Road closure/re-openings update for April 21

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James T. Foldesi, P.E.
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April 21, 2023

MEDIA CONTACT: Dana Kazel, Communications Manager



St. Louis County road closure update for April 21: two new roads closed, eight re-open

St. Louis County Public Works has been able to re-open eight more roads Friday; however two new roads were closed due to flooding. In total, 15 county roads are currently closed, while 33 others have been re-opened as water levels in area rivers and streams have receded and any needed repairs made. 


A map showing current road closures, as well as other resources related to flooding, can be found at This map has been updated to now also include forest service roads maintained by the county's Land and Minerals Department.


The St. Louis County Board will consider a resolution declaring a state of local disaster at its meeting next Tuesday. This would allow the county's Emergency Management Division to apply for state public disaster assistance on behalf of the county and any cities, townships and utilities within the county that sustained infrastructure damage.


Here is the current list of roads closed due to unsafe conditions caused by high water. Any roads that were closed but now reopened are shown with a strike through line.


District 4 (northern St. Louis County)

  • Waisanen Road/CR 362 from Palo Tia/CR 558 to Hwy 21
  • Murray Road/CR 931 from Hwy 22 to Gustafson Road/CR 931
  • Kaunonen Lake Road/CR 796 from Hwy 21 to Salo Road/CR 615 - reopened Wednesday morning
  • Anton Road/County Road 492 from State Hwy 73 west to end of road - reopened Tuesday afternoon
  • Hayland Road/CR 969 from Hwy 21 to Forest Road/CR 969 - reopened Tuesday afternoon
  • Pike Rd/CR 365 from Hwy 21 to Taylor Road/CR 303 - reopened Tuesday afternoon
  • Wiseman Road/CR 411 between Rivers and Tarkman Roads - reopened Sunday morning

District 5 (Duluth and surrounding townships)

  • NEW: CR 166 from Hwy 5 to Stenstrom Road
  • Pine Drive from Fond Du Lac Sand and Gravel to Anderson Road
  • Seville Road between Caribou Lake and Solway Roads
  • Hwy 8 between Hwy 33 and South MacArthur Road
  • Caribou Lake Road between Hwy 194 and Seville Road - reopened Friday
  • Rose Road between Caribou Lake Road west to end of road - reopened Friday
  • Castle Road between Schultz and McCumber Roads - reopened Friday
  • West Lismore Road between Lavaque Road west to end of road - reopened Friday
  • North MacArthur Road between Shipley and Birch Roads - reopened Friday
  • Munger Shaw Road between Seville Road and Hwy 53 - reopened Wednesday afternoon
  • Paupores Road between Nygard Road and Hwy 2 - reopened Wednesday afternoon
  • St. Louis River Road between Erickson and Ikola Roadsreopened Wednesday morning
  • Two Harbors Road from Culbertson to Hill Road - reopened Monday afternoon
  • Seville Road between Vibert Road and Hwy 33 - reopened Tuesday afternoon
  • App Road between West Kinfe River Road and Two Harbors Farm Fox intersection reopened Sunday afternoon

District 6 (Central St. Louis County including quad cities)

  • NEW: Brimson Toimi Road/CR 353 from Town Line Road/Hwy 16 to Little Creek Road
  • Bodas Road/Hwy 95 from Long Lake Road/CR 390 to McKinley Road/CR 336
  • South Barker Road/CR 335 from Bodas Road/Hwy 95 to Box Elder Road/CR 342
  • Hwy 15/Munger Shaw Rod from Tanttu Road to Correction Line Road
  • Lindstrom Road between Hwy 52/Comstrock Lake Road and Randall Road - reopened Friday 
  • Hwy 15/Munger Shaw Road, half mile south of Comstock Lake Road - reopened Friday
  • Hwy 83/Carlson Road, 2.5 miles west of County Road 213/McDavitt Roadreopened Wednesday morning
  • Hwy 28/Sax Road, 1.2 miles west of Hwy 207/Stickney Roadreopened Wednesday morning
  • Macon Road from Fraser Road to about 3140 Macon Road - reopened Tuesday afternoon
  • Hwy 49/Three Lakes Road from Munger Shaw Road to 2 miles east - reopened Tuesday afternoon
  • County Road 315 between County 317/Wolf Road and County Road 756 reopened Saturday morning
  • Allavus Road/CR 592 from 9398 Allavus Road to Macon Road/CR 313 - reopened Monday afternoon
  • Gavin Road bridge crossing Mud Hen Creek, 1.2 miles south of Hwy 16 to a quarter mile south of West Williams Road - reopened Tuesday afternoon
  • County Road 979/Linstrom Road, half mile north of Comstock Lake Road - reopened Tuesday afternoon
  • Deer Forest Road near Makinen reopened Saturday morning
  • South Loon Lake Road near Aurora - reopened Monday afternoon
  • Farmers Road, a quarter mile north of Lowe Road reopened Saturday morning

District 7 (Southwestern St. Louis County)

  • CR 202/203/Owl Avenue from CR 980 to Arkola Road/Hwy 52
  • Hwy 29 north of Meadowlands
  • Creek Road/CR 196 from approximately .5 miles to 1 mile south of Hwy 133
  • Hwy 81 from about a mile west of Hwy 5 to Power Road
  • Stickney Road approximately 1 mile north of Hwy 52 near Meadowlands
  • Hwy 29 at Stremmel Road - reopened Tuesday afternoon
  • County Road 226 approximately 1.4 miles north of Hwy 133 - reopened Tuesday afternoon
  • Hwy 63 west of Hibbing by the Scranton Iron entrance - reopened Monday afternoon
  • CR 442 between Hingley and Bunker Roads - reopened Monday afternoon


Numerous other roads have signs posted warning of water covering part of the road. In these instances, roads may be down to one lane, but are still considered passable. 


Roads will be re-opened as they are determined safe.


Anyone encountering unsafe road conditions should call 911 to report the location. Motorists are reminded to not drive through standing water as it can be unclear how deep it is. Also, there could be hazards hidden beneath the surface. People should stay vigilant and use caution near floodwaters, and keep children and pets away from fast moving water. 


St. Louis County Public Works is responsible for maintaining 3,000 miles of County-State Aid Highways (CSAH), County Roads, and Unorganized Township Roads; and 900 bridges throughout the county.