Sprockets February Newsletter

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 February 2015 Newsletter

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Building Quality in Summer Learning

Interested in a free external program quality assessment, coaching and training for your summer program? Then read on! The last few years the Sprockets Network has built upon a continuous improvement cycle that met the needs of school year OST programs.  However, incorporating summer quality work hasn't been tackled on a network level.  Sprockets Saint Paul was selected as one of two cities to pilot a citywide network approach to quality improvements for summer. A partnership between the National Summer Learning Association (NSLA) and the Weikart Center for Youth Development has resulted in an adapted version of our familiar YPQA that incorporates aspects unique to summer, along with an improvement cycle that meets the needs of busy summer programs.  Look for more details and how to get involved soon.  For questions, contact Jocelyn Wiedow at jwiedow@ywcaofstpaul.org

Neighborhood Network Team Meetings

City of Saint Paul map

Neighborhood Learning Community

March 26th 11-12 noon at Baker Center

East Side Network Cafe

March 9th 10-11:30 am at Arlington Hills

North End and Friends

March 12th 9:30-11 am at North Dale

Leap Forward Collaborative for Youth

March 17th 10-12 noon at Liberty Plaza

Learn more about Neighborhood Network Teams, and let us know if you'd like to be on the listserv for one or more of these groups.

Sprockets Netference


   The 2015 Sprockets Netference not only showed the strength of afterschool time in St. Paul, it showed its creativity and energy.  With the Como Zoo and Conservatory full of St. Paul afterschool time leaders, the 2015 Netference began.  Emmanuel Donaby from the Kity Anderson Youth Science Center started the day off with an energizing game of human bingo, with prizes going to individuals who got connected with the right people. After human bingo the network went to break out rooms to dive deeper into data.  The Sprockets 2013-2014 Out-of-School Time Report was handed out and everyone dug in!

 This deep data dive was an opportunity to discuss the status of afterschool time in St. Paul.  The report includes data and firsthand accounts about St. Paul youth programing.  It highlights the growth in the number of individual participants in the Sprockets Database, includes a map of our participating sites and much more. To check out the data report, visit the Sprockets Website.


After diving into the Sprockets 2013-2014 Out-of-School Time Report the network had a chance to enjoy Como’s warm Tropical Encounter and then discuss some lunch topics they created earlier in the day.  These fantastic lunch conversations led right into our Shareshops.  Each break out room had a different presentation about topics from the field of afterschool.  These presentations ranged from Somali and Karen population in the Twin Cities to offering summer credit programs.  Emmanuel then wrapped the Netference up with a call-to-action for the attendees.

Professional Development Opportunities

Supporting Individualized Learning Through iPad use in Out-of-School Time


Mar. 20th, 2015

10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.

Arlington Community Center,

Structure and Clear Limits


Mar. 27th, 2015

10:00 a.m. to 12 noon.

290 Arundel St. 

Click for class descriptions, registration, and more upcoming opportunities.

Holistic Student Assesment

Sprockets seeks 5-6 youth-serving organizations in Saint Paul, 2-3 youth-serving organizations in Minneapolis and 1-2 organizations in Brooklyn Park and Brooklyn Center to participate in this exciting professional development opportunity. Each organization can identify up to two program managers, leaders, or school-based educators or administrators to participate in the program. Participants of the After School Accelerators: Social & Emotional Learning cohort will gain critical skills in identifying key social and emotional assets and strategies to strengthen the assets and offset the challenges young people experience using PEAR’s Holistic Student Assessment (HSA) survey.

For more information contact Eyenga Bokomba (eyenga.bokamba@ci.stpaul.mn.us)

Sprockets Program Finder Updates

Find programs now

With spring and summer programs around the bend, be sure to get your programs into the Sprockets' Program finder. This is a great way to get youth into your programs!

If you have questions, contact Tom Lancaster (lancastt@augsburg.edu)