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May, 2013

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Professional development

*Coaching with Candor*
Facilitator: Jocelyn Wiedow
Thursday May 16th - 6p - 8p
Dayton's Bluff

Youth work is a tough job where even the most seasoned veterans continue to face new and difficult situations. For new staff however, new experiences happen daily. How we support these staff can make or break the experience for them, the kids... and US. Register online or by phone 651-487-7383

*Summer Institute 2013*
Thursday June 13th - 9am-3pm
Metro State University

This day-long training is designed to provide front line staff the tools needed to create safe, engaging, and fun summer activities for youth. Workshops are designed for first-time youth workers as well as those with a little experience. For Summer Institute brochure and registration materials for your agency, contact Athelgra Williams or go to Professional Development Opportunities

*Paul Tough coming to the Twin Cities*
Thursday May 30th 4p-6p at the Minneapolis Convention Center

Why do some children succeed while others fail? 
Reporter and author of How children Succeed: Grit, Curiosity, and the Hidden Power of Character discussions his findings on May 30th.
The event is FREE but you must register.

This event is being hosted by the Minneapolis Youth Coordinating Board.

How children Succeed

Program Finder Increases Access to OST

Find programs now

Is your program's information in the Sprockets Program Finder?  It is that time of year where parents across Saint Paul are realizing that summer break is only 4 weeks away (YES!  Only 4 weeks).  The Program Finder and Events Calendar can help them find you.

If your programs are in, do a last minute check to make sure they are up to date and the correct contact information is in.

If your programs are not in.... contact Jocelyn Wiedow to get started today.

network meetings

Want to connect with others who work with youth in your area? Join us to share ideas, best practices and collaborate while meeting others who share a passion for building brighter futures for youth through OST.

East Side Network Cafe - May 10th 5th 10a-12:00 at Dayton's Bluff Recreation Center
Leap Forward Collaborative - May 14th 10a-12:00 at Youth Express (no June mtg)
North End et. al - July 11th 9a-10:30 at North Dale Recreation Center (no June mtg)
West Side Neighborhood Learning Community - May 30th 12p-1p at Baker Recreation Center

Sprockets Network Conference 2013

On March 8th nearly 200 youth, youth workers, non profits, funders and more gathered together to take a first look at what data can start to tell us about Out of School time in Saint Paul.  To read the report and a break down of the day, check out Sprockets Network Conference Revisited

Picture: Saint Paul Youth Commissioner, former youth participant in OST programs like SPNN and YMCA serves as the MC for the event.  Check out more pictures (and like us) on facebook.

Youth MC

Spotlight - West 7th Community Center

West 7th Community Center

West 7th Community Center - Community Kids Program
Supported by a diverse staff and strong volunteer support, Community Kids Program provides opportunities for young people both socially and academically.  Read more here....