because one door closed today, does not mean it will remain closed forever.

Being open to constructive criticism and proactively asking for feedback is a great way to show you are looking for ways to learn and grow—a surefire way to impress anyone in your job search.


North Springfield Gets New job Center

North Springfield residents who rely on public transportation no longer have to take a two-and-a-half hour bus ride in order to access employment resources.

The Missouri Job Center recently held a dedication and ribbon-cutting ceremony for its new north-side satellite office, one of the most anticipated projects of the city-led initiative to alleviate poverty in Springfield's Zone 1, called the "Zone Blitz."

The Missouri Job Center's new branch has already served more than 150 individuals since it opened Nov. 21.

The north Springfield location, in the Cox Medical Tower, at 1443 N. Robberson Ave, Ste 100, is open 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday through Friday, and offers all of the services of the Sunshine location, including career counseling, classes and workshops; resume assistance and labor market information.

In addition to helping the unemployed find jobs, Job Center staff assists employed workers as they transition to new jobs. Staff is also responsible for ensuring that participants meet basic eligibility requirements, such as completing a two-week job readiness workshop.

All Missouri Job Center services are available to job seekers and employers at no cost.